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4th Rotation of Corruption Vendor 30th US/31st of May

30 May 2020

The vendor is live in US servers and these 6 corruptions are available until Tuesday. For EU, the same corruption will come out in the evening. Corruption Cost Effect Severe I 3000 Increases the amount of Critical Strike you gain from all sources by 6%. Siphoner I 4250 Increases your Leech by 3%. Expedient II [...]

RIP Ineffable Truth?

29 May 2020

In the next day or two, hotfix will make it so the flat cooldown reduction provided by certain abilities such as Fist of Justice (we will know others soon), will not be unintentionally increased by effects that increase your cooldown rate such as the corruption Ineffable Truth. The different abilities that has a flat [...]

3rd Rotation of Corruption Vendor 26t (US) 27th(EU) May

26 May 2020

The vendor is live in US servers and these 6 corruptions are available until Friday. For EU, the same corruption will come out on the vendor tomorrow 27th of May. Corruption Cost Effect Infinite Stars I 5000 Your spells and abilities have a chance to strike a nearby enemy with an Infinite Star, dealing 111 [...]

Best corruption for Healers

25 May 2020

These corruption gear is based on several inputs.Big shoutout to Dratnos, Icy Vein and Bloodmallet. Best corruption for Restoration Druid General ExpedientIncreases the amount of Haste you gain from all sources by 6 / 9 / 12%)SevereIncreases the amount of Critical Strike you gain from all sources by 6 / 9 / 12%) Offensive Single [...]

Best corruption for Tanks

25 May 2020

These corruption gear is based on several inputs.Big shoutout to Dratnos, Icy Vein and Bloodmallet. Best corruption for Blood DK Defensive VersatileIncreases the amount of Versatility you gain from all sources by 6 / 9 / 12%. AoE Twilight Devastation Your attacks have a chance to trigger a beam of Twilight Devastation, dealing damage equal [...]

Best corruption for DPS

25 May 2020

These corruption gear is based on several inputs. Big shoutout to Dratnos, Icy Vein and Bloodmallet. Best corruption for Frost DK – Breath build General SevereIncreases the amount of Critical Strike you gain from all sources by 6 / 9 / 12%Honed MindSpells and abilities have a chance to increase Mastery by 392 / 523 [...]

How to check what gear can be cleansed and not in game

21 May 2020

With the new corruption vendor, you can apply corruption on your gear. You cannot apply it on trinkets, necklace and Azerite armor (head, chest, shoulder). For the rest of your gear, you can only apply it on new cleansed gear. That means, the gear that you have cleansed before the vendor came to the game [...]

GUIDE - New Corruption Vendor and Legendary cloak boost

19 May 2020

On the weekly reset of 19th of May in US and 20th of May in EU and 21th of May in Asia, there will be major changes regarding the Echoes AND the corruption vendor.  Echoes of Nyalotha All the sources of you get Echoes from will be multiplied by 5. For example, a full run of [...]

Shadowlands Blue Post - Revendreth and the Venthyr Covenant

22 Apr 2020

In Shadowlands, Azeroth’s heroes journey into the realm of the dead after Sylvanas Windrunner tears open the veil between life and death. As they explore four otherworldly zones—Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth—players will meet the Covenants that rule the afterlife realms in the Shadowlands. Your final destination in the narrative arc is the shadowy realm of [...]

Moudi´s Razer Deals April 17th

16 Apr 2020

Today I got some juicy deals for you guys. From now till May 1, Score up to 50% Razer Huntsman 33% OFF Promotion Extended! US LINKCA LINKEU LINKUK LINKDE LINKFR LINKSG LINKHK LINKAU LINK PS4 headsets and consoles! US LINK CA LINK EU LINK UK LINK DE LINK FR LINK SG LINK HK LINKAU LINK * Promotion runs from 17th April 16:00 [...]

Shadowlands Blue Post - Torghast, Tower of the Damned

14 Apr 2020

At the heart of the Maw lies Torghast, Tower of the Damned, a cursed otherworldly prison where the wickedest souls in the universe are locked away. Highly replayable and inspired by roguelike games, heroes are invited to explore its ever-changing halls and chambers and do battle with the minions of the Jailer, Torghast’s vile ruler. Those [...]

Fast Summary Info about 9.0 - Shadowlands

12 Apr 2020

The new expansion takes place in the realm of the dead, Shadowlands. Max level is 60 (instead of 120). The talent rows are unchanged (same seven-row talent system), BUT new talents added. There is a new leveling system. - Level 1-10 Starts in a NEW zone (Exile´s Reach). - Level 10-50You choose an expansion zone [...]

Shadowlands Blue Post - New Players

8 Apr 2020

Adventure awaits in Azeroth in an all-new starting experience arriving with Shadowlands. Available to both veteran players and new, this introductory excursion is a great way to begin forging your path through the world. An expedition has gone missing, and you have been called to be a part of a new crew of novice adventurers [...]

Shadowlands Blue Post - Class Updates

7 Apr 2020

Shadowlands Class PhilosophyClasses have evolved throughout WoW’s 15 years of development, and so have our philosophies on class design. With new expansions and an increasing level cap came new spells, abilities, and Talents. While earning new powers is exciting and a natural part of growth in a role-playing game, eventually we began to butt up [...]

