Renown rewards in 9.1

More renown levels have been added in patch 9.1.
The maximum Renown is now 80 and here are the stuff added:

  • Unlocking different renown levels rewards
  • Soulbind upgrades
  • Allowing Season 2 PvP upgrades
  • Unlocking more campaign quests.
  • Unlock the covenant-themed mounts
  • Increase Elite World quest anima reward
  • Get covenant specific legendary power
  • Increase your stamina
  • Item called “Wisps of Memory” that increases a follower (adventurer) that you choose with LOADS of xp.
  • Item that dresses up pepe in a covenant theme.
  • Get a full covenant-themed transmog sets
  • Increase the ilvl rewards from World Quests
  • New followers (adventurers)
  • Increase anima rewards from weekly dungeons and PvP quests.
  • Covenant-themed title.

15 Jun 2021