Oregorger Boss Guide WoD

The storehouses of the Blackrock Foundry, laden with heaps and pallets of unprocessed Blackrock ore, represent a grand banquet feast for the ravenous rock-eating goren who have burrowed into the chamber. Oregorger is by far the largest of the invaders, gluttony swelling his frame far beyond the size of any goren previously seen in Draenor.

Raid setup

Depends on amount of ppl. In General, 2 tanks and 1 healer for every 3 player.

Oregorger fight has two phases

  • A tank phase which lasts which lasts as long as Oregorger has mana (his abilities costs him mana)
  • A run phase which lasts as long as it takes for Oregorger to gain mana back (he rolls around the floor of the room, collecting Blackrock Ore to refill his Mana)


The raid will be in one position on phase 1 and running around in phase 2.

Phase 1 - positioning

The raid will be divided in 3 groups.

  • One group for tanks (in front/on top of boss)
  • One group for melee (Green marker), behind the boss AND at Max DPS RANGE from boss but still able to hit him.
  • One group for ranged dps and healers (Yellow marker)

Phase 2 positioning (running)

  • The boss will start rolling around the area (to collect ores, to gain mana back)
  • Do not get hit by boss it will probably one shoot you.
  • The boss will face the direction he will run.
  • The boss will stop at the end of each path he takes, for a few seconds then starts rolling again.
  • The boss never runs backwards (safe to run behind him a lot)
  • Spread out nuke the crates


In total there are 8 important abilities to keep in mind

In phase 1 - Tank Phase

Acid Torrent

Oregorger sprays a cone of acid at a ranged target that does massive amount of damage to the closest person to him. Also, nature damage to the whole raid. However, the amount of dmg the closest person gets will affect the outcome on raid dmg. So mitigation plays a central role here, in this case the tanks (which will be the closest person to the boss).

Acid Maw

The boss’s target (tank) will be covered in acid every 2 seconds which stacks. 

Retched Blackrock

The boss leaves an acid pool on a random player (looks like it is mostly ranged) and does dmg ever 1.5s you stand on it.

Explosive shard

Throws an explosive shard on a random player (looks like it is mostly melee) that deals high damage and knocking players back. After 3 seconds that shards explode does high damage and stuns.

Blackrock Barrage

The boss casts this ability very often. It is spines the boss launches at all players (raid dmg). This ability can and has to be interrupted as much as possible.

In phase 2 - Run Phase

Rolling Fury

Oregorger rolls around on floor and knocking players away with high dmg if they stand in front.

Earthshaking Collision

The rolling shakes the ground and does raid dmg during the whole time on Phase 2.

Hunger Drive

The longer time the boss is rolling, the more furious he gets. Puts a stacking debuff on the earthshaking collision 5% per stack.


At pull

  • Melee stands behind the boss AT MAXIMUM DPS RANGE
  • Ranged dps and heal stands on star
  • Tanks stand ON boss, However see below about tank switch

Phase 1

  • Tank swap at every Acid Torrent (to keep the Acid Maw at low stacking debuff.
  • Stand almost on top of each other and on top of boss.
  • When Tank1 tanks he stand closest to get Acid Torrent. Then Tank2 taunts and stands closest to boss instead (meaning Tank1 goes slightly back).
  • Just before the boss hits you (tank) with Acid Torrent, use damage-reduction cooldowns.
  • Interrupt Blackrock Barrage

  • Be prepared to heal tanks at Acid Torrent, especially if they have CDs on mitigation spells.
  • Also at Acid Torrent, heal the raid
  • At Retched Blackrock, heal if ppl are standing in the pool (which they shouldn’t)
  • At Explosive Shard , heal the raid
  • At Blackrock Barrage, heal the raid
  • Basically its loads of raid healing and intensive tank healing on Acid Torrent.
  • Move away from Retched Blackrock (acid pool)


  • Move away from Retched Blackrock (acid pool)
  • DPS boss
  • Interrupt Blackrock Barrage


  • Stand at maximum dps range from boss
  • Move away from Explosive Shards
  • Interrupt Blackrock Barrage

Phase 2


  • Avoid getting hit by Oregorger
  • Always keep track on were Oregorger is
  • Always keep track on were healers are (this goes mostly for DPS)
  • Dpsers needs to quickly DPS all the Ore Crates
  • Oregorger never runs backward keep that in mind if you are close to him (run behind him for safety)
  • When a crates is destroyed, Oregorger will roll to that direction. keep that in mind when you avoid him.
  • Run in a group, in 2 groups or all spread , all works


Last and most important thing, after Phase 2 has ended you have to stand in similar position like phase 1. Meaning tank boss facing ranged ppl and melee behind with maximum dps range.

An Addon is out to help ppl having trouble with the second phase. It is called 

OregorgerTracker. This is how it looks:



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