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Step by Step Guide – 15-year Anniversary WoW Event

5 Nov 2019

You log on WoW during this event (between Nov 6, 2019 - Jan 8, 2020) You get following items in your mail* Lil' Nefarian pet* Celebration Package (Experience and Reputation gains by 15% during the event).* Fireworks* Quest Item – “Invitation from the Timewalkers”This item sends you to Chromie in Caverns of Time.This enables you [...]

Guides - The Zones and Covenants (Shadowlands)

3 Nov 2019

Why are we in Shadowlands? When dead, a soul travels to the shadowlands and will be checked on how they have been in life. Based on that, the soul will be placed to one of the 5 zones. Each soul has an Anima, that “feeds” the zone it is in. Anima is a force, the [...]

The leveling system in 9.0 Shadowlands

3 Nov 2019

The character levels will change totally in 9.0. The max level will be 60. Shadowlands will be between 50 to 60. For existing players an Alts The leveling system when shadowlands 9.0 comes out will be following: All classes will have there starting area between level 1 to 10 There will be a new starting [...]

Shadowlands - Guide

2 Nov 2019

Unlike previous expansions, to fully understand what’s happening in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you must first learn the rules of the place players will be venturing into. There is more involved than a mere journey to a distant continent—Azeroth’s greatest heroes are going to the land of death itself. It’s the spirit healers who decide when [...]

New Expansion - Shadowlands

1 Nov 2019


Full Guide - Corruption Gear

31 Oct 2019

What is Corruption Gear Corruption Gear is a new gear system that comes out in patch 8.3. Some gear have a chance to become corrupted. All gear that comes out in patch 8.3 will not be able to become Titanforged and Warforged. All gear before 8.3 will still be the same, with a cap of [...]

Full Guide - Essences in 8.3

20 Oct 2019

In patch 8.3 you can level your Heart of Azeroth necklace to lvl 80 and there are more essences added into the game. You will also have another extra slot in your Heart of Azeroth that fits a Minor Essence. You will unlock this at level 75 on your Heart of Azeroth. There are 7 [...]

Black Warden Rhothkozz Location (Assault)

20 Oct 2019

This NPC is part of the Assault in Uldum. He is located on the top platform on the mountain in Uldum. See map and image. This Assault rewards you with a Cache of the Black Empire that contains  50 Coalesing Visions - Used for creating a Vessel of Horrific Visions that Wrathion can use to [...]

Full Guide - Patch 8.3

7 Oct 2019

When is 8.3 released At the moment, this patch is under testing in PTR.          Assaults A zone will be overcome by Nzoth enemies in parts of the world that we must defeat, like invasion was in Legion. These Assaults will be around the Titan Forges around the world, such as Uldum [...]

Patch 8.3 - Visions of N'Zoth

7 Oct 2019

Blizzard has just released a video detailing Patch 8.3 - Visions of N'Zoth  

How to unlock Magni Questline 8.2.5

1 Oct 2019

First, the questline must be available in live WoW, all info you see now has to do with PTR. Second, you must have done a lot of the War Campaign questline. All the way to Nazjatar and getting the quest Circle of Stars, which requires you to defeat Za’qul and Azshara. Third, one completed, wait [...]

GUIDE: Patch 8.2.5

21 Sep 2019

Patch 8.2.5 goes live 24th (US) and 25th (EU) of September This comes out in patch 8.2.5 New character models for the worgen and goblins. Party Sync Recruit a Friend Returns Final Conclusion of the War Campaign New Questline with Magni New content (mainly for Alliance) with a Bumble Bee Mount "New" Raid - Wow 15th [...]

Guide: Stormsong Valley and the Bee Hive

18 Sep 2019

In the next couple of weeks (which seems to mean that we get 8.2.5 at that time) there is a new Hive in the mountains of Stormsong Valley.  The Bumble Bee Mount For Alliance players, there will be an NPC (Barry the Beekeeper) with quests to gain reputation that unlocks the Bumble Bee Mount, for a [...]

How to get the Bee Mount

18 Sep 2019

First thing first, yes, the mount is only for Alliance.  "Blizzard Official Page" SWARM STORMSONG VALLEY In the next few weeks, savvy insect enthusiasts will be able to uncover the secrets of a new hive in the mountains of Stormsong Valley. Perhaps a small companion will be able to show you the way . . [...]

Best way to farm Artifact Power in 8.2

4 Aug 2019

Emissaries The one that rewards artifact power gives 3000 + 600 Artifact Power 600 Artifact Power for the ones that rewards other stuff. World Quests The ones that gives high artifact power. Get world quest list addon to check it easier. Warfront World Quests The ones that gives artifact power. Contributions for the Warfront There [...]

