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Get 385-425 ilvl gear in Nazjatar - Benthic Armor

22 Jun 2019

In 8.2, there is a new token that you can get, similar to Baleful tokens in WoD and Relinquished tokens in Leigon. In BFA, the token is called Benthic. There are 9 pieces of Benthic Tokens that are Bind of Account which is a great way to gear up your alts as well. The starting ilvl [...]

Full Mechagon Guide

19 Jun 2019

Have no Fear, MOUDI is here Background Mechagon is a big island, full of robots. It was King Mechagon that had the idea that all organic life is fragile and weak. So he decided to put mechanical parts into organic creatures. Since he was obsessed, he wanted more and more parts to become mechanical and [...]

Patch 8.2 releases June 25!

18 Jun 2019

One of the biggest patch content in world of warcraft history comes out June 25 US, 26 EU, 27 Asia. Season 3 will release July 9th in US, 10th in EU and 11th in Asia. That is when the new M+ season starts and also when the new Raid releases.  8.2 Trailer Dev insight by [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Radiance of Azshara

17 Jun 2019

Background Using her handmaiden as a willing sacrifice, Azshara has forged into being an elemental of storm and magic. Powered by the soul of the devoted vassal, the resulting monstrosity is the avatar of Azshara´s radiance. Overview - Fast Tactics This fight has two phases and loops. In phase 1, you will only fight the [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Za´qul

16 Jun 2019

Abilities and Tactics Phase 1 – THE HARBINGER Mind Tether (TANKS) Main tank and closest player get a mind tether. 50% dmg done to either player is reflected to their partner. If the 2 players are separated more than 12 yards from each other, the reflected dmg is increased. Tactics: Mind Tether (TANKS) Both tanks [...]

Raid Boss Guides/Tactics: Blackwater Behemoth

12 Jun 2019

Background Summoned from depths unknown, the Blackwater Behemoth lurks in an abyss so dark that not even the naga dare to venture to into it. Only Azshara is capable of taming the beast, and she has trained it to faithfully guard her treasure. Overview - Fast Tacts You will have a buff that makes you [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: The Queen´s Court

9 Jun 2019

Background For then thousand years, the Queen´s Court has never failed to enforce the word of Azshara. Now, the queen´s most powerful servants stans ready to fulfill her final decree. Overview - Fast Tactics You will fight 2 bosses, a melee and a caster. They need to die at the same time. Queen Azshara will [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Lady Ashvane

1 Jun 2019

Background Priscilla Ashvane´s relentless pursuit of power has ultimately led her to the Eternal Palace and into a dark pact with Queen Azshara. But what Ashvane receives in return for her loyalty may be more than she bargained for. Overview - Fast Tactics This fight has 2 phases. In phase 1, you break the shield [...]

Boss Tactics Guide: Abyssal Commander Sivara

26 May 2019

Background A master of both martial and magical arts, Abyssal Commander Sivara has ruthlessly led Azshara´s vanguard to countless victories. Overview - Fast Tactics Players get 2 different marks during this fight, either from boss, abilities or standing close to a player with opposite mark. The Frost Mark does dmg and reduces movement speed, and [...]

Raid Boss Guides/Tactics: The Eternal Palace

25 May 2019

When does The Eternal Palace unlock/release? July 9th US July 10th EU July 11th Asia Background Story Ten thousand years ago, as seas engulfed Zin-Azshari, Queen Azshara forged a dark bargain with N´Zoth that transformed hey loyal subjects into sinister naga. Through millennia of brutal conquest. Azshara has built a new empire from the ruins of [...]

Achievement Guide: Junkyard Machinist

23 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  To complete the Junkyard Collector, you must Complete 100 construction projects in Mechagon. This Guide covers what Construction Projects are.  When you know how it works, the fastest way to reach 100 construction projects is to run around and activate the Flame Turrets whenever you see them. Because [...]

Achievement Guide: Junkyard Collector

23 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  To complete the Junkyard Collector, you must Unlock 25 of the following Junkyard Tinkering blueprints in Mechagon.  Here is a guide on how to get the different Blueprints.  When it comes to Rare mobs, they are available during certain events. For example, the Spider Rare next to Rustbolt [...]

Achievement Guide: Outside Influences

21 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  Complete all quests from the visitors in Mechagon This achievement is part of the Meta achievement: Mecha-Done. There are 3 types of quests in Mechagon. Daily quests, which are light blue colored exclamation mark. Storyline quest, which are yellow colored exclamation mark. World quest, which is a [...]

Achievement Guide: The Mechagonian Threat

21 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  Complete the Mechagon Storyline. This achievement has 16 quests and starts with the first quest that takes you to Mechagon, “The Legend of Mechagon”. You will complete all but one very early in Mechagon. The last one “Operation: Mechagon – The Mechoriginator” is completed once you have [...]

Rest in Pistons - Guide on all Rares in Mechagon

20 May 2019

This achievement is part of the Meta achievement "Mecha-Done".  “Complete the following special encounters in Mechagon” There are 36 different Rares in Mechagon. This achievement requires you till kill them all. When it comes to Rare mobs, they are available during certain events. For example, the Spider Rare next to Rustbolt is only available when the daily [...]

