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Legion Raid Boss Guide: Elerethe Renferal

27 Aug 2016

Background Story Elerethe once a mighty druid and adept shapeshifter, was led down a dark path by the belief that she was betrayed by her closest allies. Her consciousness now resides in the nightmare, damning her to an existence of fear, confusion and hatred. Overview This fight is divided in two phases depending on what [...]

Main things coming in 7.1

19 Aug 2016

Three major things coming in 7.1 Karazhan as a 5 man dungeon with 9 bosses. It will be like a 5 player raid with weekly lockout. A small raid (less amount of bosses) capping the storyline of Stormheim. Additional chapters in Suramar questline More information regarding 7.1 will be announced just after Legion launches.

Karazhan comes out at patch 7.1

17 Aug 2016

It is finally confirmed. Karazhan will be a 5 man dungeon in patch 7.1 with all bosses (9).   

Legion Boss Guide: Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption

14 Aug 2016

As usually, these tactics are my own and does not mean they are the most optimal.  Background Story Lodged in the hollows of a now-decrepit world tree, Il´gynoth is a manifestation of the horrors that lie at the heart of the Nightmare. It is a mass of corruption – a thing that should not be. [...]

Legion Boss Guide: Nythendra

7 Aug 2016

As usually, these tactics are my own and does not mean they are the most optimal.  Background Story Nythendra was once a member of the Green Dragonflight charged with guarding the world tree, Shaladrassil. When Xavius corruption of the Nightmare consumed Shaladrassil, it consumed the sleeping guardian as well. Nythendra is now nothing more than [...]

Kirin Tor World Quests

6 Aug 2016

The Kirin Tor also has world quests for you. But there is no new reputation faction in Legion regarding Kirin Tor. There is an old one though, for lich King expansion. In legion, Kirin Tor world quests do reward reputation for the other legion factions.  In this case it is based on where the quest [...]

Legion Raid Boss Guide: Ursoc

6 Aug 2016

Ursoc is one of the Wild Gods. Patron of the furbolg, and closely linked to the druidic power shapeshifting, the ancient great bear has long been a protector of Azeroth. But as Ursoc slumbered at his shrine in Grizzly hills, the world around him was plunged into corruption, and he awoke to torment and nightmare, [...]

New Video: How to farm 2000 Ancient Mana in less than 10 minutes

1 Aug 2016

Demon Hunter release date

29 Jul 2016

Demon Hunter released 9th aug US and 10th EU for those that pre-purchase Legion.Also, Demon invasion event starts the same time.  

New Weakauras for Legion: Warrior

27 Jul 2016

Today I was given to share new Legion weakauras that covers all three specs for Warrior. This was kindly given by Belz (Rampage Sunstrider EU). Thank you so much!  Head to the Weakauras section here to check it out! ##DISQUS##

The Wardens Reputation Guide

26 Jul 2016

How to gain reputation with the Wardens You gain reputation with the Wardens through World Quests. Unlike the other factions which are tied to zones, the Wardens world quests are spread out all over The Broken Isles. Endboss on Vault of the Wardens rewards 250 rep. The Wardens reputation rewards Honored Trapped Treasure Chest KitToy [...]

Full Suramar Guide

26 Jul 2016

This guide covers a lot of Suramar and contains spoilers. Background information For the story behind Suramar and what happened check: And a new short comic: When you ding 110 and return to Dalaran, you will gain a quest automatically, called Khadgar´s Discovery (Speak to Khadgar in Dalaran). This quest is the starting [...]

Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide by Blizzard

18 Jul 2016

Legion Protection Paladin Talent Spec and tips

18 Jul 2016

Stat priority 1) Haste 2) Crit 3) Mastery 4) Versatility Raid / Single boss Fights Level 15) Holy Shield Level 30) Bastion on Light Level 45) Binding Light Level 60) Retribution Aura Level 75) Final Stand Level 90) Aegis of Light Level 100) Seraphim Dungeon / Questing / AoE Fights Level 15) Blessed Hammer/Consecrated Hammer Level 30) [...]

Legion Mythic plus Guide

12 Jul 2016

You set a dungeon on Mythic difficulty and enter the dungeon through the dungeon entrance (not Dungeon Finder). Meaning, you need to gather a premade party of 5 yourself or join a party. Best way to find or create one is via the Group Finder in game and click on Premade Groups/Dungeons. When entering the [...]

Legion Pre Patch Guide

8 Jul 2016

For Patch information on changes regarding Character changes, Class changes, PvP, PvE, please visit World of Warcraft original page here. The pre patch testing was released today in Beta. This will come: The Broken Shore Event Legion Invasion events in Azeroth Khadgar Quest Line The Broken Shore Event The Broken Shore is Ground Zero for [...]

