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GUIDE: Allied races Unlock/Customization/Questline/Heritage Armor

1 Dec 2017

Number of character slot will be increased. More allied races will come. Customization of Allied Races Each allied race is being built from the ground up, having their own customization option. All allied races will have their own - Starting mounts - Racial abilities - Emotes - Voices - Special features, for example Lightforged Draenei [...]

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: Argus the Unmaker

26 Nov 2017

Positioning Phase 1 Tanks Tank boss on the center of the platform. Always phase boss away from raid Offtank behind boss Raid Stack up behind boss. Phase 2 Tanks Tank boss on upper left side of platform, turn boss away from raid. Raid Behind boss soft stacked. Diamond - Soulburst debuff 1 (right side) Moon [...]

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: Aggramar

21 Nov 2017

  Background Once the noble Avenger of the Pantheon, Aggramar was struck down by Sargeras and reborn as a titan of destruction. He now stands at the core of Argus, guarding a power that could unmake the universe. Not even demons are permitted to tread within the titan's halls, and any mortals bold enough to [...]

Big Razer Gear GIVEAWAY!

20 Nov 2017

There is a big giveaway from one of the best twitch streamers in the world, Towelliee. This giveaway will be a Razer Kiwo and and Razer Seiren X. There will be to two separate winners, one per item. How to enter the giveaway This link will take you to Towelliee's giveaway:  Razer Gear Razer Seiren [...]

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: The Coven of Shivarra

14 Nov 2017

Background Having proven themselves to be the most depraved and fanatical of all his followers, Sargeras entrusted the Coven with the unholy task of twisting the minds of the fallen titans into an unstoppable Dark Pantheon. Each sister employs her own signature brand of torture, eliciting screams which echo throughout the halls of Antorus. It [...]

Classic Servers announced - Let´s Talk about that

13 Nov 2017

Join for the Antorus Raid every Wednesday!

11 Nov 2017

Antorus the Burning Throne comes out end of November (28 US/29 EU). You can join me (Moudi) every Wednesday for clearing Antorus in normal mode every Wednesday and we will start at launch day.  Streaming This is a streaming viewer raid on you don´t get a spot (most unlikely), you should still come and hang [...]

Battle for Azeroth 8.0: Island Expeditions Guide

10 Nov 2017

General information This is a 3 player scenario This scenario is not available all the time. Certain Goblins for horde and gnomes for alliance will let you know when they have found an uncharted island in the Great Sea to explore, that is potential for Azerite. You will get maps that shows you were they [...]

Battle for Azeroth 8.0: Warforged/Titanforged/Legendary/WQs

10 Nov 2017

Warforged and Titanforged The system of warforging and titanforging is that items can drop at a higher quality. It will continue, but with more tweaking and tuning the numbers and the frequency of when those events will occur. The Azerite armor will be not become warforged nor titanforged.   Legendary items The legendary system will [...]

All that comes in Patch 7.3.5

6 Nov 2017

This page will be updated regularly once 7.3.5 is on PTR. There will be many changes in this patch, that are also a bridge between 7.0 and 8.0 expansion.   New Timewalking Raid: Ulduar The epic raid that took place during wrath of the Lich King expansion will be our 2nd Timewalking Raid.   New [...]

New expansion: Battle for Azeroth

5 Nov 2017

Cinematic Battle for Azeroth - Let´s talk about that   Battle for Azeroth – Will it be a Horde vs Alliance expansion?   Overview video   This expansion is focused hard on HORDE versus ALLIANCE!     Zones   There will be two new continents and these zones are divided in horde leveling zone (Zandalar) [...]

Antorus the Burning Throne raid release date out!

5 Nov 2017

Someone drank to much Kool-Aid on the blizzcon afterparty and released the date for Antorus Raid: November 28 US, 29 EU! Check out all the raid guides here Legion Boss Guide: Argus raid: Antorus, the Burning Throne    

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: Felhounds of Sargeras

31 Oct 2017

Background Infused with fire and shadow, F´harg and Shatug are the prized pets of Sargeras. Bred for carnage, these hounds delight in eviscerating their master´s enemies. With the Army of the Light and their allies advancing upon Antorus, the Legion prepares to unleash these vicious creatures onto the battlefield and put an end to the [...]

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: Garothi Worldbreaker

31 Oct 2017

Background Constructed deep within the core of Argus and outfitted with an arsenal of decimating worlds, this war machine has been designed for a single purpose: to bring the mortals´ invasion to its knees.   Overview This fight has one phase in which you will fight a big boss that is standing on the outside [...]

