How to Farm 11 000 Apexis crystals per day on 6.1

  • On 6.1 you can do quests that costs you 200 Garrison Resources each. The quest giver is the Garrison Quartermaster. One quest rewards 800 Apexis, there are 12 quests to buy. Meaning you can farm 9600 Apexis Crystals per day!


  • Do the normal daily Apexis quest and you will get 800-1000 Apexis per day.

  • The quests are in areas where the mobs drops 1-2 Apexis crystals per mob (more if its elite).

By doing this you have farmed more than 11000 Apexis per day!

Bonus Reward

Since quests also rewards + or - rep. it will boost the process to get a Garrison Invasion. You will probably get loads of garrison Invasions.

29 Jan 2015