Quest Guide - Other interests Dense rock

26 Jul 2019

In order to do this quest you must have unlocked the Murlock (Mrrl) in Nazjatar. How to unlock Mrrl vendor To get access to his vendor you must complete the quest A safer Place. This quest is to escort him to your base. You find the quest at 48.43. How to get 5 Dense Rocks [...]

Get ally experience or other cool stuff EASY - Mrrl

25 Jul 2019

One way to get experience for your ally in Nazjatar or it can also be Prismatic Manapearls or some other cool stuff is to buy the daily item from the Murloc Mrrl. To get access to his vendor you must complete the quest A safer Place. This quest is to escort him to your base. [...]

FAST Tactics on Azshara

16 Jul 2019

The titan panels (circles on the platform) There are 3 titan panels on the sides of the platform that must not reach 0% energy, and 1 in the middle (Ward of Power) that must not reach high energy.  Have all 4 circles around 50% energy, because the middle one swaps with an outer one later [...]

Guide: How to spawn The Doppel Gang

13 Jul 2019

You need to have 3 Pressure Relief Vaults in total, either 3 from one player or 1 each on 3 players. You get this item by completing a daily quest called Cogfrenzy's Construction Frenzy. This daily is not there every day so heads up for it. Once you get the 3 Pressure Relief Vaults, head [...]

Snapdragon mount

12 Jul 2019

If you level up an allie to rank 20, you will be rewarded with a Snapdragon mount.  Thank you Bentzer for the info <3 I´m leveling all my allies, so the highest one is at 10 atm. 

Guide: How to spawn Fungarian Furor Rare

12 Jul 2019

Step 1You need to wait until the NPC in Rustbolt spawns that gives you the Quest “Aid from Nordrassil”. Step 2Once you got the quest, you head to The Fleeting Forest. Step 3Look for the small mushrooms and click. Eventually the rare will spawn. GL.

Boss Tactics Guide: Queen Azshara

10 Jul 2019

The titan panels There are 3 titan panels on the sides of the platform and 1 in the middle. The 3 outer are active in phase 1 and the middle and all 3 outer are active from phase 2. The energy panels have an energy circle with dots around the circle. The energy on the [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Orgozoa

7 Jul 2019

Background Orgozoa tends to Azshara´s hatchery, preparing for the day  her incubating horrors are unleashed upon Azeroth. Overview - Fast Tactics Two phases and boss abilities are very similar in both. Phase 1 you fight the boss and “minor adds” and after 3 casts of Drippling Ichor (loads of splashes on the platform) the boss [...]

Quest guide: Infestation of Madness WQ

2 Jul 2019

This WQ seems tricky, but it is just silly once you know. Step 1 – kill 10 Kil´karrok makuras. Step 2 – Dont runa round, up, left right like a headless chicken :DYou have a special extra action button that popped up on your screen, click it and you will be teleported all the way up.

Quest guide: Bounty: Elite Naga Forces

1 Jul 2019

Yea, first thing first, they are elite, get a group :D Second,Best place to find them are Gorgonian Overlook. The cave entrance is at 53.32. Where I am standing in the map.

Quest guide: Bounty: More Hydras

1 Jul 2019

You need to kill 25 of them and you will find them in Ashen Strand. Loads of them there. GL

Quest guide: Requisition: Spiral Leaf

1 Jul 2019

You need to collect 10 of these and there are loads of them in Zanjír Terrace and Chitterspine Cavern

Quest guide: Bounty: A Few Coral Ancients

30 Jun 2019

These bad boys are tree´s that are not hostile. They can me elite sntading still as a statue or smaller ones walking around. You will find most of them on the south of Nazjatar, between Ashen Strand and Zanjír Terrace.

Fastest way to farm reputation in Mechagon

29 Jun 2019

Don´t forget the 10% Darkmoon Faire rep buff when it is out. Just head there and ride the carusel until the buff reaches 60 min and done.  World questYou will only get 2 world quests in Mechagon.- One is from the prince which rewards 850 reputation.This one comes up at 09:00 in the morning and a new [...]

Fastest way to farm reputation in Nazjatar

29 Jun 2019

Don´t forget the 10% Darkmoon Faire rep buff when it is out. Just head there and ride the carusel until the buff reaches 60 min and done.  There are Dailies you can get in Nazjatar by Checking map for new Daily quests. When choosing one of the three allies, you will also get more rep. World Quests.New [...]

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