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Guide: What is Seething Shore battleground

7 Mar 2018

Seething Shore is a new battleground that cme out 2018-03-7 that you que up for in the PvP Group finder tab.  This battleground takes place on an island. After what happened in silithus (with the big sword jammed into our world Azeroth), our world is “bleeding”. The “blood” is Azerite. This Battleground has a dynamic [...]

Trial of Style Event this week!

1 Mar 2018

The awesome Trial of Style event starts next week (March 5-9th)! This event will also take place on my stream on Tuesday 6yh of March @20:00 CEST time When: March 5-9Where: Queue for the 6-player scenario at your friendly neighborhood Transmog NPCWhat: Contestants will have two minutes to create transmog sets from within their collection, based on [...]

What happens to Legion Legendaries in Battle for Azeroth

23 Feb 2018

You will still have the legendaries that you got from legion and when you start Battle for Azeroth (BFA), the legendaries will be weaker and weaker for each level up. The level cap in BFA is 120 and when you are around 118, then your legendaries are more or less totally worthless. BUT the secondary stats are still good, so keep the legendaries until you get better secondary stats.

Moudi´s Elvui

16 Feb 2018

Got several people asking me for my elvui during stream and I´ve always been promising to publish it on my website. So here it is boys and girls. Also how it looks with mouseover on character bars. And here is the code in text format. Just enter /elvui -> Profiles -> Import Profile -> paste [...]

Fastest way to gear up alts in Legion

12 Feb 2018

This guide is aimed for players that don´t have the luxury to join M+ runs and be carried in Raids by their friends. As the title says, this guide is aimed for alts, meaning, you have a main character that most likely done the legion content. If this is a new character that just dinged [...]

Fire mages and BM Hunters getting BUFFED – Affliction Warlocks NERFED

6 Feb 2018

This weekly reset will have some changes regarding PvE, for Fire mages, Beast Mastery Hunters and Affliction Warlocks (source) Beast Mastery Hunter All damage increased by 2.5%. Serpentstalker Guise 4-piece bonus now causes Kill Command to reduce the cooldown of Aspect of the Wild by 3 seconds (was 2.5 seconds). Fire Mage All damage increased [...]

How to start the Allied Races quest line

30 Jan 2018

First you must complete these requirements; Need to have purchased Battle for Azeroth Have a level 110 already on that server Highmountain Tauren Exalted with Highmountain Tribe and completion of Ain't No Mountain High Enough.  Nightborne Exalted with the Nightfallen and completion of Insurrection. Void Elf  Exalted with Argussian Reach and completion of  You Are [...]

Allied Races quick start Guide (video from blizzard)

30 Jan 2018

Full guide: Allied Races

28 Jan 2018

What are Allied Races These are extra races that you unlock and can play. At the moment, there will be 6 allied races and even more will come. Each allied race is being built from the ground up, having their own customization option. All allied races will have their own- Starting mounts- Racial abilities- Emotes- [...]

when does patch 7.3.5 come out

14 Jan 2018

Patch comes out 16th of January and that reset day for different regions (17th EU).  Check out all things coming in patch 7.3.5 here: Here are the things coming out: New battleground - Seething Shore A new battleground will be implemented, called Seething Shore.This battleground takes place in Silithus and is tied to the new [...]

Full Guide: How to farm Wakening Essences

8 Jan 2018

In patch 7.3.5, you can buy legendaries for 1000 Wakening Essences each (random loot for the spec you choose loot for). The rate of getting Wakening Essences will be dramatically increased in patch 7.3.5. Also, the cost for Purified Titan Essence will cost 300, up from 50.  Here is a list of all the different ways you can [...]

Buy Legendary gear with Purified Essence

7 Jan 2018

In patch 7.3.5, you can buy a Legendary gear for your specific spec. You buy a “Purified Titan Essence” and opening it will give you a random legendary that you don´t have. The currency is Wakening Essence, the same currency we use to upgrade legendary to 1000 ilvl. The upgrade is as usual 50 Wakening [...]

7.3.5 Guide: New battleground - Seething Shore

30 Dec 2017

A new battleground will be implemented, called Seething Shore. This battleground takes place in Silithus and is tied to the new expansion. Horde and Alliance will descend upon Silithus to battle over the Azerite bubbling to the surface. This Battleground has a dynamic control point gameplay. Imagine Arathi Basin, if there were multiple possible flag locations that [...]

7.3.5 Guide - New Storyline: Silithus

30 Dec 2017

Silithus will have a new storyline for level 110 players. You will get a quest directly when you log on that tells you to head to your capital city for more information. The storyline has 5 chapters. We could only test 2 of them on PTR. A Terrible Purpose Twilight Lexicon Twilight´s Run Unraveling the Mystery Mistress Natalia Mar´alith

Heirloom gear nerfed in 7.3.5

30 Dec 2017

In patch 7.3.5, it will take longer time to kill mobs and you cannot pull to many like you are used to. That will most likely kill you. Also, all Heirloom gear is nerfed in stats. If you want to level up a character fast to 110, then do so before the patch comes out. BUT: Equip bonuses are the same.