Shadowlands Blue Post - Covenants

6 Apr 2020

our ruling powers control the Shadowlands, each of which is in desperate need of aid from the heroes of Azeroth. In exchange for your help, the Covenants are willing to share a piece of their power and access to the rewards and other blessings, boons, or temptations they have to offer.As you level up on [...]

Guide - Gear reward from Horrific Vision

16 Mar 2020

Horrific Vision can be done in 6 different difficulties: a normal run with no mask, and between 1 to 5 masks. You must complete the entire vision in order to get a gear reward. You complete the entire vision after you have killed each mini boss in the four zones and also thrall (Orgrimmar) or [...]

How to get Account Wide Essences for Alts

13 Mar 2020

When can we get Account Bound Essences On The weekly reset of 17th March US 18th March EU 19th March Asia How to obtain Account Bound Essences First, you MUST have that Essence as a Rank 3, otherwise, you won’t get it for alts. Second, you must get a new currency called Echoes of Ny’alotha. [...]

Full Guide – Masks in Horrific Vision

31 Jan 2020

Check out the Highlight Guide for ALL tips and trix needed to complete a 5 mask run. This is a full commentary run.  Faceless Masks are used to get higher ilvl gear and more rewards from the chests in the end of the Horrific Vision and 20% increased Corrupted Mementos. The Legendary cloak does not [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on N'zoth

24 Jan 2020

  You will have sanity bar (similar to horrific vision and carapace boss). You loose Sanity when taking ceratin type of dmg. The most dangerous are: - The Corruption pool in phase 1 (always stand in front of boss so you dont fall behind and end up on the pool)- Standing close to someone with Paranoia (always [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Carapace of N´Zoth

23 Jan 2020

Fast Tactics In this encounter, you will have a sanity bar (same look when doing Horrific vision). You get sanity back when you stand close to Wrathion who is positioned in the start of each platform. Reaching 0 sanity will give a debuff that increases dmg/healing by 100% for 20 sec, then you get mind [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Vexiona

21 Jan 2020

Background Obsessively wielding the power that N´Zoth has granted her, Vexiona has amassed a cult of worshippers who covet the gifts of the void. From high atop her temple within the Black Empire, she transforms her most devout followers into unstoppable horrors. Fast Tactics This fight has 2 phases and a last phase. It will [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Ill´gynoth, Corruption Reborn

19 Jan 2020

Background Following its defeat in the Emerald Nightmare, Il'gynoth retreated into the depths of Ny'alotha to regain its strength. Now it has fused with the city's architecture and spreads across the Black Empire like a creeping infestation. As Il'gynoth's corrupting flesh grows ever larger, so does its power. Fast Tactics This fight has 2 phases.Phase [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Ra-den

18 Jan 2020

Background As he bravely fought to save the Chamber of the Heart, Ra-den was pulled into Ny´alotha where he as fallen victim to N’zoth’s whispers. The despair he harbored for so long has overwhelmed the last of his hope, rendering his corruption complete. Now the former Highkeeper will stop at nothing to do the Old [...]

Fastest way to level up your Legendary cloak

14 Jan 2020

After you do the questline to get your Legendary Cloak you will now upgrade it. To upgrade it in the most effective way, you need some information of stuff around it and also a step by step way to level it up. The Legendary Cloak is leveled up by doing the Horrific Vision Scenario. The [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Drest´agath

13 Jan 2020

Images will come soon. Background The grotesque amalgam of flesh known as Drest´agath slumbered beneath Ny´alotha for millennia until being awakened by N’zoth’s return. Now she rises like a revolting boil, ready to burst and spread her vile pestilence across Azeroth. Fast Tactics You will fight boss that is in the center of the platform. [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Shad´har the Insatiable

9 Jan 2020

Background One of N´Zoth´s most nightmarish creations, Shad´har the Insatiable feasts on the corrupted carcasses that the Old God´s minions discard into its domain. Tormented by ceaseless hunter, Shad´har´s body twists and mutates with every corpse it devours. Fast Tactics You will fight boss on a platform surrounded by water that does dmg to players [...]

What will change on 8.3 Patch week, Raid / Season 4 week

9 Jan 2020

Blizzard posted a very good and needed post of what will change on patch week and raid/season 4 week. As an addition to our Visions of N’Zoth Content Update Notes, here’s an outline of what’s changing over the next three weeks, and when: With scheduled maintenance on January 14: Artifact Knowledge will increase, bringing a player-character [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on The Hivemind

6 Jan 2020

Background Locked in a contest of wills, the generals Ka´zir and Tek´ris constantly vie for dominance over their fellow aqir. As they wrest control away from one another, the hive shifts its tactics and obeys each of their commands with fervent loyalty. Fast Tactics You will fight two bosses, Tekris and Kazir. One tank on [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Dark Inquisitor Xanesh

27 Dec 2019

Images will come soon. Background Few can resist the whispers of the Old Gods, but those who do find themselves at the mercy of Dark Inquisitor Xanesh. A cruel and sadistic torturer, Xanesh prides herself on slowly carving the sanity away from those in their charge until all that remains is unwavering devotion to N´Zoth. [...]

Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on The Prophet Skitra

26 Dec 2019

Background A master of Illusion, Skitra delights in terrorizing his victims as he breaks their perception of reality. Those who fail to see through his deceptions become lost in Ny´alotha for eternity. Fast tactics You fight one boss, that spawns illusions of him. One of the illusions is an army of illusions that walks front [...]

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