The Best and most effective Farm in Broken Shore

This guide will tell you how to farm everything you need from broken shore, and loads of it as well.
In one hour you will get approximately:

· 1 500 000 Artifact power (Level 26 in Artifact Research)

· 1200 Nethershards

· 140 Legion War Supplies
- Giving 150 Rep with Armies of Legionfall for each 100 Supplies. 

· 2000 Order Resources

There are chests all around broken Shore, called Hidden Wyrmtongue caches.
Hidden Wyrmtongue cache now appears in minimap.

Hidden Wyrmtongue caches respawns (around 20 min respawn time).
Hidden Wyrmtongue caches can be looted by several BUT, once looted, other players has around 10 sec to loot them as well, then it disappears.

What you want to do is:

· Farm the Caches

· Every hour approximately, 1-3 Rare mobs spawn as well.
They drop same as the caches but higher amounts.

Farming the Caches 

The key is to go to places where there are less number of players. The majority of players are in the central area of Broken Shore and also where the Sentinax is. They will also move to places that have world quest and Rare spawn.

Check the route on the map below.
Loot all caches while taking this route.
Do it over and over and as soon as rare mobs spawn, go there, kill them, loot them, then go back to the route again.


31 Mar 2017