Order Resources Guide

7 Jul 2016

Order Resources is a new currency in Legion to upgrade, research or buy.  Below, you will find 4 important things of why you need Order Resources and how is needed.  1)      Research Order Advancement A new thing in Legion is that you can improve your Order Hall missions.  This is done by your Class Hall Upgrader. [...]

Rare Mobs in Val´sharah

6 Jul 2016

Listed the Rare Mobs in Val´sharah with name, coordinates and pointed them out on the map (click to enlarge). If you have found more than these rare mobs, please let me know and I´ll add them.   Rare Mob Coords 1.       Unguarded Thistleleaf Treasure 56:78 2.       Shivering Ashmaw Cub 53:88 3.       Bahagar 46:88 4.       Seersei 42:78 [...]

Once you hit max lvl 110 – End Game Guide in Legion

2 Jul 2016

This guide goes through some tips and ideas of what you can do once hitting max level in order to get a good starting gear. This is of course not in a specific order and it is not needed to do all of them, that’s the beauty with all the variations in Legion. For more [...]

Rare Mobs in Highmountain

1 Jul 2016

Listed the Rare Mobs in Highmountains with name, coordinates and pointed them out on the map (click to enlarge). If you have found more than these rare mobs, please let me know and I´ll add them.  Click to enlarge map. Rare Mob Coords 1.       Sekhan 46:55 2.       Flamescale 41:58 3.       Amature Hunters 43:48 4.       Bristlemaul 38:46 [...]

Teleport to all zones in Broken Isles as Mage

28 Jun 2016

As a mage in Legion, you can eventually choose to be able to teleport to different locations in the Broken Isles. When you reach level 105, talk to you Class Hall Upgrader, Chronicler Elrianne. Here you can choose between Teleportation Nexus and Blink for 500 Order Resources. For Class Order Hall guides click here. Teleportation [...]

Rare Mobs in Stormheim

27 Jun 2016

Listed the Rare Mobs in Stormheim with name, coordinates and pointed them out on the map (click to enlarge). If you have found more than these rare mobs, please let me know and I´ll add them.  Click to enlarge map. 1.       Mother Clacker 35:19 2.       Worgen Stalkers 44:23 3.       Worg Pack 39:39 4.       Tiptog the [...]

Legion Raid Finder: The Emerald Nightmare First Wing - Frost Mage

26 Jun 2016

The Emerald Nightmare is the first Raid in Legion. It consists of 7 bosses divided in 3 wings. Wing 1: Darkbough NythendraElerethe RenferalIl´gynoth, the Heart of Corruption Wing 2: Tormented Guardians UrsocDragons of NightmareCenarius Wing 3: Rift of Aln Xavius

Guide: Obliterum

23 Jun 2016

Obliterum is an item you can get at max level. It is used to increase the power level of your crafted armor (not Relics according to wowdev but it worked on beta and will probably be changed). So if you have crafted an armor with an ilvl of 815 and then apply Obliterum on that, [...]

The Nightfallen Reputation Guide

19 Jun 2016

Click here to check my Full Guide covering entire Suramar    How to gain reputation with the Nightfallen The first way to gain reputation is through questing in Suramar. The majority of quests, rewards reputation. You can only do quests in Suramar after hitting max level. See below regarding Suramar quest line and reputation vendor. [...]

Glyphs in Legion

18 Jun 2016

The main changes regarding glyphs in Legion are: Major Glyphs are removed Minor Glyphs are the only glyphs and are now only called Glyphs. Glyphs in Legion do not improve any spells or makes your character stronger in any way. Glyphs in Legion apply cool appearances on the spells you use. How do I use [...]

Legendary Items in Legion

17 Jun 2016

Legendary items in Legion are random world drops that have very powerful effects and can modify abilities. The item level on Legendary Items are 895 and requires level110 to equip it.  Legendary items are BoP. You can only equip one Legendary item at the start of Legion expansion but that will increase later on as [...]

Pre Expansion patch is now on PTR

15 Jun 2016

Legion will be live 30th of august and we are one step closer! The pre-patch is now out on the Public test Realm (PTR).   Head to Blizzards main homepage to check all new things coming out.

Best farming place for Shal´dorei Silk

9 Jun 2016

Click here if you want to head to all Profession Guides. Getting Shal´dorei Silk was not as easy as you thought it would be? Have no fear, Moudi´s Guide is here.  Farming for Shal´dorei Silk The best place to farm Shal´dorei Silk that I found so far is located in Snowblind Mesa in Highmountain (see map [...]

Gear Item levels in Legion

29 May 2016

This is during Beta version and things may change. Will be updated over time.    Quest reward ilvls in Broken Isles Quest rewards in Legion are based on your current level. Since the zones are scaled to your level, it doesn’t matter where you quest and level up, the gear will be scaled to your [...]

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