RARE - Protector of the first ones - How to open the barrier

This rare is located inside a cave on 39.79 26.44  (see map) in Zereth Mortis and part of the Adventures in Zereth Mortis achievement. Which is part of the meta-achievement Path to Enlightened achievement to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis.

The cave has a barrier that stops you from entering. 

There are 2 pillars on the side of the entrance that has a symbol on each. 

You must find those symbols nearby and stand next to the pillar with it. 

This means that you have to be 2 players to open it (one olayer stand on each pillar with the matching rune. 

There are 4 runes in total nearby, and the 2 runes that you need can vary between those 4. 

Here are the location of each rune. 

/way 40.60 24.00 Mysterious Cypher 1
/way 41.30 24.20 Mysterious Cypher 2
/way 42.90 25.20 Mysterious Cypher 3
/way 42.40 26.70 Mysterious Cypher 4

4 Feb 2022