Full Guide on Torghast in 9.1

Torghast has got a significant upgrade since last patch. These are the following upgrades, and we will go through them one by one:

  • 5 floors instead of 6
  • New bonus floors added (floor 6 and 7)
  • Gems and points added as a final score
  • A new Hot Streak Bar during the Torghast Run
  • Torments added (sort of M+ affixes)
  • Talent points added with a new Torghast Talent tree.
  • New currency: Soul Sinders (crafting Legendary)
  • New rewards

5 floors instead of 6

Before 9.1, we had two wings of Torghast and each wing consisted of 6 floors. At floor 3, you met a vendor and at floor 6 you met the end boss for that wing.

In 9.1, we have 2 wings, same as before. But each wing consists of 5 floors, instead of 6 with the boss at the end. Killing that boss completes the run. You will still have the vendor floor on floor 3.

You get rewarded with Legendary crafting currency.

Bonus floors added

But there are 2 more floors added as bonus floors. Floor 6 and 7 and there is a bonus boss at the end.
You have to unlock the bonus floors via the new talent tree system. Once that is complete you need very good performance during your Torghast run to unlock the bonus floors at the end of the run.

The end boss on the bonus floor will probably have some cool rewards but we don’t know yet what they are.

Completing the run – the new gems and points system

When completing a Torghast run (killing floor 5 boss), you will get a UI popping up on your screen and we will go through what each thing actually means.

What does the gems mean in Torghast?

When doing Torghast, there are several factors that is counted via a points system, and these gems is like a final grade of how good you did.

The maximum grade you can get is 5 gems.

The only thing these gems will do, is to unlock stuff in Torghast, nothing else.

  • 4 gems are required to unlock the next Layer.
  • 5 gems are required to unlock the 2 bonus floors.
    (This has to be activated via the Torghast talent tree system)

The maximum points you can get on a run is 200 (+15 bonus points).
Based on how much you have of 200 points, you get certain amount of gems.

Here are some data of my runs

My total points

Number of gems out of 5 maximum





















How does the points system work in Torghast

When doing Torghast, you get points for several factors. There are 4 factors and 2 bonus factors. The maximum points you get is 200 but you can actually get more via bonus factors.

Main factors:

  • Completion
  • Time Taken
  • Par Time
  • Time spent in Hot Streak

Bonus Factors:

  • All Souls freed
  • 90% Urns broken

What is “completion points”
How to get higher completion points

This is counted in percentage. 1% equals 1 point.
100% is the maximum meaning 100 points is the max you can get on completion.

You get your completion % by:

  • Killing mobs
  • Destroying Urns
  • Rescuing Souls
  • Picking up the Anima power
  • Complete quests
  • Complete Puzzle chests

What is “Time Taken”/ “Par time”
How to get better “Time Taken” points

Time taken is how long time it takes for you to complete all layers.
Par time is the Threshold time that you should be under.
The closer your “Time Taken” is to the Par Time, the less points you get.
Passing the Par Time threshold, will either give you lower points or no points (this is not confirmed).

I noticed that you don’t have to stress run the layer to get the highest points.
But, if you take your time, going back to previous rooms and look around and such, then yes, you will get less points.

The maximum points of “Time Taken” is counted together with “Par Time” and it is 50 points.

What is “Hot Streak”
How to get higher Hot Streak %

Hot Streak is that extra bar you get on your UI.
The extra bar UI is actually called empowerment bar.
This empowerment bar is filled when you kill mobs, break urns and save souls in Torghast.
The harder mobs you kill, the more the bar is filled.
The bar has a line on it that is located at around 60%
Reaching above the threshold line will empower you, you enter Hot Streak.
The empowerment increases your movement speed by 15% and haste by 4%.
The goal is to keep your bar over the threshold as long as possible during the run.
The points you get is based on how long time in percentage you had hot streak up during the entire run.
The empowerment bar is on hold (paused) during certain parts in Torghast:

  • When entering a new floor, at the start
  • At floor 3, the vendor floor.

Blizzard should add an extra on hold when inside the last vendor on the boss floor. Let´s hope it will be added.

The bonus points – Souls Clicked

If you click on all the souls, you get 10 points extra.

