Guide: Where to Customize your dragon

Here you will find the different places for dragonriding  customization/transformation.
All dragon transmog areas look the same, with a platform that you interact with “Rostrum of Transformation”. 

The Rostrum of Transformation is where you may select a different appearance for your drake, based on what you have seen and discovered in the Dragon Isles. Meaning, finding Drakewatcher Manuscripts from quest rewards, treasures, rares, reputation vendors etc.

The Waking Shores

The first one is probably known to you since you will go there via the main story line. This one is located in Skytop Observatory. The flightpath is called “Skytop Observatory, The Waking Shores”. 

Ohn´aran Plains

The second one is located in Rusza´thar Reach. The flightpath is called “Rusza´thar Reach, Ohn´aran Plains”. The Rostrum of Transformation is just next to the flight path. 


The third one is located in the main city, Valdrakken, in Thaldraszus. Se map below where it is located in that city.

11 Sep 2022