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Guide: Kill Elite Rare spawns solo and extremely fast in Argus

27 Aug 2017

This guide was for patreon members and now it is released to everyone! If you want to support me, please become a patron on   

Stream tomorrow – GAME TIME GIVE AWAY

25 Aug 2017

Tomorrow is Saturday and that means stream time! I will start streaming at 13:00 CEST. This week is game time give away as well! Tune in at  

How Primal Obliterum ACTUALLY works (VIDEO)

24 Aug 2017

Best way to Farm Veiled Argunites for getting 910+ gear in Argus

23 Aug 2017

To continue reading this guide, you need to become a patreon member.  If you like my content in general and wish to support, please visit  It would mean a lot and you will also receive back some extra content earlier than others :)

Warcraft Survival Guide 7.3

23 Aug 2017

Trial of Style fast Guide

17 Aug 2017

This event starts 17th of August. You participate by talking to any transmog NPC (there is one in Dalaran as well inside the Enchanting house). This is a 5 man scenario. You will have two minutes to create transmog sets from within their collection based on themes within the scenario. Two players at a time [...]

How to grind reputation with Army of the Light and Argussian Reach

16 Aug 2017

  The Argus Storyline gives reputation Completing world quests in Argus give reputation (75 rep in general per quest) The Class Hall Missions have insignia rewards that gives reputation.The insignia gives 250 rep, and the Bonus is tied to the specific reputation faction and gives 750 rep (differs from Broken Shore Bonus, that gives a [...]

Order Resources to earn rep with Argussian Reach!!

16 Aug 2017

In patch 7.3 there is a new Reputation Faction called Argussian Reach. This reputation faction has a vendor that sells really cool and good things. Check my guide link below for Argussian Reach vendor. There is a really good way to earn reputation with this faction but you need to unlock it. There is a [...]

Order Resources to earn rep with Army of the Light!

16 Aug 2017

In patch 7.3 there is a new Reputation Faction called Army of the Light. This reputation faction has a vendor that sells really cool and good things. Check my guide link below for Army of the Light vendor. There is a really good way to earn reputation with this faction but you need to unlock [...]

The Vindicar Abilities

16 Aug 2017

The Vindicar spaceship can be upgraded and help you in Argus. By doing the main storyline in Argus, you will upgrade powerful weapons in your spaceship. You can select one of them per time.  There are 3 upgrades that you get from the main Storyline.  Light´s Judgement Trigger Selecting this permits you to target and fire [...]

The Stream from last week

16 Aug 2017

If you missed the stream from last week or want to watch it again. Here it is. Stream starts at 40:37   Titta på livevideo från WorldofMoudi på

When stuff will unlock in Patch 7.3

15 Aug 2017

Not everything will be available when patch 7.3 comes out. The patch opens different things over a period of 3 weeks: First week (week 1) The first two story chapters (Krokuun and Mac`Aree zones) Completing different quests during this storyline unlocks World quests on parts of the zones.   Second Week (week 2) Third zone: [...]

Guide: How to REALLY Prepare for 7.3

13 Aug 2017

    Artifact Power   The Artifact Power will be insanely high in the next patch because it will go up 1 Artifact Knowledge level per week, up to level 50. And the day patch 7.3 comes out, you will have Artifact Knowledge level 41. This is how you will prepare regarding Artifact Power: Elite [...]

Model of last boss in 7.3 raid Antorus, the Burning Throne

2 Aug 2017

The model of the last boss in the new raid came out yesterday in PTR. Argus the Unmaker.

7.3: How to earn/grind Veiled Argunites

2 Aug 2017

You get Veiled Argunites from: Quests (the storyline and side quests) Treasure chests in Argus (8-10) World quests (45) Rare Elite mobs (rare spawns) (20) Order Hall missions (20+) Armyof the light "Emissary" and Argussian Reach "Emissary" (125) A new shoulder enchant called Boon of the Steadfast. This enchant allows the wearer to obtain Argunite Clusters [...]

7.3 Guide: How to get the Ancient Legion War Supplies chest in Mac´Aree

1 Aug 2017

There are loads Treasure Chests in Argus but there is also something called Ancient Legion War Supplies that you will find on certain places only. One is located in Mac´Aree (see map). This chest under the ground and to get there, you need to jump down in the hole where the waterfall goes in a [...]

Streaming premiere August 5th!

1 Aug 2017

Everything is now sorted. My youngest boy is now 7 months and the toughest period has now passed. I have planned with my wonderful wife that streaming will take place every Saturday 13:00-18:00 CEST starting august 5th. I am really excited about this and I hope to see as many of you as possible because [...]

