NEW EVENT: World Soul Memory - The War Within

The World Soul Memory event is an engaging activity that takes place in one of the four zones every 7 hours. It involves interacting with an orb (Radiant Echo) and choosing a difficulty level to participate in a challenging combat experience. Here's a detailed guide to understanding and participating in the Radiant Echo event

Event Mechanics

  • The event occurs in one of the four zones every 7 hours, and it begins when players interact with an orb called Radiant Echo.


  • Upon interaction, a new UI will pop up, allowing players to choose the difficulty level for the event. The difficulty levels are categorized into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, each with varying costs in Radiant Chords .


Difficulty Levels and Costs

  • Tier 1: This is the easiest difficulty level and costs 1 Radiant Cord to participate.
  • Tier 2: A more challenging level that requires 10 Radiant Chords to participate.
  • Tier 3: The most difficult tier, offering a mythic challenge. It also costs 10 Radiant Chords to participate.


  • Upon choosing the difficulty level, players will enter another realm and engage in combat against mobs that represent old memories of the location. Some of these mobs are elite, while others are not. The combat lasts for 5 minutes,



  • The rewards from the event are based on the difficulty level chosen and the type of mobs defeated.
  • Non-elite mobs in Tier 1 provide 1 Coffer Key Shard, while elite mobs offer 3-4 Coffer Key Shards.
  • In Tier 2, non-elite mobs give 3-4 Coffer Key Shards, and elite mobs reward 29-35 Coffer Key Shards. Surviving the 5-minute combat in Tier 2 rewards players with 50 Coffer Key Shards.
  • In Tier 3, non-elite mobs provide 8-9 Coffer Key Shards, elite mobs offer 39-45 Coffer Key Shards, and surviving the 5-minute combat rewards 50 Coffer Key Shards.


Coffer Keys

  • Players can convert Coffer Key Shards into Coffer Keys, with 100 Shards turning into 1 Coffer Key. These keys are used to open chests in Delves, providing access to valuable rewards.

By participating in the World Soul Memory event, players have the opportunity to engage in challenging combat, earn valuable rewards, and contribute to their progression in the game. Remember to keep an eye out for the event in the four zones and choose your difficulty level wisely to maximize your rewards and enjoyment of the event.

11 May 2024