DAY 2 - Secrets of Azeroth Event - Walkthrough - Day 2: Thinking Cap

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First, get the addon TomTom. This addon will show an arrow on screen for where to go after you type in “/way coordinates”. 

Just download it and open your chat. Start with “/way” and then the coordinates and it will show an arrow where to go. I have added the /way points for you to just copy and paste in your chat.  


  1. It starts in the The Roasted Inn, in Valdrakken (/way 47,97.46.88). You will get an item called Thinking Cap Notes. 

  2. Talk to  Clinkyclick Shatterboom in Valdrakken. /way 42,25.48,62

  3. Go to the Roasted Ram Inn and talk to Eragosa. You will get a shopping list. /way 46,55.46,32

  4. Get following items:
    5 Apexis Asiago
    5 Thunderspine Tenders
    5 Latticed Stinkhorn
    All these can be bought on the auction house but also from vendors in Dragon Isles.

  5. Go to a water pool in Valdrakken and kill a Hungering Tyranha. Loot 1 Fresh Tyranha. Here is a good location /way 44.88, 94.03.

  6. Talk to Shakey Flatlap and get Crystal Ocular Lenses. /way 39,09.61,47

  7. Talk to Gryffin and trade the Fresh Tyranha to a Downy Helmet Liner. /way 42,55.49,51

  8. Talk to  Clinkyclick Shatterboom in Valdrakken and you will get a Thought Calculating Apparatus Location is: /way 42,25.48,62.

  9. Click on the Thought Calculating Apparatus and it starts a quest.

  10. Go to the location the quest wants you. Which is to Fangi Hoot /way 26,65.54.06

  11. You will now get a toy reward! Tricked-Out Thinking Cap.

  12. Use the toy which gives you a thinking cap toy buff.

  13. Talk to Fanli Hoot again and get the quest The Tricked-Out Thinking Cap. 


To complete the quest The Tricked-Out Thinking Cap, you must click on 9 secret arrows. Once done, you will complete the quest. 

  1. Start where you took the quest. There is an arrow on the wall behind Fanli Hoot that gave you the quest. 
  2. /way 9,94.56.33
    Go to Little Scales Daycare.
    On the right bookshelf there is an arrow on the bottom.
  3. /way 28.18,61.74
    There is an arrow under the knife banner.
  4. /way 36.22,71,20
    In front of the Alchemist Lab Bench.
  5. /way 39,98.64.46
  6. On top of the barrel
    /way 37.74,49,16
    Under the Blacksmith Banner, behind the Guard.
  7. /way 44,54,58,72
    On top of the Action House, near the entrance.
  8. /way 64.71,53.82
    On the rocks under the waterfall.
  9. /way 46.55,47.32
    Enter the big building and it´s on the left side Brazier, just next to it. 

Once this is done, head back to the quest giver and complete the quest and you are done with Day 2.

3 Sep 2023