Guide: This is Mechagon Island

Check out the cool comic about explorer Kervo setting off to find Mechagon. 

An island that cannot be compared with Timeless isle.

An island that cannot be compared with Isle of Thunder.

An island that cannot be compared with The Broken Shore.

An island that cannot be compared with Argus.

An island that cannot be compared with Tanaan Jungle.

No, this is an island that is living and breathing as we speak.

This is an island that has never been seen before. An island full of  creatures and robotics.

This island has one goal. To give us players content over, and over.

This content rewards all that we world of warcraft players want

  • Gear
  • Mounts
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Crafting
  • Achievements

All of that, in one island that looks the same all the time but feels different every time you log on.

Now let´s dig in to what Mechagon has to offer us.

The Island

Mechagon is a big island, full of robots. It was King Mechagon that had the idea that all organic life is fragile and weak. So he decided to put mechanical parts into organic creatures. Since he was obsessed, he wanted more and more parts to become mechanical and the final goal, remove all that is left of organic material.

Not everyone shares his crazy ideas. One of them is the Prince Erazmin who is the leader of the Rustbolt Resistance. This resistance wants to stop the King from achieving his goal.

The majority of the actual Island is a junkyard and there is a big mountain in which the “real” Mechagon lies inside. And that is the actual Mechagon Dungeon, where you start outside on the island and move in through the sewers to finally reach Mechagon city to confront King Mechagon.

The junkyard, or the actual outdoor island, is divided in different parts.


This is the “village”. This is where you have your hearthstone location.
Rustbolt is a mini junkyard city, where you will find

  • Flight master
  • Inn
  • Mailbox
  • Quartermaster
  • Repairs
  • Stable Master
  • Quests
  • Dailies, yep. Barely to nothing when it comes to world quests.
  • Engineer trainers
  • Cooking Trainers

You will also find new names which I will go into more in detail later:

  • Junkyard Tinkering
    A new crafting that anyone can do. All you need is the blueprint of what you want to make and the materials for it. Then it is a robot (Pascal) that will do the job for you.
  • O.O.M Commander
    A goblin that has a daily quest for you from time to time. He wants you to make a weapon. When done, you can use it (an extra action button). These are knockbacks, explosives etc.
  • Construction Projects
    This is actually broken machines around the island that need to be repaired. There are two different machines active per time. These machines are called construction projects. You either repair it yourself with tinkering materials that you gather on the island, or get help from other players. Once repaired, different machines (different projects) will either trigger and event with adds spawning and you defend, or a machine that blasts rocks away so you can enter a cave for goodies, or machines that shoots flames around to aid you on spot, or a machine that let´s you fly for some minutes.
    A nice gnome called Waren in Rusbolt will tell you what projects are available at the moment.
  • Special visitors
    You will also see visitors that find Mechagon exciting. These visitors will have daily quest for you. The visitors can be everything from a tortollan to Chromie that sends you to a different time in Mechagon. Or what about Explorer´s League what wants to learn about the history of Mechagon. 

Sparkweaver Point

This area is full of mechanical spiders, even the spider eggs have small spider robots.
Most interesting is a cave. A trogg named Crazed Trogg (Rare mob) likes to hang around in there. He does not like certain colors, and if you have covered yourself in that specific color paint, well, then he becomes hostile. And ye, he will definitely let you now what color he doesn’t like.
You will also have daily quest that pops up from time to time.

Scrapbone Den

This area has a lot, yes, a lot of troggs. Some are non-hostile and others don´t like you at all.
They have taken over this area. Maybe because it has oil?

This area will also have daily quests that pops up from time to time.
You will also find caves with rare mobs and chests.

Bloody Grotto

Now, this is actually a cave behind a waterfall.
This area is a PvP Area, so watch out.
An event can start sometimes in this cave: Bondo´s Fight Club.
When the event is up, a Fight Club Treasure chest will spawn every 30 min.
The one that survives, can open the chest.

The Fleeting Forest

This area is very interesting. It is not only the Horde or the Alliance that are interested in this island. One day you will see Venture Co. trying to establish a foothold. And yes, the robots will attack them as well. Another day you will see other enemies that are interested in Mechagon.
You will always find dailies on this area and also in Rustbolt, tied to that special event.

And yea, rare mobs and chests of course, full of goodies.
Depending on event, you will see the rare mob tied to that event.

Bondo´s Yard

Who is Bondo? I think I know. But I´ll come back to that.
Anyhow, this place is a yard, a junkyard. It has loads off different cool things to see.

  • A giant gorilla with mechanical parts
    This is a rare mob that requires more that you alone.
  • A spray painter.
    You can paint your mechanical cat mount there, once you have it.
  • A very good vendor by the name Cork Stuttguard.
    He sells Mechagon Tinkering parts
  • A big spark.
    The gnome that owns it has daily quest sometimes.
    That spark he has can come in handy. Nope, you got to check my guides for more info.
  • Charging Station
    Very handy to fuel up empty energy cells. But you can only do that when that construction project is active. Check below for more info on those construction projects.

Junkwatt Depot

This is the stronghold to enter deeper inside Mechagon. It is full of enemies, both elite and non-elite. Even the non-elite will put up a fight. You will find rare mobs and chests here.

The Outflow

This area has (most of the time) a reclamation Rig. Another construction project. Meaning another broken machine that must be fixed. Once fixed, it will make a lot of noise. That noise does not come hand in hand with enemies. You trigger and event of waves of adds and your job is to defend it. Once complete, you get a nice reward.

Broken Point

This area is full of Toxic Lurkers and pissed off flowers.
I haven’t found so much here more than chests and when a daily quest sends me here.

The mountain

This area is full of elks and birds. It has a very nice view of the island as well.
You will find a quest giver from time to time, and also rare mobs and chests.
Whirling Zap-o-matic mob is up there as well. Don´t know what his deal is, but I do know that you will find him as a card in hearthstone. It came out when goblins vs gnomes came out. Maybe ask for a game?

It also have racing flags. I haven’t seen any event popping up yet for it, but I´m eager to check it out.

Western Spray

Two smaller islands on the side of Mechagon where you will witness for the first time, wait for it… Murlcos VS Robots. So yea, it´s either murlocs that wants that area, or the other way around.
You will find rares, chests and dailies here.

  1. Rustbolt
  2. Sparkweaver Point
  3. Scrapbone Den
  4. Bloody Grotto
  5. The Fleeting Forest
  6. Bondo´s Yard
  7. Junkwatt Depot
  8. The Outflow
  9. Broken Point
  10. The mountain  
  11. Western Spray

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7 May 2019