General Info (Deep dive later)

There is a new Event coming in in patch 10.1.5 and that one is called Time Rifts. 

This event is located in Thaldraszus between Valdrakken and Tyrhold. 

This event is up every hour at the full hour. 

So how does the event work

In general, the event is about enemies from  enemies from parallel universes who have opened up portals to our world and we need to fight them back to their own timelines and you will also enter their timelines and fight them there as well.

There are 7 alternative Worlds that are tied to the Time Rift event and these are: 

  • Azmourne; which is an alternative world where the Scourge has taken over.
  • A.Z.E.R.O.T.H which is an alternative world where the Robots have taken over.
  • Azmerloth which is an alternative world where the Demons have taken over.
  • Azewrath which is an alternative world where we are instead Murlocs.
  • Azq`roth which is an alternative world where the Black Empire has taken over.
  • Warlands which is an universe world where there is an endless battle between alliance and horde, it never became any kind of piece.
  • Ulderoth which is an alternative world where theTitans rule and there are no threats such as scourge or anything here. 

Before we dig deeper into that, we first need to talk about rewards and the new reputation faction tied to the Time Rift Event so we can talk about the rewards when explaining the event parts. 


Tied to the Time Rift event are 7 vendors. 

Each vendor is tied to one of the 7 alternative worlds.  

These vendors have 

  • 1 Mount each (except for Murloc world Azmerloth which has none, and also the HordevsAlliance world which has 2, one for alliance and one for horde). 
  • 1 pet each
  • 1 trinket each
  • Transmogs with themes tied to each alternative world. For more info check here
  • Some of them sell Reputation Insignias in which their alternative world resembles a reputation faction in our world . 

When it comes to the mounts, they are recolored or similar to mounts we have in game at the moment from previous expansions. 


  • Azmourne vendor sells the mount called Reins of the Scourgebound Vanquisher
  • A.Z.E.R.O.T.H  vendor sells the mount called Perfected Juggernaut
  • Ulderoth vendor sells the mount called Gold-Toed Albatross
  • Azewrath vendor sells the mount called Felstorm Dragon
  • Azq´roth vendor sells the mount called Sulfur Hound´s Leash
  • Warlands vendor sells the mount called Reins of the Ravenous, Black Gryphon for Alliance and the mount called Horn of the White War Wolf for Horde. 


When it comes to the pets we will see following from the vendors.

  • Azmourne vendor sells the pet called N´Ruby 
  • Azmerloth vendor sells the pet called Gill´dan
  • A.Z.E.R.O.T.H  vendor sells the pet called Killerbot 9000
  • Ulderoth vendor sells the pet pet Briarhorn Hatchling
  • Azewrath vendor sells the pet pet Doomrumble
  • Azq´roth vendor sells the pet pet Jeepers
  • Warlands vendor sells the pet Obsidian Warwhelp


When it comes to the trinkets, they will have the ilvl of 402 and part of the Gearing system, meaning it can be upgraded. These trinkets are Veteran Gear and can be upgraded to 424 ilvl. There are 8 trinkets in total that are sold from the Time Rift vendors. 

Each trinket is called Paracausal Fragment of… so basically these are Paracausal Trinkets. 

All and all, out of these 8 trinkets, there are 2 healing Trinkets, 3 trinkets that are for all characters, meaning all 3 trinkets gor strength/agility/intellect on them with a player power, 2 of them are for melee. If you know your math, that equals 7 trinkets, and that is because the one sold by Warlands vendor will see either a horde trinket or an alliance trinket, but they do the exact same thing. I have checked these trinkets out and you can find all that stuff on this page

Paracausal Flakes

The vendors will let you buy their items with a new currency coming out in patch 10.1.5, called Paracausal Flakes. 

A mount cost 7000 Paracausal Flakes. 

A pet costs 6000 Paracausal Flakes. 

Most of the transmogs cost between 250-350 Paracausal Flakes. 


Another type of rewards we are getting in patch 10.1.5, are rewards from reputation. The new reputation faction in patch 10.1.5 is Soridormi. She is the one in charge of the defense and offensive actions against the Alternative Worlds. She is located mainly in the Time Rift event in Thaldraszus and in charge of the Time Rift event as well.. 

