DAY 10 Guide - Secrets of Azeroth Event - Walkthrough - Day 10: A Proper Burial


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1) It starts in the The Roasted Inn, in Valdrakken (/way 47,97.46.88).  You will get a quest from Kathos , "A Proper Burial"

2) Go to Ohnaran Plains and talk to Sansok Khan in Maruukai, Based on where you are on the questline in Ohnaran Plains, you might find him on a different spot. He can be in /way 61.45,39.49
Use "/tar Sansok Khan" to spot him in Maruukai otherwise. 

3)  Talk to him and take the Ishtaar Rethon´s Burial Banner. 

4) Talk to the innkeeper, Jhara in Pinewood Post /way 81.23,59.22. Get the "The Path of Ishtar Drawing". 

5) Go to the big owl statue /way 83.95,48.51 and use the Idol of Ohnara toy. Click on the Aged Marker. 

6) Go to /way 78.66,83.33 inside a cave with many entraces. Click on the Aged Marker. 

7) Go to /way 60.70,63.54 and click on the Aged Marker

8) Go to /way 31.61,71.65 inside the underground hut. Click on the Aged Marker. 

9) Go to right side of the cave entrance in /way 43.33,47.94. Click on the Aged Marker. 

10) Enter the cave and go to /way 42.75,51.02 and click on the banner. 


11 Sep 2023