Patch 7.2: Armies of Legionfall Reputation Guide

How to gain/farm reputation with Armies of Legionfall

  • You gain reputation when completing quests from the Legionfall questline. The majority of quests, rewards 1500 reputation on completion.
  • You gain Reputation by Doing the World Quests in Broken Shore. Each World quest completed, rewards 75 rep.
  • Farm Legionfall war supplies (guide here). Contributing 100 Legionfall war supplies to the Construcitontable rewards 150 rep for every 100 war supply contributed.
  • Do the Kirin Tor Emissary World quests. Completing 4 quests for Kirin Tor, when the Emissary World quest is up will reward you with one insignia of choice. The Insignia gives 750 rep for Legionfall. 



Where is Armies of Legionfall vendor  located

The Reputation vendor for Armies of Legionfall is called Warmage Kath´leen, located in Deliverance Point in Broken Shore.


Armies of Legionfall reputation rewards

You buy these items with Nethershards, yes, Nethershards..


Legionfall Banner 
Place a Legionfall Banner on the ground.
On the Broken Isles, the standard reduces damage taken for players within 30 yards of the Battle Standard by 5%.
(1 Hr cooldown)

Cauterizing Void Shard 
Restores 1.5 million health, but causes 600k damage over 12 seconds. Can only be used in Broken Isles.
(10 mi Cooldown).


Repurposed Fel Focuser
Increase Strength, Agility, and Intellect by 500 and Stamina by 750 for 1 hour.
Counts as Battle and Guardian elixir.
(15 min Cooldown)

Legion Pocket Portal
Open a portal to a dangerous Legion world.
(1 Hr Cooldown)


Legionfall Tabard

Legion Invasion Simulator
Begin a Legion attack simulation.
(20 min Cooldown)


1 Mar 2017