How to unlock the new Class Hall quest line

In order to unlock the new Class Hall questline you need to:

  • Complete the scenario: “Assault on Broken Shore” (guide here).
  • Unlocking the new Artifact Traits (guide here).
  • Head to your Class Hall and you will get the quest. 

Completing the new Class Hall questline will unlock following:

  • Unlock to Upgrade your Order Hall to level 7 and 8.
  • Unlock the access to the new dungeon New Dungeon - Cathedral of Eternal Night
  • Toy – Champion´s Salute (30 min CD)
    This toy will raise your Artifact weapon in the air.
    Cool thing to use when killing a raid boss for example, and all players pose like this for picture :D
  • And will also lead to another quest in the class hall questline that will eventually lead to your class mount!

3 Feb 2017