How to get the Holoviewer: The Timeless One toy

There are 3 toys that are part of the Holoviewers:

  • Holoviewer: The Lady of Dreams
  • Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen
  • Holoviewer: The Timeless One

All these are obtained from the same location but at different timepoints. The location is inside the Zskera Vault. It is located inside the Holoviewer room that is located on the 4th floor. The door is number 29 check the image map. 

Floor 4, The Zskera Vault

Based on which type of theme it is in Zskera Vaults, you will get the different Holoviewers Toys. There are 6 different themes in the vault:

  • Spider theme, called Az
  • Slime theme, called Ur
  • Pirate theme, called Ix
  • Dracthyr theme, called Kx
  • Naga Theme
  • Goblin Theme




15 Mar 2023