Guide: How to earn flying in 7.2 (Legion Pathfinder)

Flying comes out in Patch 7.2 (Flying in 7.2)

You will be allowed to fly in The Broken Isles by completing several tasks divided in main Achievements and each main achievement is divided in “minor” ones.  

The main Achievement are divided in two parts:

  • Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One
  • Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part two

How to complete Broken Isles Pathfinder Part one

When completing part one you will be rewarded with:
- Increases Mount Speed in Broken Isles
- Unlock so you can continue with Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part two.

To complete the entire Part one Pathfinder, you need to:


Explore The Broken Isles zones

To complete this Achievement, you need to Explore all 5 Zones in the Broken Isles.

Click here to check my Guide on the best way to achieve this Achievement.



Complete the Achievement Loremaster of Legion

To complete this Achievement, you need to complete the main Storyline on each zone (Val´sharah, Highmountain, Stormheim, Azsuna and Suramar).

You can check the story progress for each zone by opening your questlog and on the top right side you can see what Chapter you are in and how mych is left.

Mouse over on the Story Progress will also show you more detailed information.

All zones are straight forward except for Suramar.
I have a detailed guide covering entire Suramar and how to complete the story line, here.



Variety is the Spice of Life

You complete this Achievement by completing 100 World Quests.

When you hit max level you need to unlock world quests.

Directly when you hit max level you get a World quest called “Uniting the Isles” in which you have to earn Friendly reputation with

* Nightfallen (Suramar)
* Court of Farondis (Azsuna)
* Highmountain Tribe (Highmountain)
* Dreamweavers (Val´sharah)
* Valarjar (Stormheim)

This quest is compulsory if you want to do World Quests (which you do) since it unlocks the World Quests.
If you do all the quests in each zone while leveling (not Suramar) you will get to reputation Honored.


Broken Isles Diplomat

You complete this Achievement by earning Revered with all the Broken Isles reputations. I made guides covering all Broken Isles reputations:

Highmountain Reputation Guide

Dreamweavers Reputation Guide

Court of Farondis Reputation Guide

Valarjar Reputation Guide

Nightfallen Reputation Guide

The Wardens Reputation Guide


Also, I have an overview reputation guide for Legion here.


A Glorious Campaign

You complete this Achievement by completing your Class Order Campaign.

For more information, covering Class Order Halls, check my Guide here.


Broken Isles Pathfinder Part two




Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part one

See above guide regarding part 1. 


Defender of the Broken Isles

Repel Legion assults upon each of the Broken Isles zones. 

There are Legion invasions in patch 7.2, that takes place in the different zones in Broken Isles. 
These are events that you can find by opening your map. It looks like green Fel portals. 
You need to complete the event in each zone:

- Val´sharah
- Azsuna
- Highmountain
- Stormheim
- Suramar (not sure yet)


Legionfall Commander

Earn Exalted status with the Armies of Legionfall. 

How to earn Legionfall reputation
Completing the Assault on Broken Shore scenario will make so that you will be friendly with the Legionfall (500/6000).
Completing World quests on Broken Shore will earn you Legionfall reputation (75-150)
More will probably come, like contributing to the buildings with war supplies i guess. 



Explore Broken Shore

You need to explore the entire Broken Shore Island.
Something that will definitely help you on the way to complete this task is the “Rakeeshi Flying Disc”.
This is a fying hoover disc that makes you fly for 2 min.
I found these discs in the outer area of the center of Broken Shore (see map). But this was maybe just coincidence.

One part that can´t be seen when you open the map Broken Shore, but can be seen when you zoom out at the entire Broken Island (at least now on PTR), is The Veiled Isles that is a part of Broken Shore. Don’t forget to head there as well.


Breaching the Tomb

Complete the Legionfall Campaign. 

Step 1 – Complete the Broken Shore Scenario

- You will either get a quest directly when logging on once 7.2 is live, called Armies of Legionfall. If you don’t get this quest, then head to Khadgar in Violet Citadel in Dalaran and take the quest there.
- This will start the Scenario questline which is performed solo (not in raid like the 7.0 starting scenario).

Step 2 - Complete the quest: Legion Supplies

Complete the quest: Legion Supplies which you get after the scenario.
This quest requires you to obtain 40 Legion War Supplies.
You obtain the supplies by completing world quests in Broken Shore.
Each WQ in Broken Shore, rewards 10 supplies.
Note: The other zones in Broken Isles do not reward Legion War Supplies.

You also obtain War Supplies by killing rare spawns, which gives around 15 war supplies (loot).

Step 3 - Complete the quest: Cathedral of Eternal Night

You can get this quest from Maiev Shadowsong after completing "Legion Supplies". 
Maiev is located in Deliverance Point, next to the Building Contribution Table. 
This unlocks the new dungeon.
Enter the dungeon and Defeat Mephistroth (last boss). 

Step 4 - ?

At the moment in PTR there are no more steps, so we will see what will come. Stay tuned!

16 Oct 2016

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