Blackrock Foundry Boss Guides

Ilvl loot in Blackrock Foundry is

- LFR: 650
- Normal: 665
- Heroic: 680
- Mythic: 695

The following bosses in Blackrock Foundry drop Tier 17

Kromog: Helms
Foreman Feldspar: Legs
Operator Thogar: Shoulders
Flamebender Ka'graz: Chest
Iron Maidens: Gloves
Blackhand: Drops tokens that lets you choose a tier from the vendor (similar to tokens that Garrosh Hellscream drops) 

Bosses in Blackrock Foundry are divided in 4 wings. Click on them for more info and Boss Guides.

Wing 1: Slagworks



 The Blast Furnace

Wing 2: The Black Forge

Hans'gar and Franzok

Flamebender Ka'graz


Wing 3: Iron Assembly

 Beastlord Darmac

Operator Thogar

 The Iron Maidens

Wing 4: The Crucible