How to get the Unstable Elementium and upgrade 424 ilvl Primordial Stones

Crushed Primordial Fragments can be crafted into Unstable Elementium.This can only be done by a Jewelcrafters via the workorder system. Once you have the Unstable Elementium, you can upgrade any Primordial Stone you want that is 411 ilvl all the way to 424 ilvl. 

For Jewelcrafters, you must find and learn the Design: Unstable Elementium. This design is a loot from a hidden rare called Amephyst. 

Crafting professions can spawn rares as soon as they have a special item (Artisan Curios) needed for spawning the hidden rare. This Artisan Curios is broken when you find it and can only be repaired via a special crafting profession, based on what Artisan Curios it is. At the moment, you can find these Artisan Curios items from random mobs but we will see what will happen in later PTR builds. 

A crafting profession can repair the broken Artisan Curios, only when they have learned how to repair it. All 9 crafting professions can learn to repair a special Artisan Curios tied to their profession. These recipes are bought from a vendor located in Morqut Village in the Forbidden Reach. You need to have 50 in profession skill to learn it. Each pattern costs 10 Artisan´s Mettle. Trader Hag´arth <Artisan´s Consortium Quartermaster> sells these recipes:

For Jewelcrafting, the design is called Design: Tuning Fork and you learn to repair a Broken Tuning Fork into a Tuning Fork.

The items that need to be repaired can be found by anyone. You don´t need to have that profession to find it. However, the repaired item is NOT soulbound. You can sell it on an auction house or trade it. If you find one of these items, you can put an order as a crafting order. 

Once you have a Artisan Curios, you can spawn the hidden rare tied to it. Here are the locations for all crafting profession rares. 

Tuning Fork

The crystal has been found in two locations. If someone has spawned the rare then you look at the other location. 



Inside the cave. 


19 Feb 2023