Operator Thogar Boss Guide

Known more for his cruelty and cleverness than for brute strength, Thogar oversees the operation of the Grimrail. From the Foundry’s depot, he coordinates the ongoing ground battle against the draenei in Talador, with entire battalions of troops and artillery at his beck and call.


  • You fight Thogar on a platform that contains 4 train tracks.
  • The sides of the platform in which the tracks come from have big doors with 3 lanterns above each door.
  • And yes, these doors opens and trains passes the platform. Sometimes, trains even stop and adds jumps out.

So this is what you do


I have divided this fight into 2 phases.

Phase 1

  • This phase is the longest one.
  • The entire raid is together
  • 3 types of trains that stops, (Normal AoE adds train, Elite adds train and Canon Train).
  • Check on the fire lanterns to know when a train comes and move away.

Phase 2

  • Two trains will come with adds
  • Raid is split into 2 groups
  • This phase occurs two times

Positioning and Strategy

Phase 1

At pull: Tank the boss in middle (Track 2-3)

  • Tank Swap at every Enkindle.
  • When trains stop pick up adds fast.
  • Check on the fire lanterns to know when a train comes and move away.

  • More healing when adds come
  • Check on the fire lanterns to know when a train comes and move away.
  • Stay spread
  • Move from Pulse Grenade

  • Ranged Dps Stay spread
  • Ranged Dps focus the canon when canon train comes.
  • Move from Pulse Grenade
  • Check on the fire lanterns to know when a train comes and move away.
  • Use the macro /Target Grom´kar Firemenders when adds come from trains and focus kill

Phase 2

Phase 2 will appear 2 times. Failing on this will cause a raid wipe since trains will stay on platform until adds are killed.

  • Raid splits in 2 groups: One on track 1 and one on track 4.
  • On track 2 and 3 there will come adds into track 1 and tack 4.
  • Adds needs to be killed fast, since trains will come eventually on track 1 and 4.
  • Have 1 tank on each side
  • Have evenly split healers
  • Have evenly split dps.

Boss Abilities

Stacking tank Swap Debuff.

Prototype Pulse Grenade
Thogar throws a grenade at random player that pulsates on the ground in a circle shape.

Thogar empowers his allies and gives them a buff that stacks.
Kill the adds before the stacks gets to high

How the trains work

On each side of a track there are closed doors with 3 lanterns on top.

Before a train comes, the lanterns are lid to warn you that a train will come.

Avoid the trains by moving away from the track that has lanterns lid.

If all three lanterns are lid the train will pass the platform.

If only one (the middle lantern) is lid, the train will make a stop.

So keep your eyes on those lanterns.

The type of trains

There are 3 different types

  • The Iron Raiders
    One train will have two passenger trains in which adds will jump out.
    These trains can come on any track.
    Group them up quickly and AoE them down.
  • Gunnery Sargent
    One Train will have a cannon shooting at random ppl with bombs that are stuck on the ground and explodes after a while.
    Ranged Dps needs to prior this one and destroy it fast.
  • Elite Reinforcements
    This train has elite adds jumping off the train (no passenger trains).
    One type of adds here, called Grom´kar Firemenders needs to be killed first. They AoE heal and throws grenades at ppl. The AoE heal can be interrupted and should.
    Use following macro to target them fast:
    /Target Grom´kar Firemenders

The trains will remain on the track until all adds are dead

Split Phase, Double Passenger trains

After approx. 2 min after pull and approx. 4 min after that there will be a train on 2 platforms.

A passenger train will come on track 3 and 4.

Raid needs to split in 2 groups to handle adds from each train. One group on track 1 and one group on track 4.

Spread raid equally on each group with one tank on each group. If you have 3 healers, have two of them in the group that has the boss with them.



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