Soridormi reputation is divided into 5 ranks. These are:

Anomaly Rank 1  
Future Friend Rank 2 0 - 7000
Rift-Mender Rank 3 7000 - 14000
Timewalker Rank 4 14000 - 24000
Legend of the Multiverse Rank 5 24000 - 42000
  • To reach rank 2 you need 7000 reputation. 
  • To reach rank 3 you need 7000 reputation.
  • To reach rank 4 you need 10 000 reputation.
  • To reach rank 5 you need 18 000 reputation.

So what about the rewards.

Reaching Rank 2 with Soridormi will give you a quest that you turn in to Soridormi that is called "A Forseeable Friendship".

This rewards 100 Paracausal Flakes and a toy, Minute Glass. With this toy, a new UI pops up, where you will choose a timer 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour for an Hourglass.

An hourglass toy is summoned for that amount of time. 

Reaching Rank 3 with Soridormi will give you a quest that you turn in to Soridormi that is called "A Recognition of Skill". This rewards Paracausal Flakes and an Ensemble: Rift-Mender´s Vestments transmog. 



Reaching Rank 4 with Soridormi will give you a quest that you turn in to Soridormi that is called "One of us".This rewards an item called "Greater Encapsulated Destiny". Using this item will guarantee a a mount or a battle pet when completing a Time Rift. This item is a "one-time use"



Reaching Rank 6 with Soridormi will give you a quest that you turn in to Soridormi that is called Realized Potential. This rewards the Title "Unparalleled" and chest called Greater Paracausal Chest that contains a random item from the Time Rift vendors and 70 Paracausal Flakes. I have a feeling that this will be changed before it comes live. 

The Event - Deep Dive

So know when you know overall what the event is about and what the rewards are, we can now take a closer look at how the event will actually work. The Time Rift Event is actually divided in two Stages. 


When the event starts, you will first Talk to Soridormi and say that you want to participate in the event and then Stage 1 one will start and lasts for 8 minutes. During these 8 minutes, you will complete tasks that fight them back to their own timeline. There are always two alternative worlds out of the 7, that will invade our world during a Time Rift Event in Stage 1. You can open your map and mouse over the map, and it will say what two worlds are active. 

There is a huge amount of different tasks such as fighting enemies, mini games, helping some of them, not only fighting, build up cool stuff to get more powerful, use your drake to take them down and much much more. 

The tasks are mainly single player tasks, but there are also group tasks that pops ups where you fight enemies back together as a community. 

There are also power balls that can drop from mobs. Interacting with a powerball will open a UI where you can choose extra power. Such as more healing, or extra strength or agility or intellect. There are some that have longer jump range. These power balls are not class/spec specific like it was in Torghast, they are more general powers. 

Doing these things will give Essences that travel to the center of the event to build up a portal for later use. You will have an essence bar from 0 to 7500. All players that are doing the Time Rift event will help out gathering those essences to fill up the bar, so this is a task you all help out to do.  The essence bar is divided into 3 checkpoints.

  • The first checkpoint is when reaching 2500 essences. This will reward a a "common" "Box of Tampered Reality. This box rewards reputation with a new faction Soridormi
  • The second checkpoint is when reaching 5000 essences. This will reward a “rare” Box of Volatile Reality. 
  • The third checkpoint is when reaching 7500 essences. This will reward an “epic” Box of Collapsed Reality. 

There are 10 tasks in total for each player. The tasks have a specific pattern. 

The first task is to complete an objective. Completing that objective rewards 50 essences. 

The second task is to fight enemies during a short time. The theird task goes back to completing an objective again. And it continuous where it ping pongs between completing objective and killing mobs for a short time until you have completed 10 tasks in total.

Completing a task rewards 50 essences to the community bar. Killing mobs rewards 2 essences for each mob to the community bar. 

When it comes to reputation from Stage 1

  • Completing a task that has an objective rewards 20 reputation. There are 5 in total, meaning 100 reputation can be earned. 
  • Killing mobs in a task area (it is marked on the minimap how big the area is and also, what kind of mobs you are supposed to kill), rewards 1 reputation per mob. 

When it comes to Paracausal Flakes in Stage 1 (the currency for buying stuff from Time Rift Vendor: 

  • Completing a task that has an objective rewards 20 Paracausal Flakes. There are 5 in total, meaning 100 Flakes can be earned. 
  • Killing mobs in a task area (it is marked on the minimap how big the area is and also, what kind of mobs you are supposed to kill), rewards 2 Paracausal Flakes per mob. 


