Full guide: Craft and upgrade legendary gear in patch 9.1

This guide however, is how to get your legendary above ilvl 235 in patch 9.1

In 9.1, you will be able to upgrade Legendary gear two times:

  • 249 ilvl
  • 262 ilvl

There are now in total 6 ranks of upgrading legendary gear and when reaching the last two ranks, you will not use Soul Ash anymore for upgrading them. Instead, you will use Soul Cinders as a currency for upgrading legendaries. 

You only use Soul Cinder on the last 2 upgrades of your legendary gear. Rank 5 and Rank 6.

Rank 5 upgrades your legendary gear from 235 to 250 ilvl and costs 500 Soul Cinders.
This takes 1 week to upgrade.

Rank 6 upgrades your legendary gear from 250 to 260 ilvl and costs 1650 Soul Cinders.
This takes 4 weeks to upgrade.



Soul Ash

Soul Cinders

Rank 1 (9.0)




Rank 2 (9.0)




Rank 3 (9.0)




Rank 4 (9.0)




Rank 5 (9.1)




Rank 6 (9.1)




How to upgrade / Craft 9.1 Legendaries

In 9.0 you needed the base item (Specialized Armor/Jewelry) for making a legendary. The ilvl on the base item for upgrading the legendary was the ilvl you got on your legendary.

In 9.1 you can instead upgrade your base item by 2 ranks with a legendary item called Vestige of Origins that you add into the Optional Reagent box when crafting it.

This will increase the item level of the base item.

Vestige of Origins is crafted by professions learning the recipe “Tome of Origins”.

How to learn Tome of Origins

Tome of Origins is obtained via the 9.1 questline.
Once you complete chapter 4 “The Last Sigil”, the quest reward is the “Tome of Origins.

How the upgrading works

Based on what ilvl your base item it is, you will get that upgraded by 2 ranks with the optional reagent Vestige of Origins.


Upgrade with Vestige of Origin Optional Reagent


225 ilvl


235 ilvl


249 ilvl (becomes a rank 5)


262 ilvl (becomes a rank 6)


The highest rank you can have as a crafter is Rank 4, same as before 9.1.

Once you upgraded the base item, then you upgrade the legendary gear like you did in patch 9.0. at the Runecarver but the rank 5 and rank 6 will cost Soul Cinder (a new currency) instead of Soul Ash.

How to craft Vestige of Origins

No matter what profession it is, you will always need Korhite Crystal as a reagent for crafting Vestige of Origins. 

The amount of Korthite Crystal is not settled yet.

How to farm Korhite Crystal

  • Completing the weekly quest in Korthia.
  • Inside the "Death´s Advance War Chest" that is the reward you get when completing the weekly quest in Korthia. 
  • Treasures (Invasive mushroom) in Korthia
  • Daily quest reward in Korthia.  
  • Maw chest in Schoolar´s Den in Korthia

How to farm Soul Cinder

There are various ways to farm soul cinders.

Torghast (360 Soul Cinders)

Completing the higher layers of Torghast rewards soul cinders.

  • Layer 8 rewards 50 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 9 rewards 40 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 10 rewards 30 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 11 rewards 30 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 12 rewards 30 Soul Cinders.

That is 180 Soul Cinders per wing, and we have 2 wings a week, which means 360 Soul Cinders a week from Torghast.

Once you have unlocked the layers, then you can go straight to layer 12 and get rewarded for all the lower layers as well.

Once you reach layer 8, you must achieve at least 4/5 gems to unlock the next layer.

You can only get rewarded with Soul Cinders once a week from each layer.


The Maw (150 Soul Cinders)

There are certain activities that rewards Soul Cinders in the Maw.

  • Completing the Tormentors of Torghast

This is once per week and awards 50 Soul Cinders.

  • Completing the Weekly Assault
    This is twice per week and rewards 50 Soul Cinders each, 100 Soul Cinders in total

Doing everything each week to farm Soul Cinders will reward you a maximum of 510 Soul Cinders.

Much more Soul Ash in 9.1

You will get your hands on so much more Soul Ash in patch 9.1.
You will also be able to send Soul Ash in a certain way to your alts.

Torghast (2060 Soul Ash)

Since there are 4 more layers in Torghast we get more Soul Ash from there but also the original 8 levels gives more Soul Ash.


Soul Ash

Layer 1


Layer 2


Layer 3


Layer 4


Layer 5


Layer 6


Layer 7


Layer 8


Layer 9


Layer 10


Layer 11


Layer 12



That is 1030 Soul Cinders per wing, and we have 2 wings a week, which means 2060 Soul Cinders a week from Torghast.

Other ways to get Soul Ash added in 9.1

  • Completing Tormentor in the Maw
    75 Soul Ash
  • War Chests

50 Soul Ash

How to Send Soul Ash to Alts

You can buy a Bind on account item called Packaged Soul Ash at the Undying Army vendor NPC (Bonesmoth Heirmir) located in Keeper´s Respite in Korthia. 

This item costs 300 Soul Ash to buy and when opened, you get 250 Soul Ash.

So basically you loose 50 Soul Ash on the character you buy it with for 300 Soul Ash, but you can send the item to your alts so they get 250 Soul Ash. 


26 May 2021