Achievement Guide: Junkyard Machinist

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done". 

To complete the Junkyard Collector, you must Complete 100 construction projects in Mechagon.

This Guide covers what Construction Projects are. 

When you know how it works, the fastest way to reach 100 construction projects is to run around and activate the Flame Turrets whenever you see them. Because these costs only 100 Spare Parts.

What are Construction Projects

Construction projects are broken machines in Mechagon Island.

There are 5 different types of machines that can be fixed and two of them are available per time they are up. Different construction projects are available every day.

When you run across a piece of broken machinery, you and others can team up to repair it by contributing resources. These resources are Mechagon Tinkering items that you gather through various sources in Mechagon.

There are 4 different types of Tinkering items, but only two of them are used for repairing machines.

  • Spare Parts
  • Energy Cells
  • Chain Ignitercoil
  • Galvanic Oscillator

The locations of the construction projects change throughout the day.

Talk to Waren Gearhart in Rustbolt, when you want to find out what construction projects are available that day.

Many construction projects can be completed by one person, but some requires a lot of resources and several players to complete once activated.

Activating all 5 construction projects will reward you with the achievement: Diveresed Investments.

Types of Construction Projects

There are 4 types of construction projects

  • Drill Rigs
  • Reclamation Rigs
  • Charging Station
  • Flame Turrets
  • Rustbolt Armories

Drill Rig

Drill Rigs are located on different parts in Mechagon.

They need to be repaired for it to function.

You activate/repair Drill Rigs by completing the quest from it which requires parts needed.

The parts needed are:

  • Energy Cells
  • Spare Parts

Drill Rigs will blast a cave entrance that is blocked with stones wide open and give you access to a cave called Crumbling Cavern.

In there, you will have loads of small mobs spawning over and over, and yes, they all drop Spare Parts loot. 

In there, you will fight a Rare Spawn add called Gorged Gear-Cruncher. 

There is a flame turret in there that you can activate to help you killing mobs as well. 

You have a cpuple of minutes to nuke everything in there before you get kicked out. 

Don´t forget to loot. 

Reclamation Rig

Location: The Outflow

Several players are needed to activate this rig since it requires lots of material.

Once activated it will make a lot of noise and attract enemies.

This triggers an event, in which you have to defend the machine.

Once completed, you get

  • Box of Assorted Parts
    I have opened this box 5 times and got a
    - Blue Punchcard (Supplemental Oxygenation Device)
    Increase lung capacity by 1000%.

Once it breaks after it is over, you can start up again to rebuild it. Takes a while.

Charging Station

Location: Bondo´s Yard

This station lets you convert all of your Empty Energy Cells into fully charged Energy Cells.

But, it costs to start converting. 

  • 250 Spared Parts
  • 1 Energy Cells

Once completed, you get "Access: Charging Station" which grants temporary access to the charging station allowing you to charge Empty Energy Cells five times.

Wath out for the mob "Scrapbone Energy Eater" that will attack you after you charge the cells. Killing him and looting will give you

  • 25 Spare Parts
  • 2 Empty Energy cells
  • 1Charged Energy cell. 

Flame Turrets

Activating Flame Turrets will help you kill mobs close by. 
Costs 100 Spare Parts

Rustbolt Armory

  • There are different types of weapons that you can make through quests (daily) in Rustbolt. 
    This armory keeps a stockpile of weapons that you have created in Rustbolt. 
    In this way you can swap between the ones you have created.
  • You can also get anti-gravity packs which makes you fly for 10 min.

Launch Pads (it seems that this was removed and instead Rustbolt Armories came in)
This launch Pad will give everyone a chance to fly around on Mechagon for a while. You strap a rocket pack onto the back of anything and it will fly straight up in the sky.

23 May 2019