How to achieve 73 000 Apexis crystals the same day 6.2 comes live

There will no longer be a max limit on Apexis crystals.
The max is 60 000 pre 6.2

  • You should maximize your Apexis to 60 000 first ofcourse.
  • You should do all the daily quests that your Garrison Quarter master sells but do not turn them in. That is a total of 12 quests which equals to 9600 Apexis Crystals that you can turn in the 6.2 is live.
  • Send your followers on Apexis missions the last days before 6.2 comes live. That can come up to around 3000 Apexis crystals to complete when 6.2 comes out.
  • All profession buildings, medium buildings, mines and herb place gives Apexis when you loot the boxes. Try to have all full for loot prio to 6.2 live. That will give you around 500 Apexis.
  • After doing all those dailie quests you probably started an invasion. So after completing the invasion, do NOT open the bags until launch of 6.2

In total you can come up to around 73 000 Apexis Crystals the day 6.2 comes live.

24 May 2015