GUIDE: How to get the Wheel mount – Mechacycle Model W

This mount is a reward once you complete the Meta achievement “Mecha-Done".

This Meta Achievement requires following Achievements

  • The Mechagonian Threat
    Complete the Mechagon Storyline

  • Outside Influences
    Complete all quests from the visitors in Mechagon

  • Junkyard Scavenger
    Craft 50 Junkyard Tinkering items in Mechagon

  • Available in Eight Colors
    Collect all the paint colors for the X-995 Mechanocat

  • Rest in Pistons
    Complete the following special encounters in Mechagon

  • Junkyard Collector
    Unlock 25 of the following Junkyard Tinkering blueprints in Mechagon

  • Junkyard Machinist
    Complete 100 construction projects in Mechagon

  • Junkyard Melomaniac
    Unlock the Rustbolt Gramophone and all of its musical tracts

  • Armed for Action
    Construct the 5 wepons in Rustbolt.

  • Complete the quesline for Mechaspider. 

I´m working with guides at the moment on the PTR for all these achievements and everything will be posted here. #bookmark

14 May 2019