Guide: How to get to Mechagon as Alliance/Horde

19 May 2019

First: Unlock the Starting Quest Before you unlock the starting quest that takes you to Mechagon, you must complete the Achievement “The Heart Forge”. To complete that achievement, you must do the starting area in Nazjatar, until you open a portal to Dazar´alor/Boralus. When completed, you will see magni pop up in that area. Check [...]

Full Guide: Mechagon Blueprints

18 May 2019

What is blueprint These are drawing plans which are found in Mechagon and enables you to make loads of different mechanical cool stuff such as Mechanical Cat Mount 395, 410, 420 ilvl Trinkets and rings Punchcards Explosive weapons Transmog Device Robots gramophone and much more How does it work There is a robot in Rustbolt [...]

New Cinematic out, with THRALL

15 May 2019

Craft 395, 410 and 420 ilvl rings/trinkets

14 May 2019

In patch 8.2 you will have access to a robot in Mechagon that will craft loads of things for you, as long as you have the Blueprints for it. This Robot is called Pascal and it is located in Rustbolt. There are three different Blueprints for crafting rings and trinkets. You can´t choose which one [...]

GUIDE: How to get the Wheel mount – Mechacycle Model W

14 May 2019

This mount is a reward once you complete the Meta achievement “Mecha-Done". This Meta Achievement requires following Achievements The Mechagonian ThreatComplete the Mechagon Storyline Outside InfluencesComplete all quests from the visitors in Mechagon Junkyard ScavengerCraft 50 Junkyard Tinkering items in Mechagon Available in Eight ColorsCollect all the paint colors for the X-995 Mechanocat Rest in [...]

Craft 410 ilvl trinket from Pascal – Mechagon patch 8.2

11 May 2019

I crafted an “Experimental Adventurer Augment” today after gathering all the materials needed 4 Galvanic Oscillator 3 Energy Cells 1 S.P.A.R.E Crate This will craft a 395+ Ring or Trinket and I got a Titanforged 410 ilvl Trinket.


9 May 2019

What are Construction Projects Construction projects are broken machines in Mechagon Island. There are 5 different types of machines that can be fixed and two of them are available per time they are up. Different construction projects are available every day. When you run across a piece of broken machinery, you and others can team [...]

Guide: This is Mechagon Island

7 May 2019

Check out the cool comic about explorer Kervo setting off to find Mechagon.  An island that cannot be compared with Timeless isle. An island that cannot be compared with Isle of Thunder. An island that cannot be compared with The Broken Shore. An island that cannot be compared with Argus. An island that cannot be [...]

Guide: Get 10 Energy Cells from ONE chest

6 May 2019

There is a cave in Mechagon that is behind a waterfall. This cave is located west of Bondo´s Yard. At the entrance of the cave is a gnome and 2 friendly robots. The gnome will put a “fight club Treasure Chest” in the cave every 30 min. Players inside the cave can attack each other [...]

Full Guide Punchcards (8.2)

5 May 2019

What are punchcards These are similar to Jewelcrafting Gems. It gives you an extra benefit on a specific trinket.You can basically custom make a specific punchcard trinket by using punchcards on the empty slots on that trinket. And the cards have different cool stuff. There are 3 different types of punchcards. Yellow This gives secondary [...]

Guide: Get a Remote Black Market Radio

5 May 2019

In Mechagon, there are loads of different Daily quests, instead of world quests. All these daily quests are not there all the time. Instead, they pop up on the Mechagon island from time to time. One of them is called Other interest. This quest comes when a Madam Goya Operative NPC shows up in the [...]

Gear item level (ilvl) in Patch 8.2

23 Apr 2019

This information is based on PTR and based on the increase of ilvl gear each patch during BFA  Dungeons (370-400) Normal 370 Heroic 385 Mythic 400   Mechagon Dungeon Armor, weapons and trinkets 415 Shoulder and chest Azerite Armor 415 Head Azerite Armor 430 Mythic plus (405-440) Keystone End of Dungeon loot Weekly Cache Reward [...]

Ilvl Increase on Rewards this weekly update

23 Apr 2019

This weekly update will unlock the Raid Finder and Mythic mode for Crucible of Storms. I will also have some cool upgrades on item level (ilvl) rewards. World Quest Before: 360 This update: 370 Emissary equipment Before: 385 This update: 395 Emissary Azerite Armor Before:385 This update: 400 Against Overwhelming Odds(Quest: Slay 25 Level 120+ [...]

Heart of Azeroth Necklace - Full GUIDE (Patch 8.2 )

21 Apr 2019

How do I activate the Heart of Azeroth Necklace? The location to start your necklace becoming a talent tree is in the Chamber of Heart. Chamber of Heart is the place in Silithus, next to Magni Embassy quartermaster. Use the Silithus portal to get there the fastest way. You should get a quest called “Return [...]

GUIDE: New items, Mount Equipment

18 Apr 2019

In patch 8.2 you will have new cool Mount equipment for your mounts. How to put on/add a mount equipment Open up your Collection slot (mount/pets/toys etc). Open up your mount tab in there. Furthest to your left bottom side, you will se a square in which you drag the mount equipment to it. Once [...]

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