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Boss Tactics Guide: Orgozoa

7 Jul 2019

Background Orgozoa tends to Azshara´s hatchery, preparing for the day  her incubating horrors are unleashed upon Azeroth. Overview - Fast Tactics Two phases and boss abilities are very similar in both. Phase 1 you fight the boss and “minor adds” and after 3 casts of Drippling Ichor (loads of splashes on the platform) the boss [...]

Quest guide: Infestation of Madness WQ

2 Jul 2019

This WQ seems tricky, but it is just silly once you know. Step 1 – kill 10 Kil´karrok makuras. Step 2 – Dont runa round, up, left right like a headless chicken :DYou have a special extra action button that popped up on your screen, click it and you will be teleported all the way up.

Quest guide: Bounty: Elite Naga Forces

1 Jul 2019

Yea, first thing first, they are elite, get a group :D Second,Best place to find them are Gorgonian Overlook. The cave entrance is at 53.32. Where I am standing in the map.

Quest guide: Bounty: More Hydras

1 Jul 2019

You need to kill 25 of them and you will find them in Ashen Strand. Loads of them there. GL

Quest guide: Requisition: Spiral Leaf

1 Jul 2019

You need to collect 10 of these and there are loads of them in Zanjír Terrace and Chitterspine Cavern

Quest guide: Bounty: A Few Coral Ancients

30 Jun 2019

These bad boys are tree´s that are not hostile. They can me elite sntading still as a statue or smaller ones walking around. You will find most of them on the south of Nazjatar, between Ashen Strand and Zanjír Terrace.

Fastest way to farm reputation in Mechagon

29 Jun 2019

Don´t forget the 10% Darkmoon Faire rep buff when it is out. Just head there and ride the carusel until the buff reaches 60 min and done.  World questYou will only get 2 world quests in Mechagon.- One is from the prince which rewards 850 reputation.This one comes up at 09:00 in the morning and a new [...]

Fastest way to farm reputation in Nazjatar

29 Jun 2019

Don´t forget the 10% Darkmoon Faire rep buff when it is out. Just head there and ride the carusel until the buff reaches 60 min and done.  There are Dailies you can get in Nazjatar by Checking map for new Daily quests. When choosing one of the three allies, you will also get more rep. World Quests.New [...]

Quest guide: Requisition: A few Cone Shells

29 Jun 2019

You need to find 5 Impregnable Cone Shells. This is how they look. You can find a higher amount around the Drowned Market. Only prob is that hey disappear when someone else takes it. 

Quest guide: Bounty: More Snapdragons

29 Jun 2019

Here u go boyz n galz. You will find these bad boys in Nar´anan. Check map below.

Location Guide: Mardivas Laboratory

29 Jun 2019

This location is found from an early quest when in Nazjatar. Later on, this can also be a location you have to go back to but probably forgot where it was. Here it is boyz and galz.

Quest guide: Bounty: A few Makrura

28 Jun 2019

Here you go boyz n galz! You will find these creatures in Kal´methir Citadel.Further up you go, higher chance for nasty elites, beware. 

Quest guide: Requisition: More Starfish

28 Jun 2019

Since you are here, you noticed that it is hard to find these starfish. I found more than 8 in one location! Check map and GL.  

13 Mechagon Guides

26 Jun 2019

Guide: This is Mechagon Island Achievement Guide: Junkyard Machinist Achievement Guide: Junkyard Collector Achievement Guide: Outside Influences Achievement Guide: The Mechagonian Threat Rest in Pistons - Guide on all Rares in Mechagon Full Guide: Mechagon Blueprints Craft 395, 410 and 420 ilvl rings/trinkets GUIDE: How to get the Wheel mount – Mechacycle Model W Guide: [...]

Get 385-425 ilvl gear in Nazjatar - Benthic Armor

22 Jun 2019

In 8.2, there is a new token that you can get, similar to Baleful tokens in WoD and Relinquished tokens in Leigon. In BFA, the token is called Benthic. There are 9 pieces of Benthic Tokens that are Bind of Account which is a great way to gear up your alts as well. The starting ilvl [...]

Full Mechagon Guide

19 Jun 2019

Have no Fear, MOUDI is here Background Mechagon is a big island, full of robots. It was King Mechagon that had the idea that all organic life is fragile and weak. So he decided to put mechanical parts into organic creatures. Since he was obsessed, he wanted more and more parts to become mechanical and [...]

Patch 8.2 releases June 25!

