Hansgar And Franzok Boss Guide WoD

Hans’gar and Franzok are twin brothers raised and trained as masterful brawlers of their clan. Both carved paths of glory as warriors, but destiny had other plans. The brothers, each unwilling to slay the other in the rite of mak’gora, were banished from their clan and left for dead. They survived as outcasts in the savage wilds of Draenor and when the Iron Horde called, these powerful warriors found a new home in the massive war machine.

In this fight two will fight the 2 brothers Hans and Franz, on an arena covered with 5 belts. There are a lot of mechanics, but you learn them so much more when you actually try this out.


Both Bosses
Body Slam:
 Jumps to a target and deals damage to them (also hits anyone within the small targeting circle). Leaves a debuff that increases physical damage taken by 40% for 20 seconds. Then does unavoidable aoe physical damage to the entire raid. Appears to target the person furthest away from the boss.

Crippling Suplex: Picks up the tank and will smash him into the second tank, dealing physical damage equal to the maximum health of the picked up tank. ie picks up a 350k HP tank it’ll hit the second tank for 350k hp, mitigated by armor, etc. Have to use a damage reduction for every one of these.

Pumped Up: As their rage increases they deal more melee damage. Increases the hammers thrown by Skullcracker, reduces the cast time of Disrupting Roar, and increases the number of jumps performed by Jump Slam/Body Slam

Franzok Only

Disrupting Roar: Emits a deafening roar interrupting all enemies within 100 yards, stop casting when he starts to do this.

Skullcracker: Throws a hammer towards a nearby enemy. Dealing 120k Physical damage. Only targets melee

Hans'gar and Franzok has 4 phases

Phase 1 – Both Hans and Franz are on the belt (Belt doesn’t move)

Phase 2 – Eihter Hans or Franz leaves the belt to activate it and remaining boss does his special abilities. (Belt is moving)

Phase 3 – Either Hans or Franz leaves the belt to activate it, remaining boss does his special abilities, (Belt is moving)

Phase 4 -  This phase comes when bosses are at 20%. Both bosses do their abilities.  (Belt is not moving)

At pull

Split the ranged in 2 groups star and cross (see image) with healers split among them. These 2 marks are also important for later.

Both bosses will jump down on the arena covered with Belts. Tanks pick up on each, one handles Hans and one Franz.

They need to be tanked together since they share health pool. Cleave dmg will significantly help.

One tank on Hans and one on Franz.

Phase 1 – Both Bosses

The goal is to nuke them as much as possible when they are tanked together.

Both bosses has the ability Body Slam, which makes them leap against random a random player.

When a player are targeted for Body Slam, move away from group, since this Body Slam can give other players as well a debuff called Shattered Vertebrae which increase Physical dmg by 40% for 20s.

  • Each tank handles one of the bosses
  • Tank bosses close to each other
  • Tank swap at 3 Shattered Vertebrae
  • When taunting boss after Body Slam. That tank that taunts needs to be aware to not stand on melee ppl. They will get the debuff as well then.
  • They have a mechanic called Crippling Suplex, were one of them picks u up, throws u at the other guy, he catches u and slams u on the tank that is tanking him. Dealing physical damage equal to the maximum health of the picked up tank. ie picks up a 350k HP tank it’ll hit the second tank for 350k hp, mitigated by armor, etc. Have to use a damage reduction for every one of these.

  • Heal extra when Tanks gets Crippling Suplex.
  • Heal extra when boss does raid dmg called Aftershock.
  • Heal extra At Pumped up (Phase 2 and 3) the bosses does 10% more dmg to tanks.
  • Heal that player that gets hit by an axe from the Boss, called Skullcracker.

  • Use dps Cooldowns on this phase, when bosses are tanked together.
  • Avoid the person that gets charged by boss, so u don’t get the debuff Shattered Vertebrae as well.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 – Franzok or Hansgar only

Either Hans or Franz will leave the Arena Belt.

  • All belts will start moving at the same direction and speed.

When Franz leaves the Arena Belt


  • Blocks on the belt will lighten up and after 3 seconds a metal stamp (Pulverized) will hit that lightened area.
  • These blocks comes in patterns. There are 4 different patterns and random which one will happen. These patterns are:
    - Chessboard pattern
    - Flying “V” pattern
    - Flying O pattern
    - Line and Square pattern
  • These stamps will kill you instantly!

At Pulverize, Lightning platforms for 3 seconds… move fast to safe area!

BOOM!! The stamps hits the belt. If you didn’t move you are dead.

When Hans leaves the Arena Belt


  • Lava Plates (Searing plates) will spawn from the back of the room and traverse down the conveyor belts to the front of the room
  • If you get hit by them you’ll take 200k fire damage per second for everyone second they pass you
  • On the start where the plates comes out, there is a fire line just before a plate comes out.


Stand between 2 belts and between 4 square belts when Hans/Franz are alone. It will be so much easier to avoid stuff then. Move around those 4 squares. 

Phase 4 – Both tanks

Keep in mind that phase 2 and 2 will repeat until bosses comes down to 20% (or 30%)

  • In this phase both tanks uses their abilities. Meaning both lava plates (Searing Plates) and Metal stamps (Pulvirized) will appear at mixed times.
  • The belt is not moving on this phase.
  • Abilities are same as in Phase 1.

Use Bloodlust/TimeWarp at start since you stand still much more and can use all cds pots etc at start.



 The Blast Furnace

Wing 2: The Black Forge

Hans'gar and Franzok

Flamebender Ka'graz


Wing 3: Iron Assembly

 Beastlord Darmac

Operator Thogar

 The Iron Maidens

Wing 4: The Crucible