Dragonriding Tutorial Guide

When do you get your first Dragonriding mount

You get your first Dragonriding mount very early through the main story line. If you continue the main storyline after reaching the Dragon Isles, then you get it after approx 30-45 minutes. You get 3 more mounts via the main storyline. One mount for each zone you are in.

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Dragonriding UI

When you mount a Dragonriding mount, you will get 2 new things on your screen:

New Action Bar

Your main action bar will be swapped to another action bar. This new action bar contains the abilities you have with your Dragon. The first abilities that you get are flying faster upwards and flying faster forward. You will learn more active and passive abilities while doing the main questline, but these are the two abilities you will use the most. 


Vigor is gems on the ui. A vigor is needed to be able to use an ability. When using a vigor, you will recharge when being on the ground (not flying) or when you reach high speed when flying. You start at 3 vigor when unlocking dragonflying. You get can get more vigor through the Dragonriding talent tree (more info further down). You can recharge the vigor faster through the Dragonringing talent tree (more info further down). 

How to ride a Dragonriding mount

When you get your first dragon in Dragonflight, you will do a small tutorial that actually tells you everything you need to know, but very summarized. And you do the tutorial tasks after each other without thinking what it is you are doing. Because that´s how we wow players play. We do something and if it works, it´s done. If it doesnt work, then we actually read the quest and be like “ok, I´ll check what it says”. The thing is tho, in this case, it is hard to fail the tutorial, you just fly from point A to B through rings, and then you think you know exactly how you fly…

Until the next quest is to get up a big mountain and that´s when your first thought of dragonflying SUX. 

In this tutorial, we will go through how you can fly in the most effective way so that you don´t have to land every 2 sec and charge up to be able to fly again.

  • Always make sure that you will be very high up in the air when you start flying. This can be done by starting on a higher platform. This can also be done by always starting using the ability to flap upwards (Sky ward Ascent). 
  • Once you are in a higher level with your dragon, then you always tilt downwards. The more you lean downwards with your dragon, the faster it will gain speed. 
  • The only time you will use “Flap upwards” ability is either:- Directly after you have used “Flap forward”- When you lean downwards fast to gain speed- When you have a high speedDoing that will increase the height of your flying upwards significantly. 
  • If you are out of vigor, you can fly longer time by tilting your dragon downwards slightly to gain some more speed.

The Dragonriding Talent Tree

You enter your dragon riding talent tree by clicking on the Dragon Isles Symbol next to the minimap. It's called Dragon Isles Summary.

Then click on the view button under Dragonriding skills & Unlocks

This opens up the Dragon riding talent tree. 

This talent tree consists of talents that makes it easier for you to fly your dragon, such as

- Add more vigor (you start with 3 and can have all the way up to 6 vigor).

- Increase the Vigor recharge rate

- dmg enemies you land on or get a shield when landing

- Dismount other dragon riding players

The points you add to this talent tree are glyphs that you collect. These glyphs are collected by flying through them in the outdoor world of Dragon Isles. There are 56 Glyphs in total i Dragon Isles which means you can add 56 points in total on your dragonriding talent tree. So as soon as you find a glyph you can start adding points to your Dragonriding talent tree.

Here are the different locations on the glyphs

All dragon glyph locations in Ohn'ahran Plains

All dragon glyph locations in The Azure Span

All dragon glyph locations in Thaldraszus

All dragon glyph locations in The Waking Shores

Customize your Dragon

You can customize your dragon in many different ways. 

To customize your dragon you must head to the customization/transformation area. The Rostrum of Transformation is where you may select a different appearance for your drake.

Based on what you have seen and discovered in the Dragon Isles, meaning, finding something called “Drakewatcher Manuscripts” you get more different customizations for your dragons. You get Manuscripts from quest rewards, treasures, rares, reputation vendors etc.Here are the different locations on Rostrum of Transformation:



New to Dragonflight is that you can also race with your Dragon. There are several Races where you compete with yourself in completing the races in certain times. You can get bronze/silver/gold achievements and some rewards. There are also multiplayer races where you sign-up and then compete against other players. Here are locations on all Dragonriding Races and Multiplayer races in Dragon Isles:

All Dragonriding Races in Ohnáhran Plains

All Dragonriding Races in The Azure Span

All Dragonriding Races in Thaldraszus

All Dragonriding Races in The Waking Shores


8 Nov 2022