The bonus points – Urns destroyed

If you destroy 90% of the urns, you get 5 points extra.

Dying on higher keys gives minus points

I Died on a Layer 12
This gave me -20 points.
Death count is removed but the penatly is minus points.
I died on a layer 8 some days ago, and that did´nt give minus points.

Here is a table to check how all these things will look.






Kill all mobs, free souls, destroy urns, get anima orbs, quests, puzzle chests



Complete run shorter than Par Time.

Hot Streak up


Empowerment bar above threshold by killing mobs, destroying urns, freeing souls







Bonus Factors

Bonus Points


Souls freed


Free ALL souls

Urns destroyed


Destroy 90% of the urns

Total Bonus Points






Total points



Torments added (sort of M+ affixes)

A new system is added in 9.1 when doing Torghast runs.
Based on what layer you do, you will get something called Torments.
Torments are similar to affixes in M+, these are debuffs that makes your run harder.

Amount of torments in each layer
















Different Torments

Maximum health reduced by 1% every 60 seconds. This effect is reset on floor completion.

Supernatural Power
Unnatural Power is significantly stronger.

Twisted Magic
Magic damage done increased by 15% for ALL players and enemies.

Twisted Strength
Physical damage done increased by 15% for ALL players and enemies.

Volatile Doom
Enemies have a chance to leave a Doomed Soul Remnant on death. After a brief delay, it explodes, dealing Shadow damage immediately and over 10 sec to nearby players.

Enemies grant nearby allies increased haste on death.

When 5 or more enemies are within 10 yards of you, they deal 10% increased damage.

When brought below 40% of your maximum health, become horrified for 3 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 2 min.

Reinforced: Doom Conduits
Elite enemies periodically summon Doom Conduits while in combat.

Reinforced: Reflective
Elite enemies periodically gain a Reflective Shield while in combat: reflecting all incoming spells for 5 sec.

Reinforced: Unstoppable
Elite enemies resist the first stun or interrupt used against them.

Reinforced: Commanding
Elite enemies grant nearby non-elite enemies increased health and reduced damage taken.

Non-elite enemies have 50% increased health.

When non-boss enemies are brought bellow 30% health, they gain 50% increased damage.

Torghast Bosses are granted a powerful ally to assist them in battle.

Tricks and Traps
Traps deal massively increased damage and are more commonly found.

Talent Points in Torghast

A new Talent tree is added in Torghast. This talent tree are perks that makes your Torghast run easier in different ways. I see the new talent tree as a system to make your Torghast run easier when it comes to the Scoring System. To get 5 gems and enter the bonus floors in Torghast.

How to activate the Talent tree

You need to enter a Torghast run, you will meet an NPC inside a layer that has a quest for you. I always met that quest giver on the first floor.

I cannot confirm that there is a quest giver on layer 1-7. I saw mine at layer 8.

This quest wants you to go to the legendary crafter in Torghast. He will activate a box for you “The Box of Many Things”.

When you click on this box, it will open up a talent tree ui.

How does the talent points work

The points you need to unlock talents is called Tower Knowledge.

Some talents can be upgraded several times.

The talents are divided in 7 rows in the talent tree and it requires certain amount of Tower Knowledge spent to be able to activate more rows of talents.

What are  talent perks

Row 1

Blessing of the Ancients 0/3
Begin each run with 1 Blessing.

Empowered Swiftness 0/2
When Empowered, movement speed increased by 10% extra.

After killing an enemy, excluding Torghast bosses, you automatically loot the corpse.

Row 2

Freed from Torment 1/2
Begin each run with 1 fewer Torment

Empowered Perseverance 0/3
Empowered decays 10% more slowly.

Discovered Cache 0/3
Each run Broker merchants will have two rare Anima Powers available for purchase.

Row 3

Undeterred 0/5
You take 5% reduced damage from Bosses.

The Adamant Vaults
You unlock the bonus floors in Torghast. You have to get 5 gems score at the end of the run to enter the bonus floors.

Inexplicable Power 0/5
When you engage a Boss, your damage is increased by 5% for 20 sec.

Row 4

Enduring Souls
Soul Remnants additionally grant you 1% Stamina.

Good Reflexes 0/2
You take 20% reduced damage from traps.

