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BoD Raid Tactic Guide: King Rastakhan

25 Jan 2019

This fight has 4 phases. In phase 1 you will fight the King and his adds. Phase 2 starts when the adds are dead and the King summons his Loa, Bwonsamdi. Phase 3 starts when the health of the King reaches 60%. The king demands Bwonsamdi to empower him. You will fight the king on [...]

BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Opulence

23 Jan 2019

You will divide the raid in two in which each team will fight one mini boss each. One team will go left side path The other team will go right side path. Both teams will meet up in the end were the main boss is. If you engage the boss directly instead, he will drain [...]

BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Jaina

22 Jan 2019

This fight has 3 phases with two intermission phases. General Ability on entire fight – Chilling Touch Jaina´s frost spells chills players which does small amount of dmg and reduces the movement speed by 2% and this stacks.If a player reaches 20 stacks and has below 80% health the player becomes ice blocked and stunned [...]

BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Storm Wall Blockade

21 Jan 2019

 Images will come, I make them on live stream on This fight consists of 3 bosses. In phase 1, you will fight 2 of them at the same time on two different boats, which means you have to split your team in two. On heroic mode, they will also swap boats when reaching 50% [...]

BoD Raid Tactic Guide: High Tinker Mekkatorque

21 Jan 2019

Images will come, I make them on live stream on This fight has 3 phases. Phase 1 – Fight boss and control adds Phase 2 – Sheep explosion phase Phase 3 – Same as two but Boss is on Hyperdrive This boss fight requires communication between players. On normal mode, everyone can help out [...]

BoD Raid Tactic Guide: Jadefire Masters

20 Jan 2019

The alliance and Horde have different bosses, but the abilities are exact the same. Images will come, I make them on live stream on Overview You will fight a monk and a fire mage boss.During the fight they will also combine their powers. They have boss specific abilities and also do Team attacks. This [...]

Raid Tactic Guide: Gore, The Jungle Lord/ The Revenant

20 Jan 2019

The alliance and Horde have different bosses, but the abilities are exact the same. Images will come, I make them on live stream on Tantrum (important) Boss will Tantrum when He reaches 100 energy When hit by Discharge Apetagonizer Core When Boss Tantrums he pounds the ground and does very high nature dmg to [...]

Raid Tactic Guide: Champion of the Light Ra'wani / Frida

19 Jan 2019

The alliance and Horde have different bosses, but the abilities are exact the same.  Images will come, I make them on live stream on Zealotry (Important) Fills the boss with the might of the crusade, increasing Holy damage done by 2 % and stacks. Tactic: Zealotry Heads up for abilities during the fight that [...]

Battle of Dazar´alor (BoD) all bosses Raid tactics and Guides

1 Jan 2019

When does BoD unlock   Normal and Heroic   January 22 US / 23 EU Mythic, Raid Finder first wing January 29 US / 30 EU Raid Finder, second wing February 12 US / 13 EU Raid Finder, third wing February 26 US / 27 EU Loot ilvl Raid Finder 370+ ilvl  Normal 385+ ilvl Heroic 400+ [...]

Patch 8.1 Mythic plus Season 2 Release date

6 Dec 2018

The second mythic plus season comes out January 22nd for US and 23rd for EU.  The Mythic plus affix infested (Some non-boss enemies have been infested with Spawn of G´huun) will be removed.  Instead, a new affix will be added, Reaping (Non-boss enemies are empowered by Bwonsamdi and periodically seek vengeance from beyond the grave). 

8.1 Raid BATTLE OF DAZAR’ALOR Release date

6 Dec 2018

The second raid in BFA (Battle for Dazar´alor) comes out January 22 US and 23rd for EU.  RAID UNLOCK SCHEDULE January 22 — Normal and Heroic DifficultiesJanuary 29 — Mythic and Raid Finder Wing 1              February 12 — Raid Finder Wing 2February 26 — Raid Finder Wing 3   

Warfront- Battle for Darkshore Guide

5 Dec 2018

Who starts with the new Warfront in 8.1 Alliance How do I start the new Warfront? At max level, once you have completed the new opening storyline with Tyrande and the night elves.You can que up directly after that. How does the new contribute system work? You can choose what warfront you want to contribute [...]

64% extra rep until end of Friday!

29 Nov 2018

This weekly event gives the Sign of the Emissary buff which gives you 50% more reputation from world quests. We also still have the Celebration Package: WoW´s 14th Anniversary buff until end of Friday. This together will reward a big 64% increased reputation buff from WQs. Good time to get that rep up for mounts, pets and even allied race unlocking!

Ilvl guide for patch 8.1

15 Nov 2018

In patch 8.1 there will be several new contents coming out. You can find it all out here. On this page, I made a list of different ilvl rewards/loots that you get in patch 8.1. Dungeons   8.1 8.0 Normal 340 310 Heroic 355 325 Mythic 0 370 340 Raid Battle for Dazar´alor   8.1 [...]

GIVEAWAY: 3 x 30 Euro Kinguin Black Friday

14 Nov 2018

Here we go boys and girls! 3 x 30 Euro on Kinguin during black Friday! Check out Kinguin and all the cheap games they have! Also, use the code "MOUDI" to get 3% more discount on it as well. Also, you support me when you buy games from kinguin via this link:   3 [...]

