How to get Radiant Echo - The War Within 11.0

Radiant Echo is used for entering The World Soul Memory event. Interacting with an orb (Radiant Echo) and choosing a difficulty level to participate in a challenging combat experience. Here's a detailed guide to understanding and participating in the Radiant Echo event.

At the moment on Alpha we have two names for them (Radiant Echo and Radiant Chord), when you loot a chord it comes an Echo in your bags. 

You get Radiant Echos (Radiant Chord) by completing higher delves. At the moment on the Alpha testing, it requires a Tier 6 or above. You get them from the rare chest which requires a Treasure Coffer Key to open. You farm Treasure Coffer Keys via the  World Soul Memory event so it is like a circle (do World Soul Memory to get keys to open chest which contains Radiant Echo to do more World Soul Memories). There is also a guide on how Delves work. 

24 May 2024