Death Denied 0/3
When you die, there is a 5% change that it will not count against you.

Row 5

Unflinching 0/5
You take 5% reduced damage from Elites.

Anima Plunderer 0/3
The 10th enemy killed drops an Anima Cell.

Elite Slayer 0/2
Elites award 20% additional value to the Empowered bar.

Row 7

Meddle With Fate 0/3
(under construction)
Up to 1 time per run, you may reject an Anima Power selection and obtain a replacement set of choices.

Empowered Mastery
While Empowered, you gain 15% damage and healing.

Gathering points have a period cap

There is a cap on how much points you can farm. It does not give any specific details at the moment but it will probably be a weekly one. 
At the moment, what we do know is that the cap is 950 Tower Knowledge. 

Best way to farm Torghast Talent Points

This part will be updated. 

Different amount of gems (5 is max) rewards different amount of Tower Knowledge.

A layer 12 completed with 5 gems rewards 150 Talent Points
A layer 12 completed with 4 gems rewards 120 Talent Points

Soul Sinders and costs to upgrade Legendary

Soul Sinders are used to craft the higher ilvl upgrades of legendary gear.

There are various ways to farm soul cinders.

  • Torghast (360 Soul Cinders)
    Completing the higher layers of Torghast rewards soul cinders.
    Layer 9 rewards 60 Soul Cinders.
    Layer 10 rewards 50 Soul Cinders.
    Layer 11 rewards 40 Soul Cinders.
    Layer 12 rewards 30 Soul Cinders.

    That is 180 Soul Cinders a per wing and we have 2 wings a week, which means 360 Soul Cinders a week from Torghast.

    Once you have unlocked the layers, then you can go straight to layer 12 and get rewarded for all the lower layers as well.

    Once you reach layer 8, you must achieve at least 4/5 gems to unlock the next layer.

    You can only get rewarded with Soul Cinders once a week from each layer.
  • The Maw (150 Soul Cinders)
    There are certain activites that rewards Soul Cinders in the Maw.

    Completing the Tormentors of Torghast
    This is once per week and awards 50 Soul Cinders.

    Completing the Weekly Assault
    This is twice per week and rewards 50 Soul Cinders each, 100 Soul Cinders in total

Doing everything each week to farm Soul Cinders will reward you a maximum of 510 Soul Cinders.

Upgrade Legendary Gear with Soul Cinders

You only use Soul Cinder on the last 2 upgrades of your legendary gear. Rank 5 and Rank 6.

Rank 5 upgrades your legendary gear from 235 to 250 ilvl and costs 500 Soul Cinders.
This takes 1 week to upgrade.

Rank 6 upgrades your legendary gear from 250 to 260 ilvl and costs 1650 Soul Cinders.
This takes 4 weeks to upgrade.

What does the blessings give in the Torghast Talent tree (The Box of Many Things)

You can choose this very early in the first row of the talent tree.
This can be chosen 3 times.
Each one gives a blessing when doing Torghast so you can have a maximum of 3 blessings.

The blessings are following:

Chaotic Concotions

You will get a box in the beginning of Torghast when you enter.

This box will always have 3 different items:

  • 4 Draught of Temporal Rush
    Use: Increase the movement speed of the caster by 25% for 20 sec.
    Increase the caster´s haste by 25% for 20 sec (10 Sec Cooldown)
  • 4 Draught of Leeching Strikes
    Use: Increase the caster´´s Leech by 100% for 20 sec. (25 sec Cooldown)

Blessing – Shoplifter

Brokers are hostile. Defeat them for extra rewards.

You will not be able to buy anything from the vendors.

When killing the vendor NPC, you will get following

  • Ravenous Anima Cell

Use: Transform a non-elite target creature into an Anima Cell.

  • Fleeting Frenzy Potion
    Use: Increase all damage done by 30%. Lasts as long as you are in combat (5 min CD).
  • Rejuvenating Siphoned Essence
    Use: Restore 10k health and 2,5 K mana.
  • 2 x Obleron Powers (secondary stats)
  • Cache of Armaments
  • 1 random Anima Orb

Surging Power

Gain increase movement speed while moving.
Every 5 applications gain an orb of energy that deals Nature damage to enemies. Maximum 3 orbs.

2 May 2021