Patch 8.2 - Rise of Azshara - Full Guide

4 Nov 2018

Backstory Following the Raid on the Zandalari capital, both sides lost a lot, troops, champions, ships. They are licking their wounds, trying to figure out what the next move is. It is at this moment, of weakness, that the Naga make their assault. Across all of the shores of Zandalar and Kul Tiras, they make [...]

Patch 8.1.5 Full Guide

3 Nov 2018

Allied Races  In patch 8.1.5, we will finally have access to Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Humans.  See my Allied Races guide here, to check what races can they be, what racials and what mounts they get.  Here is how Alliance Druids will look Here is how Horde Druids will look Darkmoon Faire Gets a [...]

8.1 Invasion Assaults

3 Nov 2018

  In patch 8.1, there will be war coming to the shores of Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Horde and alliance assaults and new outdoor game play is added in which you to defend your cities. These are similar to legion invasion, but instead, it is the enemy faction attacking.

New warcraft cinematic for patch 8.1

2 Nov 2018

8.1 Allied Races Kul Tirans and Zandalari trolls available

31 Oct 2018

When can you unlock Kul Tirans and Zandalari trolls You can unlock them after the Siege of Zuldazar raid. How to unlock Kul Tirans and Zandalari trolls Alliance Requirements for unlocking Kul Tirans are Exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty Complete the War Campaign from patch 8.0 that gives the achievement Ready for War Horde Exalted with [...]

8.1 New Warfront added

31 Oct 2018

In patch 8.1, there will be a new warfront added and the old one will still be available.  The new warfront is called Darkshore Warfront. This Warfront will be similar to Arathi Highlands Warfront but with new rares, quests and final "bosses". This war is a conflict between Forsaken and Night Elves. The alliance and horde will [...]

8.1 New Mythic plus affix

31 Oct 2018

In patch 8.1, the Mythic plus affix infested (Some non-boss enemies have been infested with Spawn of G´huun) will be removed.  Instead, a new affix will be added, Reaping (Non-boss enemies are empowered by Bwonsamdi and periodically seek vengeance from beyond the grave).  More info regarind how the new affix will work will be added asap. My guess is that dead enemies will ressurect with certain amount of health

8.1 Champions of Azeroth reputation account-wide

31 Oct 2018

In patch 8.1, the reputation faction Champions of Azeroth in Battle for Azeroth will be account-wide.  Champions of Azeroth is one of the important reputation factions in BFA regarding boosting up your ilvl of your Heart of Azeroth necklace.  When you reach friendly, honored and revered, you head to Magni in Silithus to get 16 [...]

8.1 Buy Azerite Armor

31 Oct 2018

In patch 8.1, you will be able to buy Azerite armor. Azerite armor are bought with a new currency called Titan Residuum. How to get Azerite armor currency Azerite Impurity This currency can be achieved by two ways. By scrapping or disenchanting Azerite Armor(Azerite armor that you get when 8.1 releases) From the weekly mythic [...]

8.1 Warfront Vendor Available (mounts, pets, gear)

31 Oct 2018

You buy stuff from the vendor with a new currency added in patch 8.1 as well: 7th Legion Service Medal (Alliance) Honorbound Service Medal (Horde). “A badge of merit for action taken on the battlefiends of Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and active Warfronts.” How to farm Medals You can farm these medals in two ways 1) [...]

8.1 Frog Mount available for Gold

31 Oct 2018

In patch 8.1 there will be a new mount, a frog mount. This mount is available for both factions. You do not need any reputation or anything, but you need gold, exactly 333 333 gold. Where is frog mount seller vendor located This vendor (Gottum) is located inside a cave in Nazmir. See map and cave [...]

8.1 Island Expedition Vendor

30 Oct 2018

A vendor is added in patch 8.1 for Island Expedition.It is located next to the table where you que up. The NPC name for Horde is Captain Zen´taga (Zuldazar).The NPC name for Alliance is Captain Klarisa (Tiraguard Sound). You can buy items with Seafarer´s Dubloons. You Dubloons by completing Island expedition, in which there is [...]

8.1 Non-Allied Race Heritage Armor

25 Oct 2018

Patch 8.1 is the starting patch for non-allied race Heritage Armor. The first two races available for getting Heritage Armor are Blood Elves and Dwarves. How to unlock Heritage Amor on Blood Elves Character must be max level (120) Character must be exalted with Silvermoon City How to unlock Heritage Armor on Dwarves Character must [...]

Conquest points Rewards increased

25 Oct 2018

These changes are now live. Now, when you Rated Battleground ends in defeat, depending on how closely you lost (how near to the winning team in points/flag captures/etc.), you can gain 20-40 Conquest. Additionally: 2v2 – First win of the day rewards 35 Conquest; additional wins rewards 25 Conquest (was 10). Rated Battlegrounds – First win of [...]

Watch BlizzCon on app and how to plan

25 Oct 2018

Blizzcon will be on Friday 2nd of November and Saturday 3rd of November. A new tab has been added on the app, Blizzcon! You can now watch everything there is about BlizzCon if you have the virtual ticket. You can most likely watch the opening ceremony without the virtual ticket. There is a filter [...]

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