Full Guide: Mechagon Blueprints

What is blueprint

These are drawing plans which are found in Mechagon and enables you to make loads of different mechanical cool stuff such as

  • Mechanical Cat Mount
  • 395, 410, 420 ilvl Trinkets and rings
  • Punchcards
  • Explosive weapons
  • Transmog Device
  • Robots
  • gramophone
  • and much more

How does it work

There is a robot in Rustbolt called Pascal-K1N6.

This robot has the profession Junkyard Tinkering.

When you give Pascal a blueprint, he will learn it and then you can craft it via that robot when you give the mats for it.

Meaning, everyone can craft tinkering stuff…through Pascal.

All drops/loots/rewards of Blueprints in Mechagon

When it comes to Rare mobs, they are available during certain events.
For example, the Spider Rare next to Rustbolt is only available when the daily quest, killing spiders is active.
Also, it´s not always 100% loot chance on them.

Blueprint: Experimental Adventurer Augment

Drops from Jawbreaker
Also, drops from Rumblerocks

Blueprint: Orange Spraybot / Blueprint: Blue Spraybot / Blueprint: Green Spraybot

This drops from Crazed Trogg.

This rare mobs cannot be attacked.

He will yell out a color that he doesn’t like.

Run to ccc, where the paints are for painting the cat mount. If you stand on a paint, your entire body becomes that color.

Stand on the color the rare add yells out and run back to him.

Once there, he will attack you when you are covered in that color.

When he yell out the orange color, the orange blueprint drop.

When he yell out the blue color, the orange blueprint drop.

When he yell out the green color, the orange blueprint drop.

Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack

This one is just in front of the Malfunctioning Beastbot.

When you learn it, you will learn how to create the device “Beastbot Powerpack”.
This item is needed to activate the rare mob Malfunctioning Beastbot and kill it.

Seems that the blueprint is just there when that rare has “spawned”.

Blueprint: Scrap Trap

This drops from a Rare mob called Foul Manifestation.
This Rare has 4 million health  but can be killed solo. Just watch out from frontal black spray and interrupt him. Small adds spawns but die very fast.

Blueprint:  Vaultbot Key

This is from a Rare mob called  Robot Cruncher.
This Rare is immune to kill.
You must kite him to Bondo´s Yard, next to the NPC Bolten Springspark.
Let the Rare be zapped from the machine.

You can now create a vaultbot which makes you be able to activate a Vaultbot to attack you so you can rinse repeat. 

Blueprint: Megasized Spare Parts

This is bought from rep vendor (Stolen Royal Vendorbot).
You must have at least friendly reputation.


Blueprint: Ultrasafe Transporter: Mechagon

This is dropped by the Rare mob, Gear checker Cogstar.
Spawns on different locations on the island. Spawns when loads of upgraded sentry are killed.
You will find these mobs around CrushCog Circuit.  
Spawns when they say "Bzzt... unit defeated... request immediate support... Szzt
The Scrap King yells: “ will break you into bits and pieces!”.
Lookout and ask where he is.

Blueprint – Protocol Transference Device

Drops from Rare mob Scrapclaw.

Blueprint – Rustbolt Gramophone

This blueprint drops from the Rare mob  Steel Singer Freza.

This item is actually a quest. When you crate a Rustbolt Gramophone, you will get the quest ”Rustbolt Grampphone”.

This quest is part of the Achievement “Junkyard Melomaniac”.
You have to create a Rustbolt Gramophone for every new quest to complete this achievement (6 in total).

Blueprint – G99.99 Landshark

Drops from the Rare mob Foul Manifestation

Blueprint – Emergency Repair Kit

There is an NPC called Walton Cogfrenzy. He is the Chief Architect of Mechagon city. He does not hang out in Rustbolt because he is helping to sneak ppl out from Mechagon city.

When he is in Rustbolt, he has a quest called Cogfrenzy´s Construction. Once completed, you get a “Cogfrenzy’s Construction toolkit”.

The toolkit contains

  • Emergency Powerpack
    Use: Powers a mechanical creation for 5 min.
  • Pressure Relief Valve
    “Signed by Walton Cogfrenzy”
  • Blueprint: Emergency Repair Kit


Blueprint – Scrapmaster Blowtorch

This is given through the 3 quests that you unlock when you have Honored reputation with Rustbolt.

  • Quest: The Quickcharge Contract
  • Quest: Recharging Rustbolt
  • Quest: This One´s on Me
    REWARD: Blueprint: Scrapmaster Blowtorch


Blueprint – Advanced Adventurer Augment

You get this from the rep vendor in Rustbolt, Mechagon. Requires reputation honored

Blueprint: Extraordinary Adventurer Augment

You get this from the rep vendor in Rustbolt, Mechagon. Requires reputation Revered.

Blueprint: Rustbolt Kegerator

Drops from Rare Mob Seaspit.

Stay tuned for more. 

18 May 2019