Order Of Awakened Rep Guide

These are Arrakoas that must have Apexis Crystals because they think it will help them rebuild their civilization. So they offer the players various items to trade for Apexis Crystals.

Where are the Order of Awakened quartermaster vendor?

There is one for each faction.
After you have entered Tanaan Jungle by doing the pre quests with the Garison Harbor building and took the ship to Tanaan, you will do 2-3 small quests that goes fast that leads to building a base in Tanaan.

  • Horde base is called Vol´mar Hold

  • Alliance base is called Lion´s Watch

How to gain reputation with Order of Awakened?

Do the quests and dailies for Arrakoas in horde/alliance base. You will find more in Ruins of Kra´nak

Blazing Firehawk: New battle Pet
Ship: The Awakener: Builds an Arakkoa crewed destroyer (counters both submarines and battleships)
Order of the Awakened Tabard

Rukhmar's Sacred Memory: (toy) Transform into a Rukhmar Adherent
Master Hunter´s Seeking Crystal: Seek out rares anyware in Tanaan Jungle and teleporting you there 

Solar Priest Vayx: Hire follower with the special  Apexis Attenuation ability.
Hunter´s Seeking Crystal: Seeks out rares within 500 yards in Tanaan Jungle

Order of the Awakened Battle Standard: decreases magic damage taken by 15% for 30 sec

Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing: Flying mount


The Saberstalkers

Volj´in´s Headhunters (Horde faction)

Hand of the Prophet (Alliance faction)