Beastlord Darmac Boss Guide

In this encounter you will fight Darmac when not mounted and Darmac mounted on 3 different beasts (Cruelfang, Ironcrusher and Dreadwing).

Start of the encounter you fight Darmac alone. He will mount a beast when he reaches

85% Hp
65% Hp
45% Hp

Meaning at 85% he mounts a beast that you have to kill, then fight Darmac alone again until he reaches 65% in which he mounts next beast that you have to kill etc.

Darmac himself has 2 abilities

Pin Down
Darmac throws Spears that hit random ranged players. A small swirl cycle will be shown on the ground beneath you BUT you don’t have much time to move away so pay attention. If you get hit by the spear, you can cast or do anything. Other dpsers needs to destroy that spear asap to free you.

These spears will be stuck on the ground until broken. So ranged dps needs to destroy them from time to time.

Call the Pack

Darmac calls for aid and minor beasts will then come and help him. These needs to be tanked by offtank on top of boss, and all helps AoE them down fast.

Darmac gains power

Whenever a beast is dead, Darmac gains their powers. Meaning, the abilities the beast had when you fought it and killed it, Darmac will have those abilities rest of the fight.

The Beasts

You can choose which beast Darmac should mount first by standing close to that mount. The best kill setup is:

1) Cruelfang
This Beast leaps to a random player and put a bleed (Rend and Tear) on that player and other players that are 7y close to that player. So for ranged, stay spread. For melee, don’t follow and stay back a bit until Cruelfang comes back.

This beast also puts an AoE Buff that increase attack speed, meaning it buffs himself and the small adds that Darmac calls for from time to time. If your tanks take too much damage from this, then separate Cruelfang from the adds until this is over.

2) IronCrusher

This beast has charge ability called Stampede and also knocking them back.

Also, this beast has an ability called Tantrum that throws a large amount of AoE dmg. Have cooldowns for this both healing and for other players you need to have defensive cooldowns.

3) Dreadwing

This beast has an ability called Inferno Breath, which shoots fire from their mouth. This beast will face a random direction when doing this. So just move away from it fast.

Another ability called Conflagration, which dots a random player causing them a distraction daze and do aoe dmg on players around. This is dispelable and should be dispelled directly.



 The Blast Furnace

Wing 2: The Black Forge

Hans'gar and Franzok

Flamebender Ka'graz


Wing 3: Iron Assembly

 Beastlord Darmac

Operator Thogar

 The Iron Maidens

Wing 4: The Crucible