Patch 8.2 - Rise of Azshara - Full Guide


Following the Raid on the Zandalari capital, both sides lost a lot, troops, champions, ships. They are licking their wounds, trying to figure out what the next move is.

It is at this moment, of weakness, that the Naga make their assault.

Across all of the shores of Zandalar and Kul Tiras, they make major attacks. Dragging people under the water. Something evil is going on deep in the sea.

The heroes of Alliance and Horde are taking the few of the remaining ships and set sail for the great blue beyond. What we find there is not what we expected. We find a crack in the ocean, surrounded by waterfalls.

We find a new land, that is in fact a very, very old land. That land is called Nazjatar.

New Zone: Nazjatar

We start in the south, in the zone Ship Graveyard.
Things don´t go so great for our ships.

We work our way up north to the beautiful Coral forests and Kelp Forests.
We get to see the ruins of Zin´azshari and some ancient elven architecture.

And ultimately, make our way to the Naga city that surrounds Azshara´s eternal palace.
This is the homebase of the Naga. This is the seat of power of Queen Azshara and we will finally face her in combat.

Nazjatar Map. 

What you will do

  • New Story quest
    First there is a major story quest.
    we are going to head in there and take the fight directly to Azshara herself.
  • New friends
    We got new friends to meet along the way.
    For the HORDE – you will meet former Naga slaves that have been hold up in a cave.
    Giblins, macuras and sea giants. They will be on Horde side to help defeat the Naga.

    For the ALLIANCE – you will meet deep sea tribes. This group has almost been wiped out by the Naga over generations and so few of the remain that they know they will never raise their tribe in to population again. Those that are left have only one mission, slaying Nagas and Alliance will help them revenge.

  • Replayable content
    If you liked Suramar, Argus, Timesless Isle, Isle of Thunder, all those cool pieces of end game systems will be collected and overlayed on the top to create the end game content here.
    The goal is to have new things to see every day.


Naga weapons

New mounts

The crab walks sideways!

Battle Pets

New Raid – Azshara´s Eternal Palace

This raid will include:

  • 8 bosses
  • Will be investigating a Naga Hatchery
  • One of the bosses is an underwater boss
  • Queen Azshara is the last boss
  • Check out Moudi´s Boss tactics here

New Zone: Mechagon

Nazjatar is not the only mystery that we will be going to explore in Rise of Azshara.

If you are an Alliance player, that went through Tira Guard Sound, you may have encountered this Gnome. This Gnome has been trying to figure out what´s up with this crazy Gnomish technology, at this rusted vault. He has been trying to get this vault open. When you log in to Rise of Azshara, the door is open. Inside, we will find a transponder of radio signal that uses technology that no one has ever seen. So of course, the gnomes and the goblin jump at the chance to figure out where it´s pointing at. This is a gnome/goblin adventure. What they find is a second land mass for us to explore. This land is called Mechagon.

Mechagon is the ancient lost city of the gnomes.
We will begin our adventure here on the junk of waste.
This place is loaded with death robots. We will find that this is not a happy place.

But we are going to meet some allies here as well.
Both Alliance and Horde are going to meet friends with a group that has been hunted by these robots and we will learn a lot of new things about them.
These friends are called The Junker Gnomes! (Mechagnomes)

The Mechagnomes span a variety of different types. We will learn a lot about their culture.

The group that we meet out in this Junker waste are the ones on the right side of the image.
These break down a little bit. What we learn from them, is that there is a gorgeous society inside another vault. This vault must be broken into.

The second vault takes us to where the higher gnomes live.  Those that have given themselves over to their king, King Mechagon.
King Mechagon´s vision is to turn everyone into robotic components.
In the society, the more robot components you have, the higher up you go in society.

The group of Junker gnomes in the trash zone have decided that this wasn’t for them.
We will help them break back in to the city.

Full Mechagon Guide here on how to get mounts, rep, rares and much more. 

A new dungeon – a Megadungeon

This dungeon consists of 8 bosses.

The end boss is King Mechagon.

This dungeon is mythic only dungeon (for now).

Pets, Mounts and items to collect.

New System: Heart of Azeroth

The necklace has its Talent tree in which you use Artifact Power resources to unlock slots within your necklace.New Quest: Magni and the Heart of Azeroth

Heroic Warfront

This is a 10+ players.

You can bring whoever you want.

New mechanics are added.

Higher ilvl rewards are added since it is a higher difficulty.

Win Reward 370 ilvl
Quest Reward 430 ilvl

New Quests: The War Campaign

Heritage Armor: Gnome

Heritage Armor: Tauren

New arena added – Mechagon Arena

A new Arena coming out, called The Robodrome.

Flying in 8.2 and Mounts

In patch 8.2 we will get the second pathfinder which will let us fly in Battle for Azeroth zones once completed. Also, you will be rewarded with a mechanical parrot mount, Wonderwing 2.0.

Pathfinder 2

  • Reach Revered with RUSTBOLT RESISTANCE (patch 8.2)
  • Reach Revered with the Nazjatar Faction on either Horde or Alliance (patch 8.2)
    ALLIANCE – Ankoan
    HORDE – Unshackled

Other New Mounts

  • Bee

  • Gryphon

Island Expedition - New Islands

  • Crestfall

  • Snowblossom Village

Epic Battleground: Ashran

The Good old Ashran is back, as a battleground. 

New items: Mount Equipment

In patch 8.2 you will have new cool Mount equipment for your mounts such as 

  • Water walking
  • Slow Fall
  • Not knocked off mount
  • Not dazed
  • And more

Professions: New Recipes

You will be able to craft 410/425/440 ilvl gear. 


4 Nov 2018