18 Jun 2019

One of the biggest patch content in world of warcraft history comes out June 25 US, 26 EU, 27 Asia. Season 3 will release July 9th in US, 10th in EU and 11th in Asia. That is when the new M+ season starts and also when the new Raid releases.  8.2 Trailer Dev insight by [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Radiance of Azshara

17 Jun 2019

Background Using her handmaiden as a willing sacrifice, Azshara has forged into being an elemental of storm and magic. Powered by the soul of the devoted vassal, the resulting monstrosity is the avatar of Azshara´s radiance. Overview - Fast Tactics This fight has two phases and loops. In phase 1, you will only fight the [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Za´qul

16 Jun 2019

Abilities and Tactics Phase 1 – THE HARBINGER Mind Tether (TANKS) Main tank and closest player get a mind tether. 50% dmg done to either player is reflected to their partner. If the 2 players are separated more than 12 yards from each other, the reflected dmg is increased. Tactics: Mind Tether (TANKS) Both tanks [...]

Raid Boss Guides/Tactics: Blackwater Behemoth

12 Jun 2019

Background Summoned from depths unknown, the Blackwater Behemoth lurks in an abyss so dark that not even the naga dare to venture to into it. Only Azshara is capable of taming the beast, and she has trained it to faithfully guard her treasure. Overview - Fast Tacts You will have a buff that makes you [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: The Queen´s Court

9 Jun 2019

Background For then thousand years, the Queen´s Court has never failed to enforce the word of Azshara. Now, the queen´s most powerful servants stans ready to fulfill her final decree. Overview - Fast Tactics You will fight 2 bosses, a melee and a caster. They need to die at the same time. Queen Azshara will [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Lady Ashvane

1 Jun 2019

Background Priscilla Ashvane´s relentless pursuit of power has ultimately led her to the Eternal Palace and into a dark pact with Queen Azshara. But what Ashvane receives in return for her loyalty may be more than she bargained for. Overview - Fast Tactics This fight has 2 phases. In phase 1, you break the shield [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Abyssal Commander Sivara

26 May 2019

Background A master of both martial and magical arts, Abyssal Commander Sivara has ruthlessly led Azshara´s vanguard to countless victories. Overview - Fast Tactics Players get 2 different marks during this fight, either from boss, abilities or standing close to a player with opposite mark. The Frost Mark does dmg and reduces movement speed, and [...]

Raid Boss Guides/Tactics: The Eternal Palace

25 May 2019

When does The Eternal Palace unlock/release? July 9th US July 10th EU July 11th Asia Background Story Ten thousand years ago, as seas engulfed Zin-Azshari, Queen Azshara forged a dark bargain with N´Zoth that transformed hey loyal subjects into sinister naga. Through millennia of brutal conquest. Azshara has built a new empire from the ruins of [...]

Achievement Guide: Junkyard Machinist

23 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  To complete the Junkyard Collector, you must Complete 100 construction projects in Mechagon. This Guide covers what Construction Projects are.  When you know how it works, the fastest way to reach 100 construction projects is to run around and activate the Flame Turrets whenever you see them. Because [...]

Achievement Guide: Junkyard Collector

23 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  To complete the Junkyard Collector, you must Unlock 25 of the following Junkyard Tinkering blueprints in Mechagon.  Here is a guide on how to get the different Blueprints.  When it comes to Rare mobs, they are available during certain events. For example, the Spider Rare next to Rustbolt [...]

Achievement Guide: Outside Influences

21 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  Complete all quests from the visitors in Mechagon This achievement is part of the Meta achievement: Mecha-Done. There are 3 types of quests in Mechagon. Daily quests, which are light blue colored exclamation mark. Storyline quest, which are yellow colored exclamation mark. World quest, which is a [...]

Achievement Guide: The Mechagonian Threat

21 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  Complete the Mechagon Storyline. This achievement has 16 quests and starts with the first quest that takes you to Mechagon, “The Legend of Mechagon”. You will complete all but one very early in Mechagon. The last one “Operation: Mechagon – The Mechoriginator” is completed once you have [...]

Rest in Pistons - Guide on all Rares in Mechagon

20 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  “Complete the following special encounters in Mechagon” There are 36 different Rares in Mechagon. This achievement requires you till kill them all. When it comes to Rare mobs, they are available during certain events. For example, the Spider Rare next to Rustbolt is only available when the daily [...]

Guide: How to get to Mechagon as Alliance/Horde

19 May 2019

First: Unlock the Starting Quest Before you unlock the starting quest that takes you to Mechagon, you must complete the Achievement “The Heart Forge”. To complete that achievement, you must do the starting area in Nazjatar, until you open a portal to Dazar´alor/Boralus. When completed, you will see magni pop up in that area. Check [...]

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