Once the timer is over, a portal will open up and you will enter one of the 7 alternative worlds and fight a boss in there. It seems that a maximum of 5 players can join for the same boss. You do not queue up or anything, just enter the portal and it takes you there. 

There are 7 different bosses on Stage 2. You can mouse over the Time Rift event on the map, and it will always be the first alternative world mentioned that will be the world you will enter on Stage 2. 

For example 

In this case you will enter the Demon World (Azewrath) in Phase 2

Now let´s take a look at what bosses there are from the 7 alternative worlds that you will enter and fight. 


When entering Azmerloth, you will fight Gill´dan!




When entering Ulderoth, you will fight Freya!



When entering Azmourne, you will fight The Lich King!



When entering Azewrath, you will fight Illidan Stormrage!



When entering Azq`roth, you will fight Fury of N´zoth!



When entering Warlands, you will fight Varian Wrynn!



When entering A.Z.E.R.O.T.H, you will fight Overlord Mechagon!


There is actually a fixed rotation on which one of the 7 worlds that you will enter. 

  1. Azmerloth
  2. Ulderoth
  3. Azmourne
  4. Azewrath
  5. Azq´roth
  6. Warlands
  7. A.Z.E.R.O.T.H

When a reset week occurs, the first one that will start will always be Azmerloth. 

Remember that the event occurs every hour so you can check beforehand what boss you will encounter in Stage 2 when you will do it. 

When it comes to rewards from the Bosses, this is what I know from PTR. 

Killing a boss rewards

  • 200 Paracausal Flakes
  • 170 reputation with Soridormi
  • 9-11 Flightstones
  • Chance on Transmog from TImeless vendor, the gear is based on what boss it is. Each boss is tied to a world and a vendor. OR chance on Gear from the catchup gear vendor. OR chance on mount from Timesless vendor, the mount is based on what boss it is. Each boss is tied to a world and vendor

Daily and Weekly Quest

There is one Daily quest and one weekly quest tied to the Time Rift. 

The Daily Quest is located in Eon´s Fringe on the middle tower. This is a fast daily quest that includes time travels to sort time again. You will meet characters such as Jaina when she was a kid, and Anduin Wrynn. This rewards reputation and also Paracausal Flakes. 

The Weekly quest is called "When time needs mending". You complete this quest by killing a boss in the 2nd part of the Time Rift event. This quest rewards an item called "Contained Paracausality" which contains:

- 1800 reputation with Soridormi

- 1920 Paracausal Flakes

- 1 Drake Shadowflame Crest

- 323 Gold

- Encapsulated Destiny (use it to buff you to guarantee that you get loot from boss next time)

- 1 Diluted Time Capsule. 

The Diluted Time Capsule is an item that you use as a currency to buy 402 weapons from a gear vendor in the Time Rift area. This vendor also sells all gear slots at 402 for gold (except weapons). 


There are also some Achievements Tied To the Time Rift Vendor and one of the biggest ones is Temporal Acquisition Specialist.

In this achievement, you need to gather 14  items in total that come from an alternative world. Now there are 7 worlds, which means that you will gather 2 items from each alternative world. 

  • One item is obtained by entering their world, via the portal event. You will have access to it only after the boss is defeated. 
  • The other one is obtained from Stage 1, it is either a quest item on the ground, or an NPC has it or it drops from one of the Group Tasks.

If you want the list on what comes from where, then check this one.   

Once you gather one of these items, it will be placed in the event area next to the vendors. And you can also interact with these items which gives you some interesting information. 

For example this vase here that comes from after killing Lich King. 

Seems that it might be his father´s urn?

Other Achievements are

Chronograde Connoisseur 

Defeat all bosses in the 7 different alternative worlds. 

Legend of the Multiverse

Reach the maximum rank with Soridormi reputation 5/5. 

Minute Menagerie

Get each pet tied to each alternative world (all 7) from each of the bosses. 

Collapsed Reality

Get the highest essence points in a time Rift (7500 Essences) which rewards the Bag of Collapsed Reality. 

Lock and Load

During Horde vs Alliance in Stage 1, players can ge a task to build a Horde or Alliance weapon rack. There are 3 weapon racks in each of them. Interacting with the weapon rack let´s you use that weapon. To complete this achievement, you need to fire each one of the six weapons. 

16 Jun 2023