FULL GUIDE: Unlock Flying in Zereth Mortis in patch 9.2

To be able to fly in the new Zone Zereth Mortis, you need to complete 6 special achievements tied to the new zone. Once completed, you get the meta-achievement Unlocking the Secrets that rewards Zereth Mortis Flying.

Here are the 6 achievements and guides on how to complete them.

If you complete all the achievements beneath, you will get flying at the 6th week from launch of 9.2. 

Explore Zereth Mortis

There are 17 areas that you must locate in Zereth Mortis. Here are all the locations and exactly where they are:

  • Path of Inception
    /way 27 53
  • The Great Veldt
    /way 38 63
  • Terrace of Formation
    /way 40 41
  • Deserted Overlook
    /way 57 31
  • The Dread Portal
    /way 59 22
  • Genesis Fields
    /way 40 72
  • Pilgrim´s Grace
    /way 59 51
  • Arrangement Index
    /way 66 36
  • Resonant Peaks
    /way 51 29
  • Haven
    /way 34 68
  • Faith´s Repose
    /way 36 43
  • Catalyst Gardens
    /way 44 87
  • Dimensional Falls
    /way 52 72
  • Provis Fauna
    /way 46 64
  • Zooval´s Grasp
    /way 41 31
  • Plain of Actualization
    /way 54 47
  • Lexical Glade
    /way 56 84

Curious Collections

In Zereth Mortis you will find normal treasures such as nests, caches etc that are scattered all over the zone. These treasures can be looted every day. But there are also special treasures that you can only loot once. For this achievement, you must find and loot 5 of those special treasures.

There are many hidden special treasures that are available and much easier to get once you have flying unlocked. Most treasures are located on paths that are to far to jump.

As a demon Hunter for example it is much easier to reach the treasures, so if you have a demon hunter than it is good that you take that character to go treasure hunting.   Warlock is also good with portals. 

For non class specific tactic is picking the venthyr covenant. With the special ability (Door of Shadows) to teleport to higher locations. Venthyr is very good to pick when in zereth mortis. 

There are also some special treasures that you cannot get until you unlock traits in the Cypher system.



Path to Enlightened

This achievement requires you to complete 3 side questlines in Zereth Mortis: Small Pet Problems, Not Al Are Lost and The Waters of Grace. Here are all the questlines and where they start:

  • Small Pet Problems
    This quest starts in Haven.
    You unlock this quest line after completing chapter 3 of the main storyline. 
    Talk to the NPC Tamra.
    The questline has following quests:
    - Look Who I Found!
    - Flora Aroma
    - Broker Beaker
    - Cascades of Magnitude
    - Culling the Maelstrom
    - Can I Keep Him?
  • Not Al Are Lost
    - This quest starts in Haven.
    - Talk to the NPC Al'dalil.
    - The questline has following quests:
    - Security Check
    - Traces of Tampering
    - Xy Are You Doing This?
    - Broker Decloaker
    - Following the Leader
    - Technical Difficulties
    - Enlightened Exodus
  • The Waters of Grace
    This quest starts in in Pilgrim's Grace.
    Talk to the NPC Olem.
    The questline has following quests:
    - Lost Grace
    - Restore the Flow
    - An Automa-free Diet
    - A Return to Grace
    - The Wellspring of the First Ones

Tales of the Exile

The achievement Tales of the Exile is part of the Meta Achievement Unlocking the Secrets that unlocks Zereth Mortis flying.

For this achievement you must find all 7 parts of Firim in Exile. The problem at the moment in the PTR is that you will not see the parts on minimap or on the ground if a player has looted it within the last 5 min.

You can see a yellow big dot on the minimap when you are close to it. If you don´t see the dot, then you have to wait for respawn. 

All 7 locations

Part 1

Next to the main road.
Located on 35.74, 55.47

Part 2

Located on 41.74, 62.46
Located on the bird nest.

Part 3

Located on 37.56, 46.08
Under the bushes.

Part 4

Located on 49.84, 76.50.
It is located under the bushes next to that Jiro.

Part 5

Located on cave entrance 39.01, 31.10
Once you enter the cave, it´s on your right side.

Part 6

Located on 67.41, 25.18
Next to that dead Scarabid.

Part 7

Located on
Just next to the elite worm. The worm can also be dead already so check near that corpse.

Adventures in Zereth Mortis

You need to kill 10 different rares in Zereth Mortis.

There are 29 rares in total in Zereth Mortis. Some of these rares are hard to kill. Others requires some work summon/trigger before attacking. The rares that are harder to kill have a skull with a star on the map and minimap. I call these rares special rares. They also reward better loot.

I made a list and divided the rares in lower health (easier), special rares and trigger rares.  

There are 9 Easier Rares (3 of them needs to be triggered to kill).

There are 20 Special Rares (5 of them needs to be triggered to kill).

Click on the rare for location / guide.

Easier Rares


Sand Matriarch Ileus



Destabilized Core


Special Rares




General Zarathura


Otaris the Provoked

Xy'rath the Covetous

Chitali the Eldest


Hadeon the Stonebreaker


Shifting Stargorger

Mother Phestis

Corrupted Architect


Trigger Rares

Gluttonous Overgrowth (Easier)

Tahkwitz (Special, not a trigger but can be hard to reach)

Protector of the First Ones (Special)

Garudeon (Special)

Hirukon (Special)

Furidian (Easier)

Zatojin (Special)

The Engulfer (Easier)

A Means to an End

You complete this part by completing chapter 6 in the main Story line in Zereth Mortis.

On the first week you get access to chapters 1-3.

On the second week you get access to chapter 4.

On the third week, you get access to chapter 5.

On the fourth week, you get access to chapter 6. 













4 Feb 2022