Buy 13 pieces of 695 ilvl gear for Apexis Crystals on 6.2

The Apexis trader in Tanaan Jungle sells various cool items. One type is called Baleful gear.

The Baleful gears consist of:

Baleful Hoods (Head)
Baleful Tunics (chest)
Baleful Leggings
Baleful Bracers
Baleful Treads (Feet)
Baleful Gauntlets (hand)
Baleful Spaulders (shoulder)
Baleful Girdle (waist)
Baleful Ring – Unique-Equipped
Baleful Choker (Neck)
Baleful Cloak (back)
Baleful Trinket – Unique-Equipped
Baleful Armament - Weapoon

One Baleful gear costs 5000 Apexis Crystals and has an ilvl of 650 BUT chance on 675 when opened

You can upgrade this item lvl from 650 to 695 by using an item called Empowered Apexis Fragment.
This fragment costs 20 000 Apexis crystals.

You cannot see the stats on the gear because you have to right click to open it and then it shows the stats. It looks like the stats on them are random when opening them, not sure.

Cloth and plate look

15 May 2015