Heart of Azeroth Necklace - Full GUIDE (Patch 8.2 )

How do I activate the Heart of Azeroth Necklace?

The location to start your necklace becoming a talent tree is in the Chamber of Heart.

Chamber of Heart is the place in Silithus, next to Magni Embassy quartermaster.

Use the Silithus portal to get there the fastest way.

You should get a quest called “Return to the Heart”. If you do not get it automatically when logging into the game, then head to Kul Tiras /Zandalar and look for an Earthen Guardian (check minimap for new quest).

How does it work

You might have to be level 50 on your necklace in order to get the activate the first slot.

The necklace has it´s own talent tree.

This talent tree can be looked at in two ways

  • When you head to the Chamber of Heart and click on the Heart Forge in the middle of the circle.
  • When you SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on your necklace from the character info tab (C).

The necklace has its Talent tree in which you use Artifact Power resources to unlock slots within your necklace.

Between the slots are pinpoints which gives you stamina increase. 

How do I earn Artifact Power?

  • Completing major quest lines.
  • Completing quests from the War Campaign.
  • Killing dungeons bosses
  • Killing Raid bosses
  • From Rare drops
  • Outdoor Objectives: World Quests/Assaults
  • Winning Battlegrounds
  • Winning Arenas
  • Any major activity in the game

What are the slots and how do Essences work?

When you get enough Artifact Power, you will level up your necklace and the higher level your necklace is will let you upgrade the power of your Artifact Weapon.

The first two slots on the necklace is for free and you get them directly when you activate the Heart Forge. After that it will require level 65 on your necklace to unlock the next slot.

There are 2 different slots, a big one and several small ones.

You will use essences on the actual slots.

Each essence has 2 different powers:

* Minor Power - A passive ability

* Major Power - An ability that you place on your bar and use it when needed

When you use the essence on the bit slot (BOTH POWERS)

You will benefit from the Major Power AND the Minor Power the essence has.

When you use the essence on a small slot (MINOR POWER)

You will only benefit from the Minor Power the essence has.


Each class has their own Essences which means that each class has their own class/spec specific Trait tree. There are also some essences can be used by all classes.

What are the ranks on essences?

The essences (traits) have a rank on them:

  • Rank 1, is a Common colored essence.
  • Rank 2, is a Rare colored essence
  • Rank 3, is an Epic colored essence
  • Rank 4, is a legendary colored essence

The higher rank, the stronger and better the essence is. But with one exception, the legendary will only give a cosmetic appearance (only look cooler) when you have it on you.

How to get essences

You get the first epic Rank 3 when you complete the first questline given from Magni.

The other essences are achieved from

  • Completing major quest lines in (8.2 content)
  • Completing quests from the War Campaign? 
  • Killing dungeons bosses (8.2 content)
  • Killing Raid bosses (8.2 content)
  • From Rare drops? (8.2 content)
  • Outdoor Objectives: World Quests/Assaults (8.2 content)
  • Winning Battlegrounds?
  • Winning Arenas?
  • Any major activity in the game (8.2 content)


21 Apr 2019