DAY 3 - Secrets of Azeroth Event - Walkthrough - An Inside Job? -

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This is Day 3 of the Secrets of Azeroth Event. Each day we are getting a new secret at 22:00 CEST. All days are part of a meta achievement that rewards a mount (Pattie) in the end. You will also be rewarded with titles, pet, toys and more during these days as well. Day 3: An Inside Job?

1) It starts in the The Roasted Inn, in Valdrakken (/way 47,97.46.88). You get the quest "An Inside Job?"

2) Go to (26.9, 54.1) in Valdrakken and talk to Fangli Hoot.

3) Go to The Roasted Inn, and up to the 2nd floor. There is a chest next to the bed, see image.

4) Go to (63, 73) in Valdrakken and talk to Sazsel Stickyfingers and take the quest.

5) Go back to the Roasted Ram Inn on the 2nd floor and put back the item in the chest. 

6) Complete the quest. 

3 Sep 2023