10.1.5 Time Rift Achievement - Temporal Acquisition Specialist - How to Complete

Temporal Acquisitions Specialist is an ahievement in patch 10.1.5 where you need to find a variety of items across the Timeways. Here is a video on how to complete it. 

There are 7 alternative worlds tied to the Rift event. 

  • Black Empire (Azq'roth)
  • Demon (Azewrath) 
  • Robot (A.Z.E.R.O.T.H.)
  • Scourge (Azmourne) 
  • Titan (Ulderoth) 
  • Murloc (Azmerloth)
  • Horde vs Alliance (The Warlands)


How to complete the Achievement “Temporal Acquisition Specialist

A new TOY has been added as a reward to the achievement "Temporal Acquisition Specialist" - Boffins



One item is obtained by entering their world, via the portal event. 

The other item is obtained by a quest. This quest is from an NPC during the 8 min Time Rift Event. It has to be an “invasion” from the world you need the item from. 

For example

You get ths quest from a murloc NPC. 

ALL items

PHASE 1 → When completing 10 tasks 

PHASE 2 → When entering alternative world via portal and fight a boss

Ulderoth (Titan) Phase 1

Titan Disc

Ulderoth (Titan) Phase 2

Watchers Log

Azewrath (demon) Phase 1

Map to Suramar?

Azewrath (demon) Phase 2

Antlered Skull

Azq´roth (Old God) Phase 1

Amber Blade

Azq´roth (Old God) Phase 2

Chipped Stone Tablet

A.Z.E.R.O.T.H (Robot) Phase 1

Mechanized Cog


A.Z.E.R.O.T.H (Robot) Phase 2


Azmerloth (Murloc)  Phase 1

A Fish

Azmerloth (Murloc) Phase 2

Azemerlothian Hourglass

Warlands (Alliance vs Horde)  Phase 1

Blood Soaked Book

Warlands (Alliance vs Horde)  Phase 2

Oil Soaked Log Book

Azmourne (Scourge) Phase1

Corrupted Ashbringer

Azmourne (Scourge) Phase 2

Glided Vase


12 Jun 2023