Patch 7.2 - Class Mounts Guide

This page is updated frequently, whenever new things come out. 

In patch 7.2 there will be class mounts for each class and spec. All the class mounts can fly as well.  The mounts are listed below with the name and the different looks for the different specs.

How do I get a class mount?

There will be more Class Hall quests (New Questline). 
Completing the new Class Hall quest line will reward a class specific mount.

You have to complete the Achievement "Breaching the Tomb" (Got a guide for it here).
Depending on your clas you will get a quest from one of the NPCs on the hill were Khadgar and Illidan are. 

What are the names of the class mounts and how do they look like?

Here is a list I obtained from the PTR.


Battlelord´s Bloodthirsty War Wyrm



Highlord´s Golden Charger
Highlord´s Valarous Charger
Highlord´s Vengeful Charger



Huntmaster´s Dire Wolfhawk
Huntmaster´s Fierce Wolfhawk
Huntmaster´s Loyal Wolfhawk



Shadowblade´s Baneful Omen
Shadowblade´s Crimson Omen
Shadowblade´s Lethal Omen
Shadowblade´s Murderous Omen



High Priest´s Abyss Watcher
High Priest´s Diligent Watcher
High Priest´s Lightsworn Watcher



Farseer´s Raging Tempest



Fire – Archmage´s Blazing Disc
Frost – Archmage´s Frozen Disc
Arcane – Archmage´s Magical Disc



Netherlord´s Accused Dreadsteed
Netherlord´s Brimstone Dreadsteed
Netherlord´s Chaotic Dreadsteed



Ban-lu, Grandmaster´s Companion



The druids become this animal.

Archdruid´s Lunarwing


Death Knight

Deathlord´s Vilebrood Vanquisher


Demon Hunter

Slayer´s Felbroken Shrieker


31 Jan 2017