Garrison Changes On Patch 6 1

Are you excited as I am about the cool things that will happen in our Garrison? Well then you need to check these awesome things that have been added/changed on 6.1

One of five new visitors may visit each day offering a quest to anyone that visits the Garrison.

So, this means that you can technically do all 5 daily quests every day. If u party with someone and enter their Garrison, you may find another daily quest there. Because it is random of what visitor will come to different players. 

Defeat a dungeon boss: Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 630, 645, or 655 item token.

Defeat a raid boss (weekly quest): Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.

  • Players may find an item (artifact) while completing a Bounty, Relic, Dungeon, or Raid daily quest from the Garrison visitor that that allows them to summon one of six new raid or world boss in the Garrison.
  • Summoned raid or world bosses have scaling health and is intended for 10-40 players.

Bounty (intended for 3 or more players): Defeat a named elite NPC for a bag containing Apexis Crystals, and a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.

Relic: Complete a series of quests to recover a relic for a bag containing Apexis Crystals, and a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.

Completing a relic mission unlocks it as a potential mission for your followers. Completing all 6 relic missions will unlock Harrison Jones as a follower!

Profession: Turn-in tradeskill reagents for Primal Spirits and work order tradeskill reagents.

For the Pet Battlers out there, there's a separate chance for an additional visitor offering unique Pet Battles with a chance to award a bag containing Pet Battle items and new Battle Pets.

New Garrison Music Box

Players can assemble a music box allowing them to play music in their Garrisons.

Pieces for the music box can be found as a reward from new Bounty or Relic Missions.

New songs can be collected from throughout the world to expand your music library.

If you want to check my Guide how to obtain the Music Box click here

New Garrison Vendor

A new vendor has been added allowing players to use Garrison Resource to purchase items to upgrade Followers, or items that can be used to spawn a rare mission.

New Follower Trait: Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter trait increases the amount of gold rewarded from a mission.

Garrison Followers

Garrison Followers may now be upgraded to item level 675.

Follower Missions

New Profession Missions are now available on upgrading a profession building to level 3. Successfully completing these missions award an item that allows instant completion of work orders.

Players can unlock Relic and Bounty missions for their followers by completing the corresponding Relic or Bounty quest offered by one of the random daily new visitors to the Garrison.

New exploration missions are available to players with a skill of at least 1 in Archeology. Successfully completing these missions can award Archeology fragments, keystones, or treasure maps for a Draenor zone. Treasure maps obtained in this manner does not require quest achievement completion for the Draenor zone.

Archeology Vendors in Stormshield and Warspear now sell an item that'll spawn a follower exploration mission for 5 Restored Artifacts.

New Level-100 Scouting missions to a Battlefield now awards an item that grants access to missions that award Apexis Crystals.

New Raid missions to Blackrock Foundry are now available for a cache that awards level 665, 680, or 695 items.

New follower missions have been added that can award gold, Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, or Augmentation runes.

Clarification: This was always the case and there's been no change to Follower Mission xp. The Follower Mission tooltip now informs the player when there's an xp bonus. 

Level-100 Garrison resource missions now award more Garrison Resources.

Scavenger trait for Followers now increases Garrison Resources gained from a mission by 100% (down from 200%).

Follower Mission UI Improvements

List of missions available now displays the amount of bonus XP, gold, and resources awarded without having to mouse-over the mission tooltip.

Improved tooltips displaying which followers that can counter threats on a mission.

Followers that can counter a threat and available show up with a green checkmark.

Followers that can counter a threat but are out on a mission displays the time remaining until the follower is available.

Followers that can counter a threat but assigned to a building will display a working icon.

A new icon will notify the player when assigning a follower that'll receive less XP reward because they're below level or item level requirements.

Garrisons with 10 or more followers now have access to a sortable list with a quick overview of how many followers can counter a particular threat or how long a follower will be out on a mission.

Garrison Buildings

Garrison Work Order Changes

  • Work orders now check if a follower is assigned to the building every 4 hours when factoring in production bonuses.
  • Followers assigned to work at a building now receive XP for each work order that they provide a production bonus on.
  • Players now have an option to queue up all remaining work order slots through the building's work order UI.
  • NPCs that accept Work Orders are now titled as such along with a new interaction cursor to make them easier to locate.

Alchemy Lab

  • Level 2: Followers working at the Alchemy Lab now offers a choice on the free potions you want to receive, but those potions are now soulbound.

Armory (Dwarven Bunker / War Mill)

  • Level 3: A daily quest has been added to allow players to exchange Iron Horde Scraps for an armor or weapon enhancement token.


  • Barn traps are no longer targetable, causes the cursor to be highlighted, or usable in Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, or outside of Draenor.
  • Savage Blood now drops more frequently when a follower is assigned to the building (it didn’t affect the chance previously).
  • Caged creatures now stack to 1000 (up from 20).


  • A vendor at the Barracks now sells an item that allows a character to shrink their Bodyguards for 60 minutes.

Fishing Shack

  • Nat Pagle (Level 3 Fishing Shack) will now give you any of the standard baits if you ask nicely.
  • Lunkers can now be caught from fishing pools and have an improved catch rate with higher fishing skill.
  • Summoned Cavedwellers now drops random fish flesh and drops less Worm Supreme.
  • Fish Eggs used as turn-in for the Fishing Shack Daily quest are now bind on pickup and no longer have a sell value.

Lumber Mill

  • Lumber Mill no longer requires Garrison Resources to build or upgrade.
  • Work orders now award 30 Garrison Resource (up from 20).

Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge

  • The building now accepts Ogre Waystones as work orders awarding Apexis Crystals and a chance to receive an item that allows instant completion of a mission that's in-progress.


  • Miner's Coffee no longer has a stack limit, is now bind on pickup, and has a sell price. It now has an exclusive category so it cannot be applied multiple times by splitting it into different stacks. However, the aura can now correctly stack up to 5 times.
  • Preserved Mining Pick no longer has a stack limit, is now bind on pickup, has a sell price, and offers a bonus even if you have the Peon's Mining Pick.


  • Reduced the difficulty of quests to unlock the Menagerie, elite pet challenges, and pet battle daily quests.

Salvage Yard

  • Tier-3 salvage recovered from Follower missions no longer has an independent chance to drop an uncommon (green), rare (blue), or epic (purple) item and will instead always drop one of them. This change is intended to reduce overall item spam without affecting their value. Existing chance for Tier-3 salvage to potentially also contain an uncommon Tier-2 salvage item remains unchanged.
  • Follower Weaponry and Armor Set tokens (War Ravaged, Blackrock, Goredrenched) no longer drops from salvage. Weapon and Armor enhancement tokens that can upgrade a Follower's weapon or armor item levels will continue to have a chance to drop from Salvage Crates.

Trading Post

  • Players trading Garrison Resources for tradeskill materials can now shift-click to specify the amount of items they want to purchase.
  • Trading Post Parts that drop in Ashran now have a chance to drop from all creatures and NPCs that drop Arifact Fragments, with an increased drop chance based on the quality of the creature or NPCs.
  • Trading Post no longer requires Garrison Resources to build or upgrade.
  • Some merchants have started accepting Crescent Saberfish Flesh as payment.

Garrison Invasions

  • Players that have performed above-and-beyond expectations for a Gold rating while defending their Garrisons from an invasion can now attain a Platinum rating. Platinum rating awards a level 660 item and a chance at obtaining an item that can be used to summon a raid or world boss.