9.1 Gudies - Chains of Domination


A new Zone called Korthia is available. This zone has it all

  • Dailies
  • Rares
  • Treasures
  • New currencies
  • New stories
  • Two new reputation factions
  • New mounts
  • New mobs
  • New vendors & new items

..and specific type of bushes scattered in the entire zone that you will always get stuck in :D

I made loads of guides that covers everything in Korthia. Check it out here.

New Raid – Sanctum of Domination

For eons the Jailer was bound within The Maw. Now, his endless armies gather as he expands its boundaries to consume Oribos. In the face of annihilation, Bolvar marshals his last remaining allies to charge into the heart of Torghast and confront the Jailer where he is most powerful.

This new Raid has 10 bosses.

Check out the raid boss tactics and ilvl rewards here.

NEW – Domination Gear

We are getting a new type of gear called Domination Gear. This gear is special in the way that it has a special socket on it that can only be socketed by specific gems called Domination Shards. Domination gear is very powerful gear.

Check out my full guide covering everything about Domination Gear.

PVP Gear changes

The change they have done is adding a bonus ilvl on your gear when doing that specific content the gear came from.

Check out the full guide on PvP gear changes here.

Mythic plus Dungeon Rating

Take your Mythic+ skills to the next level. Chains of Domination introduces a way for players to clearly gauge their success and preparation to take on the challenges found in Mythic+ dungeons.

Check out more info here on worldofwarcraft main page. 

A new Megadungeon dungeon

  • A new dungeon called Tazavesh, the Veiler Market. It is a Broker Trading City focused around the traders we first met in Oribos, the brokers.
  • This new dungeon is a megadungeon with 8 bosses.
  • The difficulty is in mythic mode only. Not m+.
  • Rewards is 226 ilvl gear, broker themed pets and a mount.

Check out more info here on worldofwarcraft main page. 

The updated Maw

The Maw has been added with assaults. Similar to assaults in previous expansions.

Two times a week we get an assault.

An assault is two covenants that team up to attack a specific zone in The Maw and you help them complete this mission.
The objective is to complete the 4 quests that is handed to you when you get there.

Once completing an assault, you will be rewarded with reputation, gear, currencies and more.

This “small” change in the Maw has made it so much better.

The Eye – removed

Very early in the main questline, you will remove the Eye from the Maw, meaning that you can be there as long as you want.

Covenants, Renown & Soulbind


More renown levels have been added in patch 9.1.
The maximum Renown is now 80.

You will be rewarded with covenant-themed mounts & transmogs, legendary power, and much more. Check out the full guide here.  


The Soulbound tree has increased with more traits and conduit slots.

All soulbinds will have 4 new rows:

  • 3 new Conduit slots
    - 1 Potency slot
    - 1 Endurance slot
    - 1 Finesse slot
  • 2 entire new traits
  • 1 entire new capper trait.

Flying available

Yes, in patch 9.1 you will unlock flying. Check out how to unlock flying here.

Gear item level changes  - Season 2

Season 2 starts together with patch 9.1 which means that we will get new content with higher ilvl gear and we will also have upgraded ilvl gear from old content.

Check them all out here.


Optional reagents and legendary crafting got new upgrades.

Alchemy, Inscription, Tailoring and Leatherworking got some new stuff.

Blacksmithing, Engineering, Enchanting and Jewelcrafting did not get anything new.

Check out the profession guide for 9.1 here.

New Legendary upgrades

There are now in total 6 ranks of upgrading legendary gear and when reaching the last two ranks, you will not use Soul Ash anymore for upgrading them. Instead, you will use Soul Cinders as a currency for upgrading legendaries. The highest ilvl you can upgrade your legendary in 9.1 is 261 ilvl.

Check out the full guide on crafting and upgrading legendaries in 9.1


Torghast has got a significant upgrade since last patch. These are the following upgrades, and we will go through them one by one:

  • 5 floors instead of 6
  • New bonus floors added (floor 6 and 7)
  • Gems and points added as a final score
  • A new Hot Streak Bar during the Torghast Run
  • Torments added (sort of M+ affixes)
  • Talent points added with a new Torghast Talent tree.
  • New currency: Soul Sinders (crafting Legendary)
  • New rewards

Check out the full guide covering all changes in Torghast 9.1.

New Legendary Power – Covenant-themed

Each class gets one new Legendary power per Covenant.

Check out the covenant legendary for each class here.

Class Changes

There are several class changes in 9.1. Check Icyvein that has really good class guides and class change information.