“Opening” Blizzcon Goody bag with my daughter, HYPE INC!

30 Oct 2017

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket giveaway winner!

29 Oct 2017

  This giveaway was for Patreon members. If you want to support me doing my website and also get special guides, raid boss tactics and giveaways, pease do so at

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: Varimathras

24 Oct 2017

Background As one the dreadlords overseeing the Legion's forces during the Third War, Varimathras failed to stop the rebellious Lich King. He submitted to an ill-fated alliance with Sylvanas Windrunner, then made one last bid for power before facing a humiliating defeat. In payment for his blunders, Varimathras has been tortured by the Coven of [...]

Argus Anotrus Raid Boss Tactics: Portal Keeper Hasabel

16 Oct 2017

Overview You will fight boss on the main platform. There are 3 portals around the platform that the boss opens, one at a time 90% boss health à the fiery portal opens. 60% health à fel portal opens 30% health à shadow portal opens Players must jump in to the portal and get ported to [...]

Video: Heroic Argus the unmaker - Resto Shaman PoV - PTR

14 Oct 2017

Really cool fight, Im very sad we couldnt get any further tho  

Argus Raid Boss Tactics: Antoran High Command

9 Oct 2017

Background Long ago in the golden age of eredar civilization, a council was formed to oversee the defense of Argus and maintain peace. But after their dark bargain was struck with Sargeras, these master tacticians used their military expertise to help orchestrate a Burning Crusade that ravaged countless worlds. Now the full might of the [...]

Argus Raid Boss Tactics: Imonar the Soulhunter

2 Oct 2017

Background The infamous Imonar serves as the Legion´s bloodhound, capable of tracking prey across the cosmos. With a vast array of gadgets and traps at his disposal. Imonar has yet to lose a bounty… and he certainly doesn’t intend to sully his perfect record by failing to fulfil his latest contract.   Overview This encounter [...]

Argus Raid video: Eonar the Lifebinder

30 Sep 2017

Heroic Eonar the Lifebinder - Prot Paladin PoV - PTR  

Argus Raid video: Imonar the Soulhunter

30 Sep 2017

Imonar the Soulhunter Normal Frost Mage PoV PTR  

Argus Raid video: Agrammar

30 Sep 2017

Aggramar Heroic - Prot Paladin PoV - PTR  

Argus Raid video: Coven of Shivarra

30 Sep 2017

Coven of Shivarra Heroic Prot Paladin PTR  

Argus Raid Boss Tactics: Kin´garoth

25 Sep 2017

Background The design of every Legion war machine stems from the depraved mind of Kin´garoth. Obsessed with crafting implements of death. Kin´garoth infused his very body into the production machinery so he could more efficiently churn out a never-ending supply of destruction. At the behest of the Legion´s dark master, Kin´garoth fevered brilliance has developed [...]

Patch 7.3.2: New vendor to buy Argus materials

21 Sep 2017

You can buy Argus materials with Primal Sargerite from Maras located on bottom floor in the Vindicaar next to profession quest givers. Material Cost (Primal Sargerite) 10 Astral Glory 1 10 Empyrium 1 10 Friendish Leather 1 10 Lightweave Cloth 1 1 Labradorite 10 1 Florid Malachite 10 1 Chemirine 10 1 Argulite 10 1 [...]

Argus Raid Boss Tactics: Essence of Eonar

16 Sep 2017

Background Though she was felled by the blade of Sargeras, the Life-Binder´s essence escaped the grasp of the Dark Titan. After millennia spent hiding in Isolation, Eonar´s sanctuary has been discovered by the Legion. Should her soul fall into the enemy´s hands, Eonar´s powers of nature and growth will be prevented to make the Burning [...]

Patch 7.3 hotfix – many classes dmg buffed!

12 Sep 2017

In the third week of Patch 7.3 we are getting a big hotfix affecting the dmg of several classes and Tomb of Sargeras boss nerfs.   Argus Soultender Videx is no longer required for the Commander of Argus achievement. [With restarts in each region] Argus Waystones no longer drop from bosses in Invasion Points. Any Argus [...]

Quest Guide - Best place to farm Dendrite Clusters (transmog quest: The Power to Reforge)

29 Aug 2017

This is an exclusive guide for Patreon members. To continue reading this guide, you need to become a patreon member.  If you like my content in general and wish to support, please visit  It would mean a lot and you will also receive back some extra content earlier than others :)

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