New ways are added in 10.0.7 for gearing up your character and presented below. 

Onyx Ring 405-424 ilvl

A new ring is added called Onyx Ring.You get this ring very fast at the start of the questline in 10.0.7. 

 This ring has 3 slots on it in which you add primordial stones into them. These primordial stones have player power on them. The ring starts at ilvl 405 and the ilvl of the ring increases based on the amount of stones you add to the ring and also the ilvl of the stones that you add. 

Each Primordial stone has 411 ilvl. 

Your ring starts at 405 ilvl and can be upgraded all the way to 424 ilvl. 

Adding one 411 Primordial Stone increases the ilvl of your ring to 407 ilvl

Adding two 411 Primordial Stones increases the ilvl of your ring to 409 ilvl

Adding three 411 Primordial Stones increases the ilvl of your ring to 411 ilvl

To be able to increase the ilvl of your ring even further, you need to upgrade the ilvl of your primordial stones. 

You upgrade the ilvl of your primordial stones by using an item called Unstable Elementium. The only place you can get Unstable Elementium is by making a workorder to a Jewelcrafter. Meaning, only jewelcrafters can make this item. 

It requires 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments and 25 Silken Gemdust, to craft one Unstable Elementium. Jewelcrafters need to learn how to craft Unstable Elementium. Check out my guide here on how to learn this recipe. 

Using an Unstable Elementium on a primordial stone will upgrade it from 411 to 418 ilvl. If you use it a second time, it will upgrade the 418 ilvl stone to 242 ilvl. 

Adding one 424 Primordial Stone (the other two are 411 ilvl)  increases the ilvl of your ring to 415 ilvl.

Adding two 424 ilvl Primordial Stones (the last one is 411 ilvl)  increases the ilvl of your ring to 419 ilvl.

Adding three 424 ivl Primordial Stones increases the ilvl of your ring to 424 ilvl

Basically, the ilvl of your ring is the average ilvl of your three rings. 

Bind on Account Gear - 395 / 398 ilvl

The biggest change when it comes to gearing up your character is the primal gear which are Bind on Account, meaning you can send it to other characters in your account. In 10.0.7, you will have access to two types of primal gear tokens, Primal Storm Gear and Storm Fury Gear. 

Primal Storm Gear is the gear that was released in patch 10.0. These include head, shoulder, back, chest, bracers, hands, waist, legs and weapons. This gear has the maximum ilvl of 385.  

Storm Fury Gear includes rings, trinkets and necklace. This gear is 389 ilvl. 

Can upgrade Gear

In patch 10.0.7 you can upgrade this gear with a specific currency called untapped forbidden knowledge. It costs one untapped forbidden knowledge to upgrade it one more time. 

Upgrading Primal storm Gear will increase the ilvl from 385 to 395 ilvl. 

Upgrading Storm Fury Gear will increase the ilvl from 389 to 398 ilvl.

Sources of Pirmal Gear + Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

  • Rares
  • Chests (Forbidden Hoard)
  • Random drop from mobs
  • Zskera Vault
  • Storm Bound Chest
  • Primal Event 
  • Sack of Oddities

Super Fast - Full Set of 359 ilvl Gear

The primal gear 359 ilvl is nothing new in 10.0.7 but acquiring the currency needed to buy that gear goes super fast to farm. It's not even comparable to the time it takes to gather it before 10.0.7. Basically, you will get enough Elemental Overflow and a starting gear of full 359 ilvl in no time. 

The currency is called Elemental Overflow and you will bathe in it on the 10.0.7 island The Forbidden Reach. Here are the different sources of Elemental Overflow.

Random Mobs

All mobs in that island drops Elemental Overflow and in different amounts based on what mob it is. 


There are 29 rares in total in the Forbidden Reach in which 16 of them can be seen on the map (the rest are hidden rares). These rares drop between 500 - 1100 Elemental Overflow. 

Forbidden Hoard Chests

There are treasures that spawn every 20 minutes and are up for 10 minutes in the Forbidden Reach. These drop 500 Elemental Overflow. 

Zskera Vault

This vault has loads of treasures and each one (more or less) gives you around 30 elemental overflow. 

Sack of Oddities

This bag costs 2000 Elemental Overflow and contains either:

  • 1-5000 Elemental Overflow
  • Pet (Shaggy)
  • Primal Gear
  • Storm Gear
  • Zskera Keys
  • Untapped Forbidden Knowledge


There are 4-5 Dailies in the Forbidden Reach. Each daily quest rewards 500 Elemental Overflow. 


27 Feb 2023