Voljins Headhunters Rep Guide

Warchief Vol'jin is assembling an elite team of champions to establish a foothold in Tanaan Jungle and to overthrow Gul'dan. You are one of those champions, but you have to prove yourself once more to be able to buy the extra goodies from them.

Where is the Volj´in´s Headhunters quartermaster vendor?

After you have entered Tanaan Jungle by doing the pre quests with the Garison Harbor building and took the ship to Tanaan, you will do 2-3 small quests that goes fast that leads to building a base in Tanaan.

  • Horde base is called Vol´mar Hold
  • Inside the biggest hut, on the otherwise of the room (Shadow Hunter Denjai)

How to gain reputation with Vol´jin´s Headhunters

By doing daily quests from Vol´mar Hold and around Tanaan Jungle.


Vol´jins Headhunters Tabard This is removed on latest build 20150603
Empowered Augment Rune – A 60 min attribute buff based on current spec
Diretusk Felboar - mount

Frostwolf Grunt´s Battlegear – Toy (Frostwolf soldier look)
Blueprint: Oil Rig?
Equipment Blueprint: Unsinkable – Saves a ship from getting destroyed when losing a mission

Treasure Map Tanaan Jungle – Add treasures in Tanaan jungle
Dowser Goodwell – Follower
Ship Blueprint – Battleship added to your shipyard
Equipment Tuskarr Fishing Net: Supplies fish when on shipyard mission

Vol'jin's Headhunters Battle Standard: increases the reputation gain from killing monsters with 20% for 30 sec.

Order of Awakened

The Saberstalkers

Hand of the Prophet (Alliance faction)