Ruff Ryders Planning For The 6 2 Patch

This goes for all ppl that wants to raid in the guild not only ppl that are raiding today

AS we all notice we have ups and downs at our raids. One of the reasons is because we started raiding together with different gear and experience in the middle of a tier.

Now patch 6.2 will come out soon and we will all be on the same page. There will be a new raid place called Hellfire Citadel. So this is what I want from you that wants to raid.

  • Prepare yourself on the boss guides before launch and when the new raid place comes out as well ofc.
  • Check your gear and see how you can improve to be ready for the new raid. If you need to improve, do it already now.
  • Always check that you are enchanted and gemmed (if available)
  • Check how your character can do good dps on single target boss fight and multi target boss fight.
  • Check guides of how to improve your dps.
  • We raid same time as we do now, Fridays 18:30 and Sundays 18:00 for 3 hours. Be ready for inv 5-10 min before time and have flasks, pots etc rdy.

I have some links in my homepage that can help you on some of above mentioned.

About Hellfire Citadel and Boss Guide

About gear to improve

And how to grind the apexis to get rdy