Step by Step Guide Patch 6.2.2 WoW

  • While flying enter the Dungeon Finder and que up for Timewalking Dungeons. In this patch update, you earn badges when killing bosses and completing dungeons. And for these badges you can buy loads of stuff, such as mounts, pets, toys, and gear! I made a Guide for this so check it out here.
  • If you are a PvP player, you will probably not have so much time flying and discovering Draenor since the que time is much shorter now when Mercenary mode is out. This system able you to join the alliance or horde (depending on where to fill the spots) so it goes much faster to join Battlegrounds and Ashran. I made a Guide for this so check it out here.
  • If you got tired of Timewalking and want a break from it or if you want a break from Battlegrounds and Ashran, head over to Tanaan Jungle and check out the new mini content behind the portal. This area is for players that can fly and has new rare mobs. ! I made a Guide for this so check it out here.
  • After you explored the new Flying area, head over to Hellfire Citadel. Not the Raid entrance, just fly over it and check out the outside yard. You will find another rare there, however this guy will be hard to solo. So invite your friends or check out the journal if there are players that are LFM to kill him or start a group yourself.
  • Now, to get your boost up and go back to Timewalking Dungeons, Head over to Dalaran (Timewalking Wrath) or Shattrah (Timewalking Burning Crusade) and talk to the Timewalking vendor. Here you will see all the cool stuff you can buy with a touch of Wrath of the Lich King or Burning Crusade. Yes, I know, you want it all! So que up for dungeons with your friends or with random players and head back there!
  • If you are not done with the legendary quest line you can turn in Apexis Crystals for quest items from Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul. Need more Apexis? Head over to the new Content that came out in 6.0 and do all the fun quests, kill the rare mobs do the Bonus Objectives and get your Apexis Crystals!

So, 6.2.2 is out this week and it will be a great ride!

There are even more minor things that are out that is not covered here. Feel free to write them down below.

1 Sep 2015