Patch 7.3.5: All contents changed to storyline chapters

30 Dec 2017

Quest achievements in patch 7.3.5 will be changed. Before we had to complete certain amount of quests in the different zones to complete a quest achievement. In 7.3.5, the questing achievements will be changed to storylines similar to how Legion content is. 7.3 7.3.5  

7.3.5 guide: New Level Scaling

30 Dec 2017

All dungeon loot will scale to your level until you hit level 90. Each specific zone will scale to your character level. Meaning, you can be wherever you want in a zone and the mobs scales to your character level. In this way, you will not have tons of gray quests that don’t benefit you. [...]

New Interface to choose leveling content in patch 7.3.5

30 Dec 2017

Part of the interface used in Legion will be implemented for the entire leveling in wow in patch 7.3.5. In each major city, there is a board (near AH mostly) that gives you direction where to go. In 7.3.5, you will have a cool interface that gives you some information about the content and why [...]

Ulduar raid Achievements 10 and 25 player merged

30 Dec 2017

The Raid Achievements for the Ulduar raid “Glory of the Ulduar Raider” normally comes in 10 and 25 man. The 10 man mount reward was Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake The 25 man mount reward was Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake When patch 7.3.5 hits live servers, these achievements will be merged as one. No [...]

Get more bag space in patch 7.3.5

30 Dec 2017

When patch 7.3.5 comes out, you can gain 4 extra backpacks lots by attaching an Authenticator to your account. Blizzard Authenticator is for free.

7.3.5 Guide: New Timewalking Raid - Ulduar

30 Dec 2017

The epic raid that took place during wrath of the Lich King expansion will be our 2nd Timewalking Raid. When does Ulduar Timewalking raid open This is an event and will not be available all the time. The only time you can do Timewalking Ulduar is when Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking event is ongoing. [...]

Allied Races comes out in patch 7.4, not in 7.3.5

30 Dec 2017

There are loads of datamining on allied races in patch 7.3.5: Stormwind and orgrimmar have allied race embassies Thunder Totem is the capital city for Highmountain Nighthold is the capital city for Nightborn Loads of stuff has come out for Nightborn, Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Drenei, Void Elves: New customization options Dressing room background Mounts Tabards [...]

Mythic plus changes in patch 7.3.5

22 Dec 2017

This post will be updated for all the changes coming regarding Mythic plus in patch 7.3.5 Combat ressurections You start the dungeon, having 1 combat ress. You get an extra combat ress charge every 10 minutes Maximum amounts of combat resses are 5. Classes that can combat ress are Death Knight (Raise Ally) Druid (Rebirth) [...]

Guide: What mounts do we get for Allied Races

19 Dec 2017

Highmountain Tauren Mount Highmountain Thunderhoof Achievement Allied Races: Highmountain Tauren Description A gift from the tauren who trained this sure-footed highland moose to safely traverse the paths and peaks of Highmountain. Nightborne Mount Nightborne Manasaber Achievement Allied Races: Nightborne Description Born capable of sniffing out concentrations of arcane energy, this noble cat was presented with [...]

Confirmed: How to unlock Allied Races

19 Dec 2017

In patch 7.3.5, we will have the ability to unlock 4 Allied Races For Horde Highmountain Tauren Nightborne For AllianceVoid ElfLightforged Draenei How to unlock Allied Races Need to have purchased Battle for Azeroth Have a level 110 already on that server Highmountain Tauren -> Exalted with Highmountain Tribe and completion of Ain't No Mountain [...]

Moudi´s Legion Addons

19 Dec 2017

AskMrRobot Gear import/export, combat logging, and more. My Note: Really good addon to check what gear is best and what gear is the best based on everyithing you have on you and in your bags. It also tells what enchants and gems you need to maximize your character. You can even choose what types of [...]

New this year: Become a gnome (alliance) or goblin (horde) and get a Globe Yeti!

16 Dec 2017

Unfortunately, you will only become winter veil gnome/goblin when you are inside the globe ☹ Alliance Travel to Ironforge. there is a Giant Snow Globe outside the bank. Enter the Globe. You are now a winter veil Gnome! Horde Travel to Orgrimmar There is a giant Snow Globe in Valley of Wisdom. Enter the Globe. [...]

Guide: Patch 7.3.5 updated

12 Dec 2017

This page will be updated regularly once 7.3.5 is on PTR. There will be many changes in this patch, that are also a bridge between 7.0 and 8.0 expansion.   New Timewalking Raid: Ulduar The epic raid that took place during wrath of the Lich King expansion will be our 2nd Timewalking Raid.   New [...]

What classes for what Allied race

8 Dec 2017

Not all classes can become a specific allied race. Here is a list of Allied races and what classes that are available for them. Who can be HIGHMOUNTAIN TAUREN (HORDE) Druid Hunter Monk Shaman Warrior   Who can be NIGHTBORNE (HORDE) Hunter Mage Monk Priest Rogue Warlock Warrior Who can be LIGHTFORGED DRAENEI (ALLIANCE) Hunter [...]

This weekly reset has some major Hotfixes: Last boss buffed, Tier bonuses buffed/nerfed and more

5 Dec 2017

In general Antorus last boss got buffed (Argus the Unmaker) Trinkets got buffed Some class tier set bonuses got buffed (some nerfed) Priests and Warlocks buffed in PvP Here is the detail changes Classes Priest Shadow Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 12%.  All other abilities increased by 3%. Rogue Outlaw All [...]

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