No more relinquished gear in Broken Shore patch 7.3

30 Jul 2017

The vendor that sells relinquished gear is removed from Broken Shore  in the PTR of patch 7.3. This vendor used to sell relinquished gear with 880+ ilvl for 5000 Nethershards per piece. Now, he has moved to the Vidicaar ship instead and sells sells you 910+ gear. Got a guide for that here. 7.2 7.3 [...]

Patch 7.3 - Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge

30 Jul 2017

Artifact Knowledge level 50 In patch 7.3, you will get a lot more of Artifact power because the Artifact Knowledge level will increase and have the level cap at 50 (level 40 is the cap in 7.2.5).  No more Research You will not do any more research at your class hall anymore. Instead, the artifact [...]

Patch 7.3: Guide for the new Reputation Factions

26 Jul 2017

In patch 7.3, there are two new factions. Army of the Light Vendor: Vindicator Jaelaana Location: In the Vindicaar ship top floor. The vendor sells Army of the Light Tabard Requires Exalted rep. Mount: Lightforged Warframe Requires exalted Costs: 500 000 gold 900 ilvl BackRequires Honored Shoulder Enchant: Boon of the LightbearerObtain Light´s Fortune from corpses [...]

7.3 Guide and walkthrough: Champions, troops, equipment

25 Jul 2017

  In patch 7.3, you will be able to have new troops from Argus for your class hall missions. All classes can have these troops. There are 3 new items that upgrade you champions ilvl. One that upgrades your champions to 900 ilvl directly. One that upgrades your champions to 925 ilvl directly. One that [...]

Big Hotfix this week

25 Jul 2017

This will go live with maintenance in each region. Classes Death Knight Frost Fixed a bug preventing Hungering Rune Weapon from generating a Rune at the correct rate of once every 1.5 seconds. All damage abilities increased by 5%. Demon Hunter Vengeance Demon Spikes physical damage reduction increased to 12% (was 10%). Fracture damage decreased [...]

Patch 7.3 - Profession Guide

24 Jul 2017

This page is updated regularly as soon as it is available to try out In 7.3, some professions will have new things to craft which will be available after a very short questline. All the crafting profession quest givers are located in the bottom floor of the Vindicaar. It is not required that you have [...]

Dungeon Entrance: Seat of the Triumvirate

24 Jul 2017

Entrace changed later in the PTR The entrance is now in Mac´Aree, see Map.     Earlier in the PTR The entrance to this new dungeon in patch 7.3 is not near the actual place. You enter the dungeon by teleporting there. The portal is located in the Vindicaar spaceship on the bottom floor (close [...]

Patch 7.3: Guide, Transmog gear Questline

24 Jul 2017

    In 7.3, you can get a new transmog set through a questline. This is tied to the new dungeon Seat of the Triumvirate through various quests. Starting quest The starting quest is an item that drops from bosses in the new dungeon Seat of Triumvirate. Maybe from mobs as well, but not confirmed.  [...]

Patch 7.3 spoiler stuff (BEWARE)

22 Jul 2017

I will list some cool stuff here that are spoilers so do not scroll down if you don´t want spoilers. I just started this post. It will be updated actively. When I´m done posting stuff here, I’ll make it more in a timeline (now I´m just putting stuff in randomly), Scroll down further (spoilers beware) [...]

Patch 7.3: The Vindicaar – map with all points of interest

22 Jul 2017

I made this guide to make it easy for you to find all the things inside the Vindicaar since it is easy to miss a lot of stuff here. The Vindicaar is composed of 2 floors (2 areas). Area 1 This is the main floor. Navigation Console You use this to teleport to the different [...]

What is Primal Sargerite and How to farm Primal Sargerite

22 Jul 2017

What is Primal Sargerite used for This item is very similar to Blood of Sargeras. It is used as a crafting material for all new stuff in patch 7.3. It is also used for making Primal Obliterum, which is needed after your have upgraded your gear to 900 ilvl with Obliterum only (1 Obliterum + [...]

The Entrance of the new raid Antorus, The Burning Throne

22 Jul 2017

The new raid in 7.3, called ”Antorus, the Burning Throne” seems to be located in the 3rd zone of Argus, Antoran Wastes. After exploring this zone, it turns out the the entire west side is closed and secured with a Big wall and mountains. It also seems that we will not face this raid through [...]

Cathedral and upper/lower kara got super nerfed

21 Jul 2017

It was a hotfix yesterday regarding mostly the 3 dungeons Cathedral of Eternal Night and upper/lower Karazhan.  If you want to see the entire hotfix list, check it here on WoW´s original homepage. Cathedral of Eternal Night Shadow Swipe damage dealt reduced by 50%. Thrashbite the Scornful Throw Arcane Tome, Throw Silence Tome, and Throw Frost [...]

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