DAY 9 Guide - Secrets of Azeroth Event - Walkthrough - Day 9: Forging Key


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1) It starts in the The Roasted Inn, in Valdrakken (/way 47,97.46.88).  You will get a quest from Bobby Charlisle, "Reforging a Legend"

2) Go to Weaponsmith Koref in Valdrakken and turn in the quest and get an item called "Titan Key Materials List". 

3) You need to get 50 Rose Gold
Go to Overflowing Rapids in Waking Shores /way 48.06,46.66.
Use the Idol of Ohnara to find the Rose Gold. They are small stones on the ground. 

You need to get 8 Igenous Flux
Go to /way 13.68,65.75
Find light grey stones in that area. 
More can be found at /way 21.11,76.88

4) Go to /way 24.55,61.00 to the Forge and talk to Weaponsmith Koref. He has a quest called "A Key to Reforg(ing). 

5) Complete the task at the forge. You will get an exra action buton that you click on when you will throw in the different items you gathered. 

11 Sep 2023