Zskera Vaults - FULL GUIDE - Patch 10.0.7 - WoW

There is a big cave in the Morqut Isle in the Forbidden Reach that Neltharion made into his vault. Now after many years, we will open it to check what treasures and mysteries lie within these vaults. Neltharion's vaults are called Zskera Vaults. 

The Layout of the Vault

When you enter Zskera Vault it looks like an underground tower. It is circular and consists of locked doors. The vaults consist of 4 floors in total and each floor has several locked doors. Each door takes you to a room and all doors have the same size on the rooms. 

The first floor, which is the ground floor, consists of 5 locked doors and the entrance to enter the circular tower. 

The second floor consists of 8 locked doors. 

The third floor consists of 8 locked doors but sometimes, one door can be open if there is a quest there. 

The fourth floor consists of 8 locked doors. 

In total, there are 29 rooms, but sometimes 1-2 doors are open, whereas at least 27 of the rooms have locked doors. To open a door, you need a Zskera Vault key, so if you want to open all doors, you will need at least 27 Zskera Vault Keys because opening a locked door will consume a key. More on keys later. 

Reset Every Week

When a locked door is opened, then they will stay open until the next weekly reset. A weekly reset is on Tuesdays for the US and Wednesdays for the EU. After a weekly reset, all doors will close and lock and reset. Now you will need more keys to open the doors again. Most rooms differ between players and also between weeks, but there are some rooms that are always in the same location. 

"Same" Vault but different Themes

A vault will have a certain theme and there are 6 themes. The theme will add/change some things inside the doors. It will also add enemies and layout on the center of the platform as well. The vault looks exactly the same but some minor things have changed. The basic will always be the same, meaning, 4 floors and the same amount of doors in each floor. 

All players will have the same theme at the same time. We will all start at a specific theme when 10.0.7 goes live, and each week will have a specific rotation of the themes. Here are the different themes and the rotation: 

Week 1
Spider theme, called Az

Week 2
Slime theme, called Ur

Week 3
Pirate theme, called Ix

Week 4
Dracthyr theme, called Kx

Week 5
Goblin Theme

Week 6
Naga (Farscale) Theme

After the six weeks, we will see how the rotation will look. But it seems that this is the starting rotation. 

What is inside the doors

All rooms have different elements (fire, frost, wind, earth) or other themes such as void, undead, naga, gold and so on. Based on the room, you have to tackle different obstacles or mobs to get the rewards from that room. In many cases, you will need items from other rooms in order to get all rewards from a certain room. It's like a mini puzzle. 

Primordial Stones

The main reason on entering the Zskera Vault is to find Primordial Stones for your Ring and also Fragments that are used to buy Primordial Stones from a vendor or used for upgrading the ilvl of the Primordial Stones. The primordial stones are located inside primordial chests inside the rooms. (Guide here)

Dormant Primordial Fragment

A full Zskera run gives around 40-60 Dormant Primordial Fragments. These are used to buy Primordial Stones, or upgrade Primordial Stones. 

You upgrade the ilvl of your primordial stones by using an item called Unstable Elementium. It requires 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments and 25 Silken Gemdust, to craft one Unstable Elementium. Jewelcrafters need to learn how to craft Unstable Elementium. Check out my guide here on how to learn this recipe. 


There are some rooms that have gold piles.


Zskera vault has many pets that you can get. These are:


There is one mount that you can get from inside the vault. This mount is called Mossy Mammoth.You can get the mount by combining different items. Here is a guide on how to obtain the mount. (Guide here)


There are 4 different toys you can get from Zskera Vault. These are:

Craft Primordial Stones

You will find Prismatic fragments in the different rooms and combining 7 of these fragments together with an item called Experimental Melder (that you find in the Vault), you can craft a primordial stone. The stone you get is random. 

Neltharions Coin

There are coins that you can find in the different rooms, called Neltharion´s Coin. This coin can be traded to a robot that you can find in one of the rooms on the 3rd floor. Trading one coin will give you a Tattered Box. This Box will most of the time contain gray items and a pie. But you have a chance of getting the pet Glided Mechafrog. You also have a chance of getting a “one time use” toy called Clockwork Azshara (Summons a mechanical Azshara toy). 

How to reach different Floors

Ground floor is the first floor that you will see. To reach the second floor, you can use the webs/ropes on two different sides. 

To reach 3rd floor and 4th floor, you need to find certain items: 

Bubble Key

There are two items on the bottom floor that you can activate by using a bubble key. Activating a Bubble lifter will make it shoot bubbles upwards. When you jump on the bubbles you can move up and down on it and reach any floor you like. (Guide here)

How to jump to another platform

As you will notice, most classes will have a hard time moving between platforms on each floor. There is an item that helps you with that, called Wind Swept (Guide here). 

Some Rooms are ALWAYS on the same location

No matter what theme it is, or how it looks between players, there are some rooms that will always be in the exact same location. Here is a list of those rooms. Check the map image and compare it to the mini map and the entrance of the vault.

1st FLOOR(Ground Floor)


A quest tied to it. The quest to find anvil and toolkit. 


  • DOOR 7Wind Swept item here

    Protective Flame here


    You will find Empowered Flame Bowl that you can fill in an empty Vial that you get from the Alchemy room.
    Once you fill it it become “Vial of Flames”. Use that vial on the ground in the Frost Room (Room 18) to remove the ice so you can open the chests. 
    Here you need the Dissolving Formula to remove the Rocks. You need 2 vials of the Dissolving formula. You get it from the Alchemy room.Here you will find the “Ley infused Crystal” that is needed in the “Frozen 2”   room, (23), where the frozen pet is (Kobald). 
    You remove the frost by filling up an empty vial with Empowering Flame (a pot that you can fill with an empty vial, to get a flame vial). You find it in the Empowered room (14)
    Pick up the empty vials and fill the liquid from the pots (Restorative Water, Dissolving formula) that you see in this room. There are other pots in other rooms:- Empowered Room (The Empowered Flame Bowl)


    The Living Book Can be here. 
    Here you will find the Frozen pet. Use the Ley infused Crystal that you get from “Rock Covered Room”, room 21. Here you will also find the “Primordial Water Core” quest item, for the Bunbo Pet quest. Use Empowered flame to remove the ice
    Here you may find the Arcane Ward.
    Here you may find the Sending Stone: The Prisoner questRecipe Rat is located here (not always)
    Found Research key here
    Here you will find a Fire Dancing Lady. If you /dance when having ehr targeted, you will become like her and get a buff. At the moment on PTR it seems bugged. 
    Here you will find the Hologram toy “Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen”.
    You will also find the book “Opera of the Aspects” which is part of the achievement “Librarian of the Reach”.

All doors in the Zskera Vault

Coming soon. 

16 Mar 2023