Patch 9.2 - All Rares in Zereth Morthis

RARE - Mother Phestis - Location

RARE - Vexis - Location Zereth Mortis

RARE - Corrupted Architect - Location Zereth Mortis

RARE - Shifting Stargorger - Location

RARE - Gorkek - Location

RARE - Hadeon the Stonebreaker - Location

RARE - Euv'ouk - Location


RARE - Chitali the Eldest - Location

RARE - Xy'rath the Covetous - Location

RARE - Destabilized Core - Location

RARE - Otiosen - Location

How to summon The Engulfer (The Matriarch)

RARE - Helmix Location Zereth Mortis

RARE - Protector of the first ones - How to open the barrier

RARE - Tethos Location

RARE - General Zarathura Location

RARE - Vitiane Location

RARE - Orixal Location

How to reach Tahkwitz RARE mob in Zereth Mortis

RARE – Akkaris Ileus Location

RARE - Sand Matriarch Ileus Location

Feasting Rare location

Guide: Otaris the Provoked Location

How to attack the Hirukon Rare

How to spawn Gluttonous Overgrowth rare - Zereth Mortis

How to attack Garudeon the Rare in Zereth Mortis

How to summon Furidian the Rare in Zereth Mortis

Guide: How to unlock Suspiciously Angry Vault

How to activate Zatojin Rare in Zereth Mortis


12 Feb 2022