GUIDE: New items, Mount Equipment

In patch 8.2 you will have new cool Mount equipment for your mounts.

How to put on/add a mount equipment

Open up your Collection slot (mount/pets/toys etc). Open up your mount tab in there.

Furthest to your left bottom side, you will se a square in which you drag the mount equipment to it.

Once used, ALL your mounts will now benefit from this mount equipment.

On your buffs on top right corner of your screen you can see what buff you have on at the moment.

Can I put on more than one Mount Equipment?

No, not at the moment. But most likely this will be changed in the future.

What happened to my Water Strider, it does not walk on water anymore?

That ability is removed in patch 8.2. Instead, you get an ingame mail with the Mount Equipment: Angler´s Water Stiders. This is a Mount Equipment that makes all your mounts walk on water instead.

What mount equipment’s are there?

In patch 82, you can get following mount equipment:

  • Water walking
  • Slow Fall
  • Not knocked off mount
  • Not dazed
  • And more
18 Apr 2019