KURUOG GRIMTOTEM Raid Boss Fast Tactics/Guide - Vault of the Incarnates - Dragonflight


  • The platform is divided in 4 sections (earth, wind, water, fire).
  • Based on where the boss will be, he will use that element as boss mechanics.
  • When boss is on an element platform section, he gets increased dmg on the element. He has a buff that ticks and each tick is 1% increased dmg. 
  • Always tank the boss so he faces the wall, NOT on raid.  
  • Start with boss on earth section. Dodge the circles that boss creates.
  • When boss reaches approx 75% (100 energy) intermission starts. He is shielded and spawns elemental adds. Kill elementals fast because the boss shield is up during the time they are alive.
    Spread when big circles.
    Tank adds on the side of the platform section, not middle.
  • Swap to the next section platform after each intermission. After earth, go frost. 

After frost, go storm.

  • When on frost sectionTwo players get a circle on them stand away from each other.Entire raid (not tanks) splits in half and soaks each circle.

When Storm section:

  • Soak when needed
  • Stay spread
  • Healers beware

24 Oct 2022